Part 7

Wife POV

I woke up feeling pain in my neck and I couldn’t figure out why. The room is dark with only moonlight entering into the room. It took few minutes to realize what happened and how I ended up in this room. All the today’s events passed in my mind like a film.

“Jaan, please listen to me”

“I need you in my life “

“Please don’t leave me Jaan”

“How I wish you are dead”

“You are my worst enemy”

I covered my mouth as soon as reality hit me. What have I done. I mentally cursed myself.

I stood up immediately and opened the door. The house is dark without lights. There is only light coming from ansh room.

I ran to his room and saw him sleeping peacefully with his homework book under him. Sighing I looked at the watch it is 9 o’clock in night.

Oh my son didn’t had anything except his breakfast. I shook him slightly trying to wake him. After few minutes he woke up.

“Sona did you have your lunch and dinner? ” I asked him even though I knew he didn’t.

“No mumma. I slept while doing my homework. I didn’t come outside since papa said me to go to my room.” My son yawning.

“Hmm OK. Ill prepare the dinner until then go and wash your face” I said to him and walked into the kitchen.

Where is he? He didn’t eat anything from morning! I thought but brushed away. I concentrated in preparing the dinner trying to brush away the thoughts which I failed miserably.

After feeding my son his dinner I made him sleep with much difficulty as he was sleeping the whole day. As soon as he slept I started pacing the room.

I  Didn’t know why I am feeling restless.

Night turned out to day but there was no sign of him and my  patience level was giving away.

Day 4

This never happened. Not even when he was with Sanaya. He always made sure to return home even if it was midnight. This was the first time he’d left home which wasn’t business related. It tugged at my heart. I made ansh busy with his toys and left for his dad’s  office.

It was still early at the office so the building took on aneerie feeling of desertion. The restlessness increased making me feel physically sick.

I reached his cabin where his name was engraved proudly with his designation. Only after taking some breaths to steady myself did I attempt to take the door’s handle. A giggle stopped me.

I looked around but there wasn’t anyone there. Was it my thoughts imprinting their ghostly selves around me? I tried again and slowly turned the handle pushing the door.

A moaning sound made me pause again. Now I was sure that the sound was comingfrom within.

Silently I pushed the door further to reveal a couple passionately engaged in a kiss.

The girl was facing away from me but she was sitting astride on a gentleman’s lap. As though it were even possible she pressed herself more into his embrace.

I felt weak witnessing what I deemed another act of betrayal. I didn’t even notice it wasn’t my husband until I was about to leave. It left me confused.

“I missed you Sanaya. I love you baby. I can’t live another moment without you,” I heard the man mumble in between kisses. That sounded nothing like my husband’s voice.

“None of those women come close to you baby. Did you know Priya committed suicide when she found out my truth?

Bechari tsk tsk. Of course none of that matters since all her money is mine but it’s just not enough. It goes so fast so unfortunately I need to find another woman soon.” I heard him continue.

“I love you too baby. I can’t even think of living without you either Arun. But baby I promise just let my boss come back and then we’ll get exactly the amountwe need to enjoy the rest of our life signed lovingly by that fool.”

“Amount? You said you would overtake this company and make me the managing director.” I heard the man ask.

“Haan baby. That was my initial plan to take over from him and appoint you as MD. That’s his seat you’re sitting on right nowsweetheart and look it’s the right size. It suits you. But it didn’t work out how I planned,” She said.

So this was the Sanaya. Hiding myself I peered in further.

“So he discovered your real plans.” He asked.

“No but he still loves his wife and wants to live with her. He wasn’t ready to divorce her.” She said moving a strand of hair aside.

“So what happens now? If he still loves her how will you get anything? We’ll be left empty handed.” He complained.

“No Arun, he will give anything I demanded of him just like he planned to divorce his wife because I said so. If he can do that, I can make him do anything.” She boasted proudly making me want to slap her right then and there.

“I’m not sure Sanaya,

“Arun you’ve forgotten he gave me this job because I made him. He’s just an emotional fool. It didn’t take that much either. I simply fell in front of his car and acted injured. He wanted to take me to hospital when I lied to him that I was escaping my molesters. He fought with those men that he thought were going to molest me. In fact they were chasing me out of town after discovering my true colours.” She smirked.

“Yes but that was…Sanaya interrupted her beau.

“Yes that was past I know. I also fed him a tale of me being an orphan and broke. He believed me enough to give me this job.

He thought he was being the Good Samaritan and supporting me. I always knew he was rich but to realise he was a millionaire after joining the company was something else.

Even many attempts to seduce him nothing except rattle off on the jhap of how his wife is the best, the strongest and how much he loved her. So his strength turned out to be his weakness.

I kept telling him how I needed his support and how I only trusted him who was my world.Believe it or not baby he tried to mentor me on how to be a strong woman and I simply obeyed.

That was what was missing from his wife. She never let him do what he wanted.

Concerned, that fool’s wife places so many restrictions but still appealing to him, supporting his wishes I loosened his pockets. His money was always more appealing to me. It wasn’t enough and I had to step it up. I weaved a friendship betweenus and scattered rumours about us that frustrated him.” She laughed.

“Bechara the so called cool-boss became the worst-boss. Everyone started hating him and he used to feel so alone. He kept wanting to take a break with his family but even there I managed to twist his arm.

