Dilwale dulhaniye le jayenge……lekin kaha?

Dilwale dulhaniye le jayenge… lekin kaha?

This one shot isn’t a new one intact I participated in Geet os contest. Well its just a scribble but its close to me as its my first os for competition. Do read and tell me how do you find it?


It was ten in the morning and I was waiting for my bus..It was a beautiful day, not too hot nor too cool. I wore my favourite pink top with denim jeans and few bangles adorned my wrists.

“Taj mahal!” I breathed out as I whispered the name of my favourite place. I shared an extraspecial bond with this place.Every night when I sleep I dream about Tajmahal, in which I am staring at the pool and an unknown handsome prince comes on his horse near me and before ending it with a kiss.

However irritatingly that’s precisely when I wake up!Shit!What’s the point in hurrying? Why couldn’t Isleep little more? I stamped my foot thinking about it.

My life’s ambition is to visit Taj mahal at least oncein my life time and if possible to meet my prince there also. I blushed little as I thought about that little ambition.

Anyways, now I will have to just visit a local Taj mahal which was constructed just three months ago. The opening was today. Unfortunately I couldn’t go to the original Taj mahal you see. If I ask my parents, then my grandma will start her ‘lectures’ and that is the last thing I want.

“Today there’s a bus strike. Take some otherform of transport,” I heard a shopkeeper inform another traveller waiting at the same bus stop. 

Upon hearing the news, the traveller decided to return home instead, leaving just mewaiting at the bus stop.I began to argue whether to go home or visit the exhibition.

After few minutes I decided to take lift fromsomeone and go the exhibition. It would be just a 45 minute ride after all.

Taking a deep breath, I stepped forward to ask for a lift but the road was empty. Dejected I surmised that no one wanted to help me.

However a few minutes later an expensive, bluesports bike rode towards me. I held out my hand to hail the vehicle.To my luck, it stopped just a foot away from me.

I couldn’t see his face because of his helmet, but managed to be hold a pair of hypnotising brown eyes.

Fumbling with myvoice I tried to speak.”Umm…hi my name is…Ana. Could you please drop me to Indira Nagar where the new Taj mahal exhibition is opening today?” I asked.

He gave an affirmative nod and let me climb onto his bike.”Edward,” He replied huskily when I enquired about his name. What alovely name I thought as I sat on the bike.

As soon as Edward started driving I felt lulled into a deep sleep by the motion of the bike. With my unwitting arms wrapped around his torso, I let my head rest on his back as I slept peacefully.

Edward POV

It was the usual morning for me. The security guard handed baskets of love letters along with my mail. Like every other morning, I once again ignore these and toss them aside.I don’t understand why people waste time on these rubbish.

Love and marriage were just agreements for me,deals even. As for love at first sight, marriage made in heaven and the like, well they existed only in films and in stories. In real life, no.

I don’t know why I took the sports bike today, usually I preferred riding my luxury car. Perhaps a change was needed from everything including the new projects on my mind. Pushing aside all thoughts I rode off on my bike.

After about an hour I started thinking of taking aU turn and headingback. That was enough for today. Also, the roads were virtually empty so any route home wouldn’t take too long. But, something bright stopped me from turning.

Squinting I saw what looked like a person raising their arm for a lift. It was hard to tell if it was a man or woman because of the hazy dust on the road. The sunlight made everything shimmer a little like a mirage.I started riding towards it, not totally sure why, and the figure began to get clearer.

I stopped infront of a girl in her early twenties, twenty two give or take a few years I guessed. She wore a pink to with some cartoon character on it. It was kind of cute in a way.Although she was talking to me, all I foundmyself doing was staring at her warm, blue eyes and her soft lips..It was only when she started climbing onto my bike that my trance broke.I breathed deeply when she asked me my name and whispered Maan. I doubt if she heard me or not.

Once she was on my bike I had this urge to ride away with her into some other world, just the two of us. The girl and I, happily ever after.

When her arms wrapped slowly around my waist and her head touched my back it didn’t feel as strange asone would think. Instead it felt good feeling her soft form wrapped around mine. Ithink she was tired or something, bechari. Perhaps it had been a long day.

The sky looked dark and the moon is shining too bright. I saw wrist watch to which I have realized the time is 8 o’clock at night. Damn it! I have landed on the earth from my dreamland. It was by sheer chance when I looked at my wrist watch that I realised the time was 8 o’clock.The sky had darkened and there was a moon shining bright.

Damn it! What a way to land on earth? Mentally replaying the events of the day I realised the girl behind me had asked for a lift and her name was Ana. However exactly what address she requested I had no idea.

