Part 8

Day 5

It was a hell for me yesterday. I didn’t even glance at my husband. Why must I fight with him?

I should have understand in which circumstances he took that decision. But I started making him feel guilty.

My poor husband has been suffering alone and I didn’t even got to know what has happened to him.

It was so perfect. Then suddenly what happened to us. We stopped having communication due to silly tiffs.

I should have spoke with him. But my stupid stubborn brain hadn’t allowed me to do so. I must ignored all these silly fights and should have supported him.

We felt all alone though we are alive and staying together.

A phone call interrupted my thoughts. Its an unknown number. Scrunching my eyebrows I picked up the call.

“Hello” I answered.

“Are you the Wife of KC groups MD” I heard a polite lady’s voice on the other side.

They are asking about my about my husband?

“Yes I am. May I know who you are? ” I asked her.

“We are calling from XYZ Hospital. Sorry to say this madam your husband met with an accident and he is in a critical position.”

She took a deep breath and continued further “We need to operate him and for that we need your permission”

The phone in my hands slipped from my hands and landed to the ground. A few tears spilled from my eyes. I felt a huge lump forming in my throat making me difficult to swallow the news.

I immediately asked the driver to take me to the hospital. He obeyed my words and without questioning anything he drove to the hospital. I new my driver wanted to ask many questions as he was concerned looking at my condition but I choose to ignore it.

As soon as my car stopped in front of the hospital I started running into the hospital reception. 
I took a deep breath and asked her about my husband giving the necessary details to her.

After knowing where my husband is I thanked her and started running towards the Ward where my husband is.

I identified the room and was about to open the door but it started opening from inside.

A few doctors along with some staff came out from the room. At first they looked at me weirdly and later they asked me is the patient my husband.

I nodded a yes, and said he is MY HUSBAND. They asked me to sign the papers to proceed with the operation. All the while they are narrating me how my husband landed in the hospital.

After he was hit by the truck he was admitted in the hospital by the crowd. And it was difficult to identify my husband as his face was covered with scratches by the glass pieces and his phone was broken into pieces by the crash and all his belongings were left in the home. So it took two days for them to identify my husband and finally contacted me for the permission to operate him.

I laughed. Why do they need the identity? Why can’t they see a person who is fighting for his life. Why didn’t they feel to cure him? Why did they waste all this time in enquiring.

I felt like screaming at each and every person but stopped doing as soon as my husband came to my view.

He is being shifted to the operation theatre by four Ward boys in the stretcher. Few doctors wearing the hospital gown started moving into the operation theatre along with nurses who were holding the hospital equipments.

Tears started flowing in my eyes seeing him immobile and weak in front of my eyes. He looked so devastated.

Blood is still dripping from various parts of his body. I didn’t know what the hell are these doctors doing when he is not Even given minimum first aid.

I sat on the hospital chair which was present in front of the operation theatre. I could see him clearly being operated from the glass door. Many large glass pieces are removed from his body and they are stitching his torn skin.

Damn it! I am unable to see his pain. It must be paining like hell to my husband and the thought of him being in pain broke me into huge sobs. 

I closed my eyes and all the past conversation played in my mind.

He has met accident?

He is in critical position!

He needs to be operated!

These words are continually vibrating in my ears.

I really love you jaan.

I was so confused.

I couldn’t understand what must I do.

I am nothing without you.

I didn’t try to buy you jaan, you deserves the best. That’s why I bought you this saree.

Please don’t leave me jaan, I’ll die without you.

I remembered his words on my birthday. Yes I wasn’t asleep but pretended to be asleep as I was so upset that I didn’t want to face him. My poor husband cried along with me.

How I wish you are dead.

You are the reason for all my problems.

I hate you.

Why don’t you die?

I woke up startling from my thoughts remembering how I spat venomous words at his already broken form.

How I wish to erase everything but nothing is left in my hands other than to pray for his healthy recovery. 

All my thoughts came to an abrupt end as the doctors started coming out one by one. I stood up immediately and ran towards them and asked how my husband is.

“Your husband is out of danger. Due to heavy bleeding we have arranged blood. For now he is in the effect of medicines within few hours he will get consciousness. He still weak as many glass pieces were pierced inside him. We took all the pieces with much difficulty. He needs complete bed rest.” The doctor told me and left from the scene.

I took baby steps towards my husband as he was laying immobile and it didn’t give me strength. I stood there for many hours just staring at him. I didn’t even tried to touch him nor I tried to cry as I am scared. My slight movement may disappear him.

After few hours I saw him moving his eyelids and fingers. He is slowly coming into conscious. As he was too weak he couldn’t open his eyes properly. And this brought tears in my eyes.

I slowly started moving towards him and touched his forehead. As if he got his energy back he opened his eyes.

He tried to speak something opening his mouth but I stopped him putting my palm on his mouth preventing him to speak.

It brought many old memories when we are happy to us and we both got tears in our eyes. Our eye lock has been broken as the doctor came inside and checked him.

He replaced a new saline solution with the old emptied one. All the while my eyes are not leaving his form.

After the doctor left us my husband started speaking with me.

“I am so sorry jaan. I am a monster to give pain to an angel like you. Please don’t stop me. Let me speak. I always loved you and always will love you jaan. I was so happy that finally I am freeing you with this devil and a life like a hell. But you asked me one month time for leaving me. I agreed to it so that you will leave me and lead a perfect life where you can live without any pain. But I became selfish. No matter what happens I need you in my life. Only you can complete me. When you wished I was dead I thought at least I fulfilled your wish but see I am alive. Please leave me and let me suffer alone jaan because I deserve all the pain in the world and not you. I am a monster I will surely hurt you with my foolishness. “My husband said to me holding my palm near his cheek.

I could feel his pain. It was clearly heard in his voice. I immediately hugged him tight while crying over him.

“Enough! I don’t want to listen anymore. I am not going to leave you even if death comes in my way. What did you think ha, I would be happy if you leave me huh. I would die if go a step away from you. You don’t how I am living in these days. At least I had a hope that you would come back to me. And don’t forget it we complete each other.” I screamed at him while hugging his weak form.

“Wont you leave me? You will stay with me “.he consoled himself more than asking me.

In response I hugged him tighter which satisfied his questions and he hugged me back.

I wantedly didn’t say about Sanaya as I didn’t feel it’s important. I’ll tell him when he recovers completely. For now my family is important for us.

To be continued

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