Part 10

“What? Is this Dream girl’s room?” Raman said standing out of the room along with Mihir

“Yes. Why? Where are you going?” Mihir questioned seeing Raman going inside the room. 

“To lit the lamp. My first step in this building was here only. Why isn’t anyone lightening the lamp.?” Raman said arranging the lamp.

“This room is Ms Iyers. So only she is allowed in her room. And remember in this house no one enters in others room. And this is manners got it.” Mihir warned.

“Haan haan ok villains.” Raman muttered under his breath and left the room while Mihir shut the door.

“Ms Iyer eats the same food which you have eaten this morning. And she covers her face with a duppatta and eyes with sunglasses. She doesn’t speak much so be careful.”

“Sab log ek jaise hain. Arrey movie mein kitne cute lagtein hain yeh dono but they are so bitter in real life. Uff” 

“How many times I must say not to speak about RKB like that. He may not be good but he isn’t bad. Got it.” Mihir warned him.

“I know how good he is, your boss that’s why you are supporting him. Anyways I’m not interested in speaking about him. I’m feeling hungry let’s eat poori.” Raman said and left the place.
“When will she come.” Raman asked for umpteenth time after coming to the airport.

“I am warning you again I’ll lock you in a room if you speak again. How many times should I say she’ll come as soon as her flight lands. Till then wait.” Mihir glared at him.

“Mihir I got a doubt. After getting makeover I’m looking like RKB okay then what about voice. How didn’t Mama didn’t identify my voice.” Raman asked .
“There is no problem with voice because no one heard RKB voice. All he gives is a one liner that too once in a blue moon day.” Mihir said.
“Okay.” Raman agreed. 

After sometime 

“Come let’s go to home.” Mihir said to raman who is still waiting for dream girl.

“What but where is dream girl?” He asked.

“She went to the mansion.” Mihir replied.

“But how can she go like that we are waiting for her right!”

“We are waiting here without her knowledge. We are just protecting her and RKB doesn’t wait for anyone. So don’t say to anyone.” Saying that he pulled RKB along with him. 


It was night and raman slowly sneaked into kitchen to eat something spicy but came back as he didn’t find anything. While going to his room he heard soft sobs coming on his left side. Following closely the sound he realized that its coming from Dream girl’s room.
He pushed the door forward and stepped inside the dark room and saw figure in the corner sobbing. 

“Is it you” he asked to the figure and saw the figure trying to runaway but raman held the person’s hand in order to stop from running and switched the lights on.

He saw his dream girl who closed her eyes due to the light and her angelic face drenched with tears. He unconsciously tried to wipe her tears gently. His touch made her to open her eyes and Raman’s heart skipped a beat seeing her expressive eyes. 
“Tum teek ho?” He asked with a gentle voice concerned for her.

Her eyes rounded wide seeing The great RKB speaking with her and that too gently. This incident was too much for her that she fainted and raman caught her immediately.
“Dream girl. Dream girl.” He called and patted her cheeks but there’s no response from her side so he picked her in his arms and laid her on the bed. 

“Dream…” He was about to call her that name but stopped immediately.

“Tum bhi na RKB is this any name to call her. But I don’t even know her name to call.” He thought to himself and took a glass of water and sprinkled on her face slowly.and

She got conscious and blinked her eyes to see RKB concerned for her. She was about to faint again but Raman held her and made sure she drank the hot milk beside her. 

“Tum teek toh ho na? Do you need anything.” Raman asked her who was looking at him with shocked face.

She was about to answer him but stopped and composed herself and said in a rude slow voice “What do you want now?”

“What?” He asked confused.

“The RKB is concerned for me. This indeed a big joke so tell me what made you to come to my room and treat me like a human,huh?” She questioned him all the while punching her fists on his chest. 

“Listen, j…..” Before he could speak anything mihir came to the scene and sushed Raman.

“Mihir please ask him to go from this place or at least let me go from his life.” She screamed  and started crying.

“As you say ms Iyer.” Mihir said and took raman out from her room and she immediately licked the door.

“What are you doing in the room. I asked you not to enter any rooms right. Then why?” Mihir questioned.
“Leave all that why did you pull me out now?”
“Didn’t you hear what she said she asked to leave her alone and we must obey.”
“But she is crying. How can we leave her alone.” Raman said and mihir pulled him to their special dark room to talk with him. 


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