Part 2


That day soon came beginning with the slightest of warning that things would change. Sanaya was just leaving my cabin when my wife entered. Maybe it was the smile on my lips after Sanaya left that got her attention but she did nothing except pass on the message concerning our son’s boarding fees. She left immediately. Don’t get me wrong, I was expecting a showdown that evening but none, nothing happened! She behaved normally even though I was the one being eaten alive from within due to guilt.

Though we were both acting like nothing was wrong, there was a distance between us. I couldn’t even entertain a forced smile as we behaved little more than known strangers. She still took care of my needs even if with the passing days the distance between me and my wife increased. The distance between me and Sanaya however decreased.


I bought Sanaya a new house though she demanded a villa. I promised the villa would come after our marriage but for our marriage to occur, my wife and I had to divorce. I didn’t think my wife would object since I believed she already sensed my betrayal. To actually name my betrayal was harder so I lost myself in the pace with which the relationship between Sanaya and me was progressing.

Sanaya was pressuring me to leave my wife and marry her and I too came to feel that it was time to part from her. Gathering my wits together I asked for divorce that particular evening during dinner.


My wife was quiet for some time before she said the smallest word and heaviest question.


“Why? she asked. Why indeed was simple enough of a question for her to ask, but for me it was damn complicated to answer.

I couldn’t say well it’s because I’m pretty bored of our routine life that I needed a jump start of the infidelity kind. Equally difficult was to say that I love spending time with her more than you. In the end I did what most men do when posed a difficult question by their wives, I stayed silent.


Not even a spoon thrown in my direction nor the accusation that I wasn’t man enough could make me say anything.

The next evening I presented the papers for her to sign. She promptly them up while glaring at me. There was something brewing in her mind that would come to the surface the next morning when she said that she needed a month’s time before she signed. She refused to take alimony.

The month was because that was when our son was going back and she didn’t want to burden him and his studies with such sudden news. She wanted everything to be as normal as it could be in this month. We should be as in love as we had been during this month.


I agreed and conveyed the development to Sanaya who laughed.


“Your wife is playing games to get you back dear, but she’s going to lose when playing with me. Sanaya commented which made me wonder what game she was referring to. Was I a game to Sanaya?  


The first day didn’t go well when we awkwardly tried to hug. All our meals were silent affairs and except for my son’s chirping nothing much was said. It got better and more comfortable as the days rolled on. Even I felt like maybe I was meant to be with my wife.

On the last day I woke up determined to tell Sanaya what I had discovered. This needed to be told and realised by the both of us, that I was happy to stay married to my wife.


“I’m sorry, I still love my wife Sanaya. It’s just that we didn’t spend much family time together and things became routine. Our love is still intact now that we had time for me to rediscover it, I spilled.


My words broke Sanaya’s heart and she slapped me before falling to the floor wailing. I knew she was hurt but my wife was more important that moment.

I had my marriage to save which I could only do by running back to my house, flowers in hand to apologise concerning my unbecoming behaviour. I needed to tell her our bond wasn’t that weak and I believed I still had the time to do so.


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