Part 8

Part 8

“What the hell is happening? Who is she and what is she doing in my cabin?” Ram roared and left to his cabin to set the mess Riddhima has created.

“Armaan! Where are you?” Asad started searching for him as he want to go to home.

Hearing his voice Armaan came out from the restroom covering his nose with handkerchief and Asad was confused with his new avatar.

“Are you OK, What happened to your nose.”

“Voh Riddhi……voh kaha hai. Where is she?” Armaan started searching her.

“Who? Arrey why are you blushing?” Asad asked him.

“Huh….nothing. Did you see any girl waiting for me?” Armaan asked him.

Oh god! Is he speaking about that jhalli aunty? Tum bhi na Asad why will he ask for her.

“No. Everyone left the place before half an hour. Only papa and Arnav uncle are here. That’s all. Come let’s go to home.” Asad said and dragged Armaan along with him and he followed with a heavy heart as he couldn’t spend time with Riddhima.

Next day,

“Asad you are having a sharp mind. Why don’t you join our business?” Ram said to asad while munching his breakfast.

“What? No. I have just completed my studies. Let me enjoy my life papa.” Asad said gobbling his food.

“Dam it.  Are you serious? Look at your brother he is looking after the hospital taking care of my business. And you are doing nothing but sitting in home and passing your time.” Ram lectured him.


“Papa, did you ever thought of mumma. Just look at her, even she is a human and even she wants a company to live. Bas you don’t even have time for us, and you started making Armaan too like you. Bechara. But I don’t want to be like you all.” He said and stood to leave as he completed his breakfast.

“OK. Then what do you want to do in your life?” Ram came to the point.

“I just want to be the reason for everyone’s smile. That’s all.” He smiled and left the place which angered RAM to peaks

“Priya, did you see? You have pampered him too much that he is speaking illogical things. I don’t know what you are going to do I want him to join the business. Got it.” He said and started wearing his coat after getting a positive response from Priya.

“Armaan, where are you lost. Its 17 minutes and 36 seconds and you must complete your breakfast within 34 seconds and here take this file with you and take down the names of the interns who has scored more than 90 percent. The remaining ones will be alloted near the mortuary.” Saying that he stormed out speaking in his Bluetooth.

“Beta what’s bothering you.” Priya asked Armaan cupping his cheeks.

“Voh maa, I didn’t get enough time to spend with her.” He blurted absentmindedly.

“Oh girlfriend problems. No problem you can meet her again and this time make sure you meet her in some park other than office.” She ruffled his hair while armaan blushed and ran away taking the file to his room.


Armaan room,

“What happened to me? Why am I always thinking about her? I’m normal until I met her but then what happened?” Armaan questioned himself.

“Jo kuch bhi ho, I’ll not think about her again and I’ll not see her.” He vowed to himself not knowing that he will break his promise to see his dream girl.

All his thoughts came to an end when his phone started ringing.

“Hello,” he answered with dull voice.

“Hello ji, may I talk with you if you aren’t busy.” Came a sweet voice from the other side.


“Riddhima!” He recognized her voice and smiled brightly.

Uff he identified my voice. Ok let me change my plan. She thought for some time and spoke again.


“Yes its me. So you remembered me?” She asked gritting her teeth.

“Of course Riddhima. Where did you go yesterday. I was waiting for you in office.” He said and this angered her as she is thinking he is lieing too easily.

“Haan haan beta, tume chocolate laane gaye the hum. Will you come to xyz place I’ll give you your CHOCOLATE.” She stressed her words.

“I’ll be in 10 mins.” He said and straightened his shirt to meet her not even concentrating on her words. All he knows that he needs to meet her.

As he was about to go he saw the file lying on his bed which RAM asked to work in hospital.

He immediately ran to Asad room asking for help.

“Asad where are you.” He scanned the room with his eyes but couldn’t find him

“I’m here.” Asad said and saw him hanging upside down from the wall and watching TV.


Seeing him like this Armaan took a second thought for giving him this work or not. But anyhow he doesn’t have any choice.

“Voh….I need your help asad. Please take this file to the hospital and allot the places for the interns. See there are 10 interns in this branch and those who has scored more than 90 percent you allot them to work near my cabin and for the ones who got less than 90 percent allot them near the mortuary. Ok.” He said in a go as he is running out of the time.

“What. No! I don’t want to go to that place. Vaha voh Miss Shudh sahiba bhi hogi. Mujhe unki Shakal bhi nahi dekhna hai. And why aren’t you going there?” Asad stated.

“Voh I have some work and papa gave this important work. Please asad. “Armaan requested him with a blush.

“Hey why are you blushing too much nowadays huh? So you are meeting your girlfriend right.” Asad teased him.

“Aisa kuch nahi hain. She is not even my friend. Ok bye I have to go. Thank you for the help.” Armaan said and ran away.

“My innocent brother too got a girlfriend but me…… Kyun bhagwan kyun. Please send me a girlfriend too.” He winked at god and left to the hospital.



Zoya as usually tiptoed into the office grabbing many eyeballs to her attention due to her walking style. Before sitting down on the chair she spread the sheets on it and sprayed the antibacterial spray around her.

Everyone are waiting outside Armaan cabin with their certificates so that they’ll get allotted their cabin.


Asad saw Zoya and turned his face away from her which made Zoya confused with his behavior as she thinks him to be Dr Armaan.

All the 9 members are allotted their cabins near Dr Armaan cabin and the 10 member is Zoya due to  her alphabet.  She was called inside and she gave a polite smile to asad to which he ignored her and this made her think whether he is Asad or armaan.

Tum bhi na Zoya why will Mr bacteria sit here. Now go and take your allotment.

She is confident as she secured 97 percent in her medicine. Little she didn’t know is the person sitting here is Asad and he is going to use his crazy brain with her.

“So, where do we start Miss Zoya?” Asad smirked causing her to widen her eyes.



Here Armaan is waiting for her since one hour but she didn’t come. Actually Riddhima is hiding behind a tree and watching him closely. She is waiting to take revenge on him due to yesterday’s event. So she planned something with her crazy mind.

She showed a thumbs up to the person who now approached Armaan and kept their hand on his shoulder.

He turned back to see a woman in her late thirties is smiling at him and before he could ask her anything she hugged him with all her force shocking both Armaan and Riddhima.




Zoya closed her ears as she couldn’t hear more than this. This was a pure torture for her since ten minutes and she will not sit quiet like this getting tortured by him. She stood up immediately to leave the place but stopped immediately as soon as she heard his voice.

Armaan is speechless seeing her doing all this and he was scared to the core that something might happen now. He immediately took out his phone and called asad to save him from this mess as he is unable to control the situation.

I know you might be thinking who will allot the cabins etc in the hospital but it happens in my fiction you see crazy mind works like this. And this arrangement is very important in this fiction. I’ll not reveal anything now but you must remember even a small issue in the ff or else you may not connect. Because as i said this ff is full happy shappy, gussa vussa, sad bad, etc etc.

And to get PMS of my work buddy my pm account. I’ll be using that account from my birthday 4th December so until then keep adding the account.


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