I manipulated him easily, saying I couldn’t go alone to Paris to complete the deal and I cried in front of him to make him believe I only trust him. After a long time he agreed.

Then he went ahead and even booked tickets for his family! I had to cleverly sell them and said only two seats are available.He booked anotherticket for his family trip after the Paris trip with me to make up for it.” She sighed annoyed.

“In Paris I managed to request a celebration party as we won the deal. He took me to the hotel where I drugged his drink and with the help of waiters stripped him in order to get his clothes cleaned. I striped myself in front of him and stood naked and seduced him.  Even naked the duffer wouldn’t be tempted and kept calling me by his wife’s name and fell unconscious.

Thankfully when he awoke and asked me why he was naked I concocted a tail that he had taken advantage of me. That he’d forced himself.

Naturally he was devastated but thatlook on his face was hilarious. He started screaming and threw everything everywhere.

After that he stopped speaking to anyone. He used be aloof and if anyone tried to speak to him he used to scare the hell out of them.

Some days later I went to his cabin and was shocked to see him crying and pleading in front of his wife’s photo. He noticed me and yelled get out. I started to act again. I shed some tears and said ‘maybe I am not important to you but you are my world’ and then I fainted,” Sanaya giggled.

“I managed to get adoctor on my side and announce my pregnancy after which boss ran straight out of the office. I ran after him. I pleaded that I would leave him knowing now that he was married. I tried to run in front of a car as well. I blackmailed him saying I needed him in my life before falling unconscious.

When he returned with me in his arms to the office, the gossips began.

The doctor convinced him to offer me support till the baby was born and I was stable. He was helpless to say the least though he did try to get himself out many times. I even faked a miscarriage and blamed it on him! Then I did try to cross the limit and fake a suicide that left him so frustrated.

His fool wife must have spoken with him at least this moment, but no, his wife started making fuss of his state. Though her words are concerned for him but she did not try to sooth him nor understand his position.

I began to convince him that we were meant to be, that his wife would never be able to love him like I did.” Sanaya confessed.

I gripped the handle tightly that it seemed like it would break under my grip. Hearing how she had put my husband under duress, completely helpless to play with him for moneymade me sick. I wanted her strangled, in fact my hands itched.

“Uff Sanaya I agree you got him drunk but it’s clear he wants his wife. Why would he give you any money now?” he said standing.

“Because I will again play my bechari act, saying if he loves his wife then I’ll sacrifice my love for him and leave hurt but he has to help me to go from here… so you see he will pay any amount I ask anyways just to get rid of me andhe has a lot…”she spoke with full confidence.

“Nice plan and I hope it works. He rubbed his hands.

“It has to work, this man ruined all my dreams Arun. I gave myself to him thinking I can get my dreams fulfilled. But this man had to ruin choosing his wife over mw. If only he had divorced her then I could have forced him to marry me, before transferring this company to my name and then kick him out to make you the MD. Getting all that was my dream but that man…” I could feel her anger in her voice.

However before she could utter anymore words I gifted her a series of thunderous slaps. Icouldn’t listen to her boasting how she used my husband and tried to separate us. Like a typhoon I strode into the cabin and hit her until I left red marks of my hand on her cheeks.

It took Sanaya a while to understand what exactly happened after I stopped slapping her. She looked for Arun, who was nowhere to be seen. Only my furious person loomed before her.

Arun, who spotted me, knew that I heard everything and made a wise plan of escaping leaving Sanaya to handle herself. He didn’t want to get involved as he ran as fast as he could.The employees who’d also caught wind of the situation caught a hold of him.

“Mr Aditya make sure sanaya yeha seh wahi jaaye, jaha mere husbandneh iss rehne khi jagah dhi and keep your eye on her, until she packs only her clothes. Once she’s handedthe keys you may burn the whole place so it never existed nor is presumed to ever have. I want every single thing burnt to ashes.” I ordered.

Turning to Sanaya Isaid “If you want tosave yourself from that fire then leave from here and disappear from our lives, preferably before Mr Aditya torches that house.

Mr Aditya you havejust 30 mins and if she doesn’t leave don’t worry just follow what I said. The fire will take care of her and I’ll take care of the fire. I threatened leaving a terrified Sanaya with the employees.

After few minutes I got a call from Mr Aditya. He asked me what to do with Arun. I ordered Mr Aditya to arrest Arun and Sanaya. I also told him to make sure they must suffer as much as possible for fraud. He politely obeyed and went ahead to collect the evidence.

But I was still tensed about my husband. He was nowhere to be seen. The staff informed me that my husband hadn’tarrived to office for two to three days. But where was he?I started feeling uneasy at that thought.

I knew women like Sanaya trapped rich men for their money and I had already warned him not to fall prey. But he is too innocent and trusting of people. Now his foolishness brought our life and marriage to this position. Why must he trust everyone so easily only to regret later?Why?

I started searching everywhere I could. I contacted all his office branches to ask about my husband’s whereabouts but I got the same results everywhere.

It was almost evening. The bright light started to fade away and darkness spread everywhere like my fear.

I informed my neighbour to look after my son till I returned and thankfully they accepted with no fuss. I am not too worried about my son since they informed that he was sleeping after having dinner.

But Iwas scared. Only God knows where my husband is! Damn it! He was not picking up my call either.

I felt like screaming loud so that he could hear my voice and reply.

Anything. I just needed one sign to tell me where he was. Just one. One.

To be continued… 

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