Part 1



My married  life, well it’s spicier than your daily TV serial. For a period of time my life was normal too. I was doing well with my business and my arranged marriage had passed ten years from which I had a lovely son. My wife was employed in a government job and because of the nature of our work we placed our son in a reputed boarding school. He visited us during the vacations at our flat. Though I am more than capable of buying a villa for us, my wife preferred us to live here where our journey together began.

Here where she entered as My wife  ten years ago and since then has housed all our memories, both happy and sad. It used to be that our happy moments outnumbered our sad moments but these days I can’t even find happiness in the littlest of things there. It’s not that we stopped loving each other. My wife was the only other woman in my life, except for my mother, and had been so for then decade we have been together.

But for the past few months I felt a loneliness that compelled me to spend more time at my office than my own home. It wasn’t the work I had to do, nay it was the new secretary of mine: Sanaya.


Sanaya brought a new flavour into my life with her smile and antics adding a zinging freshness to my day. Even her littlest of silliest of mistakes made me laugh. That spontaneity wasn’t felt with my wife, where our life had become a timetable routine. We got up every morning, she attended to all my needs with a smile and then we went to work. In the evening it was a silent dinner with little talk of our day and no interference on her part in my business.

She never interfered in my work and reciprocally I never asked about hers. We did visit each other’s office and attend parties together but with time our life and marriage became another nine to five job for me to do when I left this office and job.  


But with Sanaya, with Sanaya I felt alive and new. I felt like a brand new man once again resurrected by the thoughts of those sexiest of lips brushing against mine. When those nimble fingers of hers ran through my hair a desire to bury my face in that soft pillow that was her own hair knew no bounds. Though those strands were not long like wife’s they danced around Sanaya’s shoulders and charmed the strings of my heart eliciting a pull that was hard to ignore. I wanted to touch them, let them wind around my fingers and let them fall over in the bewitching cascade that they were.

The attraction wasn’t just tangible on my part, Sanaya felt it too. She let her sly smile and knowing wink show she was aware and enjoying watching me drool under her power. Me a married man unwittingly tottering on the edge of a precipice that would soon give way.


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