Now what was I going to do?Until last week I was resident in London. A little problem in the India Branch compelled me to come here so myknowledge of places was weak. I checked my location on Google maps using my phone and understood I was inDelhi, Agra.

While I was cursing myself, I felt her move behind me as she roused from her slumber. She rubbed her sleepy eyes and stretched her arms. It made my lips twitch into a smile seeing her do that in the mirror’s reflection.

“We have reached Delhi, I am sorry ” I said sincerely apologising.

Confused, she looked around and her eyes flew wide open. Immediately she got offmy bike and ran wildly towards the stunning white building. She started both screaming and laughing at the same time. It was slightly weird but endearing. As I watched her bend over and look into the pool ofwater I felt my heart skip a beat. My breath was caught in my chestand I realised with certainty that I had fallen in love with this cute hitchhiker, and by God at first sight too. Even I couldn’t believe it.

“Ana,” I called out to her making her stop swirling her hands in the pool. She stared at me as I unbuckled my helmet, got off my bike and strode towards her.In fact she began to standup as I came to meet her by the pool. Looking up at me I watched her mouth part and those beautiful blue eyes get that slightly bit bigger.

“Edward,” she whispered my name as though it was the answer to something she had been searching.

The shiver that went through my body was unlike that I had ever felt hearing my name called out. I wanted to hear my name being called like that every moment of every day for the rest of my life.

“If I touch you, you won’t disappear like a dream will you?” He asked her raising his hand to stroke her cheek. He watched her shudder, closing her eyes tight to savour the unreal feeling.

“Only if you kiss me, thedream always ends with a kiss,” She replied quietly.

“Like this?” He asked letting his finger run down her jaw to under her chin. Lifting it he brought her closer to him and dropped the lightest of kisses on her lips.

One would never be enough he realised, he desired to kiss her more than just once. He smiled watching her realise that the kiss was not a dream. That when her furrowed brows smoothed out and her lashes lifted he was still standing there before her. She gasped making him chuckle lightly.

“Good enough for a dream?” He asked.

“You’re still here?” She asked incredulously.

He nodded running his hands down her arms and clasping her hands.Raising them he brought them to his lipsto leave feathery kisses on her knuckles.

“And I’ll be there after every kiss. It might begin in your dreams but I’ll make sure it continues into reality. When I left the house today I had no intention of meeting anyone let alone you. But everything about us right now tells me that Idon’t want to leave here without you. Will you come with me Ana, forever together?” He asked.

“For seventeen years I’ve been waiting, dreaming of when a prince would come, propose and kiss me in front of the Taj Mahal. Today, I wanted to visit the imitation but ended up at the original and that too with you. Do you really want me to come with you?” She asked nervously.

He took her arms and let them wrap around his neck as he let his own arm wrap around her waist. Pulling her closer he breathed in deeply.

“Yes, by God yes, from today until forever, just you and I together building our own Taj Mahal such that the real will be an imitation in comparison.” He promised.

She blushed a little before pulling her arms down and thumping mychest.”So ask properly na?” She said.

“Oh, right.” I replied getting down on my knee and holding out my hand to propose to her.”Ana, will you allow meto take your hand and make this dream a reality?” I asked her.

She made me wait a little in uncertainty before biting her lower lip and nodding. When she placed her hand in mine I pulled her down into my arms making her giggle. We lay on the floor under the starsholding hands.

“Umm… so I have fulfilled your dream right. But I haven’t quitefulfilled it completely have I?”I asked her pulling her over into myarms.

She looked confused.”No, it’s all there even the kiss,” She replied resting her head on my chest.She blushed a crimson red and hid her face in my chest. I had to laughat her innocence.

“Haan, but there is one kiss missing,” I teased.

“Which one?” She askedlooking up.

“This one,” I replied and claimed her lips before she could protest one more time…

After 25 years

Edward and Ana were standing near their bike in front of the Taj mahal while snuggling closer to each other.

After their proposal Ana ‘s parents made no fuss about their marriage as they found no flaws in Edward. Also, being an orphan Edward nolonger lived alone in hig huge mansion. After Ana, a little girl and a little boy graced their small, happy world.

“Happy anniversary, jaan” Edward whispered to Ana bringing her even closer to him.

“Happy anniversary, love” Ana wished himwith tender kiss to his jaw.

It was a happy anniversary indeed, a very happy ever after that she couldn’t even dream of, and that made her smile just a little bit more.


OK now I’m hiding behind the chair to protect myself from getting hit by tomatoes.


credit goes to original uploaders. thank you for your comment. 😀 we love to hear from you. stay tuned for more updates. 😀


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