Part 15

“OK. Now dev as you are acting like Maan you need to know about him. See this is his family photo. She is maans mother, she is Chore mama wife and she is my wife means bada mama wife. Next he is chore mama, he is adarsh his brother.” Bade mama explained pointing to the photograph while dev, lucky, Geet, and ashok are listening.


(I know it looks funny but please bear with my creation. 😀 )

“Oye, are we going today or after few years huh. We can’t remember in this short time.” Ashok handa shouted.

“OK. I have another plan, Dev you must act as if Maan is in coma and slowly you can gain consciousness after few days.” Bade mama suggested.

“What? I can’t be in coma. Arey I have recently fallen in love and we didn’t even spend some quality time with each other.” Dev said and Geet blushed.


Seeing Geet blushing to dev talks Ashok temper rose and stood up ” Kitne baar Maine kaha tumse mere beti se door raho. And ya I like this coma plan.”

“Ashok, you must control your words or else our plan will fail. You must act like a dumb doctor from London and Geet, lucky will be your juniors.” Bade mama explained further.

“Goonga. Hahaha sasur ji aap ka character mujhe bahot pasand aya. Haha.” Dev started laughing while Ashok burned in anger.


“OK. Let me call the ambulance. You must act like a patient and Ashok you are doctor and you both juniors. Remember this from now onwards you must call him Maan Singh khurana.” Bade mama reminded them again.


Their ambulance arrived at khurana mansion and both Ashok handa and lucky gaped at the huge mansion.

“They are too rich man.” Lucky said it loud.

“Aur nahi Toh kya, every human lives to earn money and buildings not like you people who cheat on people.” Ashok muttered under his breath.

“Papa ji, please.” Geet whispered stroking dev hand lovingly.

“Ashok ji, be quite we have arrived start your acting.” Bade mama said as he opened the ambulance door.


Everyone in the khurana mansion are shocked to see the sight in front of them. Bade mama is walking inside the mansion along with a man lying on the stretcher while three person in white coats are assisting the person.

All of them followed bade mama who is moving towards Maans bedroom.

“Maan beta.” Priya uttered seeing dev on the bed which made everyone come out of their trance seeing him.


“What the hell is happening here. Tum yaha kya kar raha ho. And what did you do to Maan.” Chore mama held bade mama shirt roughly.

“Please do not disturb the patient, aapko Jo bhi baat karne hai please bahar jaakar kijiye.” Geet said in a sweet professional voice.

All of them left the room and settled themselves in the living room.

“Now will you explain what is happening.” Suhasini said wiping her tears.

“Bhabi, Maan beta met with accident and he is in coma now. The day when I left the house I found him on the road lying lifeless. I saved his life and gave him the best treatment available.  He is Ashok handa a senior doctor poor him, he can’t speak he is dumb. She is Geet handa his daughter and he is lucky. Both of them are junior doctors.” Bade mama explained.

“Why must Maan meet with accident? Bechara kitna dard mein hua hoga.” All the ladies cried while Geet felt emotional seeing them crying.

“Enough guys. Now everything will be fine. Stop crying.”Bade mama consoled them. “And Bhabi please arrange rooms for the doctors also.”

“Hmm yes. Ramu kaka show them their rooms.” She instructed the servant.

“Bhabi, voh I need to pay for the doctors who have treated Maan. So..” bade mama started acting.

“Money is not a problem. But make sure Maan beta cures soon.” Suhasini wiped her tears and gave him some money and left the place.

Next day

Bade mama was so happy as he is enjoying the luxurious again while chote mama burned in jealousy.

As usual bade mama tried some tricks to get money. “Bhabhi, voh I need money. Voh Maan beta needs some medicines for treatment na so….”

“How much?” Suhasini asked while being engrossed in some files.

“Just ten lakhs Bhabhi.”

“Hmmm. Here take it.” She gave the money from a suitcase beside her.

“Thank you Bhabhi.” He said while chote mama came behind him.

“Arrey give me some money yaar. What will you do with this much money.” Chote mama pleaded him.

“Why for you? Why must I give you you have betrayed Me na and just because of you I have spent all these days without AC and money. You must be enjoying here right.” Bade mama huffed.

“I got tensed when they said Maan beta is missing and in order to look like good man I blamed on you.  I thought after you going out from this home I’ll get more attention but na all the time I have to console these ladies.” Chote mama felt sad.

“Haha you deserve it. Why must you stress your brain when you have nothing huh? OK don’t worry as I’m back we can share the money. For now this money is for me. OK.” Bade mama mentioned about the ten lakhs.

“OK but where did you find Maan beta?” Chote mama asked him.

“Shhh he is not our Maan he is a lookalike of our Maan. I brought him here to act like Maan. This money is for them only. Those doctors are also fake.” Bade mama whispered.

“What? Then where is our maan.”

“I think he is dead. Anyways tell me what all happened in our home in my absence.”

“Let Maan betas soul rest in peace anyways nothing changed yaar. After few days of maans missing Suhasini bhabi got heart stroke and was too weak to move in depression. After that there is no one to look after the business. Adarsh said  he wants to enjoy his world tour so he didn’t want to involve in business. And with no choice Suhasini bhabi started looking after business.” Chote mama explained.

“OK so bhabi is taking care of business. We must do some kalakari in front of babhi to get money. And dare you blurt about the fake Maan beta.” Bade mama warned him.

“Of course yaar. Why will I leak our plan. Thank god you are back now we eat the money without doing any work. Hahahaha.” Both of them laughed together.


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