Part 9

After discharging from the hospital both of them reached to their house happily. Though he was still injured physically he didn’t care about it as his wife was giving him full attention which made him smile in content.

“Let me feed you. Come.” He said putting forward a piece of roti towards her mouth.

“What? No. You are not well. I can eat myself.” She huffed in concern.

“I will be fine only with you, with your smile.” He said looking straight into her eyes.

“Ill feed you both mumma papa.” Ansh said clapping his hands in glee and all of them had a laugh.

All the three slept cuddling up each other giving little space to his  wounds so that it won’t hurt. While Ansh was sleeping both of them  drifted to their past.

A time which turned their life upside down. A past which shadowed their memories. 

The day Sanaya entered their lives.

After saving Sanaya from the mob, he had let her stay in an apartment reserved for employees. He had also promised her a job to help her stand on her own feet. 

Around 11pm he came home to find his wife pacing the room.

“Jaan, are you ok? I’m sorry I’m late.” He apologised concerned about her behaviour.

“Don’t speak to me.Kis mendak ke godh me bait kar aye ho, huh? I now know all men are alike aren’t they? Just because I’m not as young and beautiful as I once was, you have decided to begin avoiding me and enjoy the company of beautiful, young girls. So go, go and enjoy yourself with them! She shouted at him. He just smiled at her paranoid, yet innocent, outburst.

“Hmm, so now according to you I am out enjoying myself with some girl huh? Why? Why would I want to do that when I have the world’s prettiest woman waiting for me here at home? If I am late it is because I had to save a girl from some trouble. You see some people were… He tried to explain but was quickly interrupted.

“Trying to molest her and you saved her. Isn’t that the story?” She completed with a sarcastic tone.

“Exactly and that is the absolute truth, He smiled.

“Don’t lie to me! Marriage always seems to change men for the worse doesn’t it? The actual truth here is that you are enjoying yourself with some girl and on top telling tales to me here. I don’t even want to look at your lying face right now, She said as she ran into her bedroom and shut the door with a bang.

“What the hell just happened now? He muttered walking towards the kitchen to gather food to take to their bedroom.

“Jaan, look I got dinner here. Why don’t you join me and we can have dinner together? He asked placing the food on the side table.

“I don’t want to. Go and have dinner with some beautiful girl if you really feel that hungry, She turned down his offer before gasping. He had picked her up in his arms. 

“What on Earth are you doing?”

“What? You yourself stated I should go and have dinner with a beautiful girl, well that is what I am doing. He stated watching her blush.

“Listen Jaan,I truly saved a girl today from some people who were trying to molest here. That’s all and that’s it. I’m not like other men and I only wish to have you in my life. Get it? So now believe it. He put forth cheerily trying to mask his hurt with a smile.

This was a usual occurrence since they got married. If he was even ten minutes late the doubts began, no matter how many times he clarified to her. She used to watch all the saas bahu dramas where husbands cheats on their wife and used to apply in real life. 

The day Sanaya moved into his private flat.

Sanaya had originally agreed to stay in the apartment reserved for employees and accepted a job at his office. But once she had been awed by his wealth, she planted a story that grew into bigger and bigger tangled strings of Chinese whispers until everyone was gossiping about the exact nature of their relationship. Therefore he was compelled to shift her to a privately owned flat so that she could live without the echoes of those unfounded gossips. He was also grateful that he had managed tostop her from committing suicide.

However a battle grew stronger within him leaving him conflicted about whether to confess what he had done. If he came clean about shifting Sanaya to his privately owned flat then his wife would never be able to believe him and his motivations behind it. She would only doubt them. So he had decided in the end to stay silent on the matter considering Sanaya was just a mere employee.

That was where he had taken the wrong step, the first in his life.

The day they needed to attend a foreign project.

He was pleased they had secured the deal and requested Sanaya to attend the final meetings, considering that she had been an obedient employee.

However she refused citing fear of travelling alone without him, the only person she trusted.

To solve this issue he had asked her to book additional tickets for his family. Then he could go with his family as well, but she had manipulated the situation unknown to him.

