Part 3

We had to start over. I had to make her stay, even for just a little while. Hope had bloomed in my chest like the flowers in my hand, and I continued home, set on making my wife forgive me.

Setting foot through my front door, I heard faint sobs from somewhere in the house. The sound made my heart ache with guilt, and my grip tightened on the bouquet of flowers.

When I finally found her crying, I stepped in. She was shaking as the tears rolled down her pink cheeks and I realized why she was crying. Today was our last day as a married couple.

The thought ripped through my body painfully and I found myself apologizing rapidly and continuously.”I’m sorry jaan, I don’t want to divorce you.” I said, my voice firm with determination.

This was it, I wanted to make this right. I needed her to forgive me,so we could go back to being perfectly in love. Our family of three shouldn’t split up do to my mistakes. “She didn’t mean anything to me. Not like you do. You mean everything to me.”

Her wet eyes turned to me in a hard stare. Uneasily, I handed her the flowers with the handwritten card and hoped with all my being that she would accept them. She did not however.

At first, her stare moved from me down to the flowers and then back again, but suddenly she pushed to gift aside, got up and silently moved to our bedroom.

I followed close behind her, wondering uncertainly what she was about do. Walking into the bedroom, my wife started packing her bags, which yet again ripped a painful ache through my chest. Did she not believe my apology? Was it too late to convince her that Sanaya didn’t mean anything to me? Did she feel inferior to Sanaya? She shouldn’t have to.

Throwing a final piece of clothing into her second bag, she pushed past me and headed for the front door to leave. Walking out of my life forever.

I couldn’t let her do that!Following her, I carefully took hold of her arm, turning her around to look at me. Her eyes were filled with hurt, and I knew then had had to speak carefully.

“Please don’t leave, I don’t want to divorce you. It was all a big mistake.” I said, feeling her arm under my fingers.

“It doesn’t matter. I can’t be with a man who would hurt me like you did.” She spoke softly, sadness sounding through her small voice.

Once again, she tried to leave, and I tried to stop her. My mind was panicked, trying to come up with a thousand ways to make her stay. Each try seeming more and more desperate on my part.

At last, we had reached our front door, where I stepped in front of her, blocking her way out. “What about Ansh?”

The sound of her son’s name made her stop. Her eyes looked at me with surprise and she suddenly deflated a little in her determination to leave.

Ansh was still staying with us for 10 more days, and it would ruin his vacation, if his mother suddenly walked out on him. An idea popped in my head, and I was certain this was the only way to convince my wife to stay with me.”If you won’t stay for me, at least stay for Ansh.”

I said certainly, looking her in the eyes. “It’s just 10 days, just 10 more days.”

Confusion and uncertainty flickered in her gaze as she debated with herself whether to stay or not. I knew our son meant a lot to her, and that she would do anything to make him happy.

A few moments went by in silence until she finally looked up at me.”I’ll stay, for Ansh.” She said, turned on her heel and walked back into the house.

I stood at the door in silence, gathering my thoughts for a second.10 days. I had 10 days to make my wife forgive me, 10 days to make her love me again. I needed to fix this mistake. I needed to turn on the charm. I needed to woe her like never before, and I only had 10 days to do it.



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