Part 5


Maan Singh Khurana entered the AR building in his rich black Mercedes. He parked his car in the parking lot and headed towards the reception. Finding no one in the reception he turned towards his left and asked the ladies who were busy gossiping.

“Excuse me. Who is in the reception?”

He noticed how all the girls stopped their gossips and stood up to look at him. All the girls are in age group of early twenties except for Sheetal and Lavanya who are in their late twenties.

Seeing them not responding he again tried to speak. ” I’m Maan Singh Khurana. I want to meet your boss Mr Arnav raizada. Where is his cabin?”

All these girls pointed the cabin with their fingers while he gave a sexy smirk which made gasp for air. He shook his head and headed towards Arnav’s cabin.


He knocked the door to which came an instant come in reply.

“Good morning Mr Arnav I am Maan Singh Khurana.” He came inside the cabin and shook his hands with Arnav.

“Oh Mr Maan who doesn’t know you. And what a pleasant surprise. Please take a seat.” Arnav welcomed him with a smile.

“Thats so nice of you. Well I don’t know how to end or start a conversation so I am coming straight to the main point. I want to invest in your new project and my share percent is your choice.” Maan said in a straight forward tone.

“Thats so tempting offer but why do you want to invest in our company. You see you are having worldwide branches and there are really many better companies than us. So….” Arnav trailed off.

“I understand your insecurities being a business man. When we want something we can go to any extent. So I want no need something from you.” Maan smiling.

“Oh what can I give to the world’s richest person?” Arnav asked smiling.

“Nothing much important now. Let us finish our project then I’ll ask. And buddy dare you reject it.” Maan warned jokingly.


“Chill man. I promise I’ll give whatever you ask but let us finalize this deal.” Arnav accepted not knowing what Maan will ask.

“From my side I’ll finalize the deal and I’ll send you a cheque tomorrow. Here is my address come to my home and collect the cheque.” Maan said placing a visiting card on the table.

“OK. I’ll surely visit your home tomorrow. And if possible shall we see the site tomorrow.” Arnav asked keeping the visiting card in his pocket.

“Oh yes. I’ll come tomorrow to visit the land. I’ll take a leave now.” Maan said and shook his hand with Arnav before leaving the place.

As Maan walked down he saw all the girls closing their eyes and praying looking at the ceiling. Only the two women in their late twenties are drooling over him.

Maan sighed looking at their antics and left the office in his Mercedes.

While driving his car he thought “Mr Arnav you didn’t know what I’m going to ask. The deal is so tempting.!”


As soon as Maan left the office Arnav came out from his cabin and announced to his employs. “Attention everybody! We got a new deal from the Khurana. So you all have to work harder for this as it’s the biggest deal we have ever got.”

“And one more thing I’ll select some of you all for the project and one of you must go and bring the cheque tomorrow. Understand.”

As Arnav announced it Geet, pinky, Sasha, Tasha, started dancing and hugging each other as their wish got fulfilled. In their happiness they forgot that they are standing in their office and dancing in font of their boss.

“Enough. Is it a fish market or office. Go back to your work.” Arnav screamed and went back to his cabin.


“Veveveve fish market nahi vamp Yeh tumhara market.” Pinky cursed her boss.

“Arrey leave it na, Skeleton Raizada ne pehli baar kuch achha kiya. Oh from now onwards we can see Mr prince charming everyday.” Geet said feeling elated and all of them had a group hug.

“OK stop it. Now it’s a time to check to whom does Mr sexy smirk belongs to.” Sheetal said making everyone curious.

“But how?” All of them asked in a union.

“Simple. Lets see who will get many chances to be with Mr sexy smirk. And he will belong to her. Wait a moment. ” Sheetal said and brought a big chart and wrote Sheetal, Lavanya, Geet, Sasha, Pinky, Tasha.

She drew individual columns in between each names and said ” we will mark the points here. The one who will get more points will be the winner.”

“Now the first round Who will be selected for bringing the cheque they gets one point. OK. Ready for the challenge.”

“Ready” all of them said in a union.

Sheetal stuck the chart on the wall and left the place while everyone else looked at it with a longing face.


The day was so exciting for Geet, Maan and Arnav. As one is getting chance to drool over her prince charming, other one with some dark motive and other one got a chance to build a secure future respectively.

“Ms handa. You and sheetal are going to Mr Khurana house tomorrow to bring the cheque. Is that clear.” Arnav announced to the employs and left the office to his home.

“OMG! Am I dreaming. Pinky pinch me yaar. I can’t believe my eyes.” Geet started dancing as soon as she heard the news.


“Stop dreaming Geet. Boss asked you to come with me which means like an assistant. So be ready at 7 O’Clock in the morning. I’ll pick you from your home.” Sheetal said to Geet.

“Nahi. I’ll come with papa ji. Papa ji  will drop me to “his” house and we’ll bring the cheque together what say.” Geet blushed to take his name.

“Oh my kid. You come with your dad I have my car so I’ll come there by my own.” Saying that she left the office.

Everyone in the office were leaving to their homes as it’s evening and Geet sat in her papa ji’s car while she waved bye to her friends.

“Yippee. Chocolate cake. Thank you papa.” She unwrapped the packet and started eating it. “You know papa today a miracle happened in our boring office. A prince came to our office. He even spoke to us.”

And so on Geet started narrating today’s incidents to her papa and to her mumma as soon as she reached her home.

Her  day ended with a smile remembering today’s event.



As soon as Arnav left the office he went to a shop and bought a gift parcel. He drove to his home feeling happy about the new deal.

Khushi was sitting in the living room eating some snacks when he reached home.

“Khushi, guess what I have a surprise for you.” Arnav said removing his coat.


“Surprise? Show me na. I can’t handle surprise.” She said feeling excited about the gift.

“No baby. First guess then I’ll give it.”

She pouted and guessed some. “Is it the necklace which you promised me two months ago.”

“No.” He smirked.

“Okay fine. I don’t want anything. I’ll take it from you one day.” She too smirked.

“Let me tell you. We got a very big deal from the khurana companies. Omg I can’t believe it, my hardworking is finally getting results.” He screamed on top of his voice.

“Shh. Calm down. I said right everything will be fine. Now give me some party.” She said with a big smile.

“Party toh hoga lekin tum mujhe dogi.” He said and showed her a parcel “This is for you. Wear it for the night.”

She opened the parcel only to reveal a beautiful transparent mid thigh length dress. She smiled understanding his motive behind her dress.

“Will you help me wearing it?” She whispered in his ears.


And that’s the limit he didn’t even let her wear the new dress to complete his motive instead the dress she was wearing was discarded along with his clothes.


On the other side, Maan didn’t sleep though the entire world is sleeping.

He was staring at a photo with a kind of desire in his eyes. And that photo belongs to khushi. He took the photo when she stood up to clean the dress near their table.

As the night turned to be day he kept the photo along with the other bunch of photos of khushi placed on the wall.


He was only boring into the photo all the night with an unknown desire filled eyes. He knew after investing a huge amount in Arnav’s company, Arnav  would be helpless to pay back the amount so he can’t deny whatever he will ask. He smirked at his plan.

He went to take a cold shower to calm down his nerves.



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