She had told him that there were no extra tickets available. Saddened, he resigned to plan another trip with just his family post the closure of this project.

The strain on his marriage was already evident. The distance between them gradually began to increase while his schedule got tighter as the work piled up. Yet his wife’s doubts on him remained constant regardless. 

The day he came to know he had forced himself upon a helpless Sanaya.

It had been the day he had craved his wife’s presence. 
As usual, she was accusing and blaming of enjoying himself with another girl on the pretext of some business trip.

At the end of his tether, he lost his cool and screamed at her.”Why the hell do you not understand that I would never cheat on you? Why do you keep insisting I’m when I could not ever be able to do so? He yelled making her flinch at his raised voice.

Never before had he spoken to her in such a way. It was frightening but he was unable to contain the deep hurt that her accusations had caused. Unable to express that in a way that she would be able to believe he was not having an affair, he felt powerless to do anything but shout that discontent.

In disbelief she looked at him critically.”There was also something else you could not do and that was raising your voice at me. But you did that today, right now even. How can I even begin to believe you when your actions say otherwise? You say you aren’t but everything you do only confirms that you have got a beautiful girl on the side ready for when you finally get rid of me! Get lost. I don’t want to see you! She shouted back at him and the door shut on his face as usual. 

He ran behind her and tried to open it. However it was locked from the inside.”Jaan, please open the door. I’m sorry. I am truly sorry at raising my voice. I promise I will never raise my voice at you again. Please Jaan, open the door. I need to say something very important to you. He pleaded from outside for so long that he found himself dozing off, weak from all the stressful events happening in his life.

Next morning

“Jaan, why didn’t you wake me up? Okay don’t worry about it. Look, I need to say something important to you. He said gathering all his energy to tell her about what happened with Sanaya that night.

“Why don’t you consider me to be important to you? Why are you so selfish? He cut in.

“What are you talking about? I don’t get anything you are saying Jaan. He tried to cup her cheeks.

“Last night I had been really hurt and I shut the door. What if I had taken a drastic step and ended everything? She said making his gasp for breath.

“What are you trying to say? Why would you even speak like that? You know I would cease to exist without you, He said still shaken by her words.

“Enough! Stop with all the drama. Agar main tumse shadi nahi karti toh koi nahi karega. We believed your words and got married. But you are not like the one you have portrayed yourself to be.” She sniffed speaking all the dialogue from one of her favorite tv drama.

“Jaan, please stop all this. Why are you dragging the argument? Please listen to me, I really must speak to you about something important. He held onto her hand.

“Oh so it is all my fault then? I’m the one dragging the topic, really? You know when a beautiful young girl speaks, you men start drooling over her and tell her to continue but when your wife says anything then it is dragging and they should be silent-“She huffed.

“Stop! Stop it! What the hell is your problem? You know I am sick and tired of speaking with you these days. I’m done with trying to untangle those paranoid fantasies in your head when you don’t even try to listen to me, let alone believe me. So I’m done, finished. Go, go  wherever you want and leave me alone. He roared walking away from their home. 

Except now it didn’t feel like a home but a prison where whatever happened, he was always on trial. That was the morning when the pain was intense. Two hearts hurt more than before, a pain they could not bear nor at that moment heal…

“You are a man that every woman dreams about. Your wife must be very lucky to have you.” Sanaya fawned at him teary eyed.

“You are not marriage material. If it were not for me, no one would have married you. I must have committed a grievous sin in my previous life to be punished with a husband like you in this one! His wife’s harsh words flashed back into his mind. Her words made him feel so unwanted and unlovable that Sanaya’s opposing words became so attractive in comparison. 

Where his wife would not listen and accuse him, Sanaya listened and boosted his self esteem. It was a tough battle and he had felt somehow he was already losing without realising how.

Both of them held each other hand not wanting to leave even in their thoughts. Their eyes filled with unshed tears while their lips  broke into small smile. Kissing Ansh forehead they promised them self not to give pain to  their beautiful small world at any situation.

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