After a few years


He stood holding her close to his body. She snuggled up against him while they both waited for their son, now fourteen, to arrive for his vacation.


As soon as the train halted, they both headed for the compartment where all the school students were seated. Ansh ran into their arms as they shared a family hug.


They spoke about all random things as they enjoyed being together in the moment. Ansh was to stay for a month before returning to school at the end of his vacation. Together they decided they would spend more time together than heading out.


Looking at his wife smiling, he still felt guilty about what he had done. How he had trusted a woman genuinely believing he was helping while she was using him. How he had created a situation and was pushed to seek affection from a dishonest person. The thoughts suffocated him when he came to remember how sad he had made his wife.


Slowly after she had told him Sanaya’s truth they had built their trust again. She had held him that day in the hospital when the last piece of him broke. When the truth had dawned on him, which was that he was not a debauched man who had forced himself upon a woman like he had been led to believe. That finally his pleadings held weight and his wife was able to believe what he had been saying all along: that he was innocent. He was not having an affair and still desired her more than any other woman. If this was the punishment of being wealthy he would have given all his wealth away at that moment to ensure it never happened again.


Her tears too burned him, as he saw that she too felt grieved at her own actions having been caught in an emotional turmoil. Both were at fault and both were innocent and yet they had hurt each other more deeply than was ever possible.


He started sharing each and everything with his wife, which as usual she corrected him on when needed to make sure he did not err again. She on her side started listening and explained her thoughts instead of hurling accusations. Encouraged, he shared his feelings with her more and more and felt less and less like a caged bird.


Deceptive women like Sanaya bait people due to the lure of wealth. Aided by the freedom she appeared to give to him unlike his wife, she looked like she was supporting while in fact she was digging her claws in tighter and tighter to push a family to breaking point. She used their weakness against him so that he fell as her prey.


Along with love and support, privacy is needed in a relationship so that there is space for each individual to retain themselves and not become something they never imagined themselves to be. She had tapped into that need and used it to mould him and the situation in her favour such that he was ready to divorce his wife.


All parties played their part in this difficult conflict that brought them to the brink but as with any successful relationship, trusting each other, talking to each other and spending time with each other can help to slowly bring things back and lead to a happier ending.


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