Part 3

Part 3

Morning rays entered into the room where Geet is sleeping peacefully on his bed and he on the floor. The sunlight disturbed him and he tried to block them with his hands but was unsuccessful as his hand was under Geet’s cheek. Having no choice he woke up from his sleep and saw a most beautiful scene in his life, an angelic beauty sleeping on his bed.


Freeing his hand slowly he stretched his body feeling sore as he was lying down the entire night in an uncomfortable position.

He took his towel from the cupboard and headed towards the bathroom and switched on the shower letting the water touch his skin. Maan for the first time felt completeness and satisfaction in his life and he brushed his thoughts assuming it because of the warm shower.

After his shower he cared less to wipe his body and tied the towel around his waist which gave a clear view of his masculine body. He came out from the bathroom and careless removed the towel, the only cloth piece on his body and threw it on the bed which flew to the side of Geet. He walked naked towards the wardrobe and wore his clothes leaving two buttons of his shirt open giving a teasing view of his rippled chest.


He turned back to gather the towel as the water is still dripping from his thick black hair. He widened his eyes realizing that he isn’t alone in the room. He totally forgot that a girl is in his house precisely to say in his room.

God! What the hell did I do? Did she see me naked?

He moved towards the bed and bent to her face to see her sleeping peacefully.

Thank god! I must be careful from next time.

He blushed little thinking about Geet seeing him naked and hurriedly left the room. He moved to the kitchen to cook something for himself and Geet.

He took out the diet chart for Geet and pasted it on the kitchen wall. He checked the chart and decided to cook dal kichidi as it was the first food in the list. While he was cooking the food he boiled the milk for his coffee and milk for Geet.


It was one O’Clock in the afternoon and Geet was still sleeping. Maan thought not to disturb her sleep as she needs rest. But now it was too much, and he remembered Dr Armaan words rest means not sleep but peace of mind.

He decided to wake her up from her sleep and walked towards his room with the glass of milk.

“Geet!” He called her soflty. “Wake up”

As if she was waiting only for his call she immediately opened her eyes and started staring in his eyes waiting for the next command.

“Geet! Are you feeling any pain.” He asked her.

She nodded weakly letting him know that its paining.

“OK. Here take this medicine and drink the milk. As you are weak it’ll give you energy.” Maan explained her.

Without any hesitation she agreed to take the medicine and maan helped to sit straight while arranging the pillows behind her so that she can lean on them.

Maan brought the milk glass towards her lips and gave the medicine in her mouth to swallow them for which she completed with huge difficulty.

After few minutes the medicine showed some effect on her which made her to gain some energy.

“Geet! Will you brush your teeth before eating or after eating.” Maan asked her.

Geet looked at him confused with his talks and stared blankly at him which made him sigh deeply.

“Wait here!” Maan said marched towards the bathroom and came out from the bathroom after few minutes to see geet who was looking scared to be alone even if its for few minutes.

He bent towards her and picked her in his arms to which she didn’t show any discomfort ness instead she peacefully rested her head on his chest. He made her to sit on cubicle and brought the toothbrush towards her mouth.

“Look geet! I’m just giving you an example of brushing from tomorrow onwards you have to brush yourself. Ok.” He said and she nodded.

He started showing her how to use the brush and toothpaste while listened with keen interest.

“For today no bath, as you are still weak. So now we will eat our food. Ok” maan said to her while carrying her in his arms to the living room.

Geet looked at her surroundings with confusion seeing the new environment.

He made her sit on the soft cushioned sofa while he arranged the food near her.

“You know how to eat it right!” Maan asked with a hope seeing her looking lost.

Not getting any response from her he took a morsel of food and signalled her to open her mouth to which she obeyed and silently ate it.


As soon as the food came to her mouths contact she immediately closed her eyes relishing its taste.

Maan felt too proud of his cooking skills as he saw her relishing the food taste. Though she didn’t voice out he understood her feeling which again made him confused.

Brushing all the thoughts he came to the point. “Geet, who are you and where are you from?”

She looked at him for a while and closed her eyes to grasp the meaning of his words.

That day when he asked her name she absentmindedly said Geet Arnav raizada because she saw someone calling her name softly in her flashes.

Now when maan asked her who she was, she again closed her eyes to see any flashes about her. But Alas! She saw only darkness.

The only thing she remembered was her name and her language. Her head started throbbing as soon as she started thinking about all these. She didn’t even know that she was found in a coffin.

Seeing her holding her head painfully Maan trued to calm her by diverting her thoughts.

“Its ok Geet, calm down. Relax.” He soothed her with his words while she obeyed and relaxed slowly. Seeing her relaxed maan again started to speak ” Ok. If you don’t remember, its OK but do not stress yourself. By the way I forgot to introduce myself My name is Maan Singh Khurana and I’m a businessman. Do you know Khurana constructions? I’m the MD for it, my work is to construct new buildings.”

He purposely didn’t say about being a detective too because he felt Geet may get scared so he said only half truth him being business man.

Maan started speaking to her about himself to her and secretly observing her to see any reaction. As soon as Maan said about construction she got some flashes.

“Geet, look here. One day I will buy a building like this. And you will walk around the house like a princess.” A masculine voice said to her.

She came back from her thoughts as Maan tapped her shoulders.

“Geet” he called her softly. “I know you don’t remember anything but you can share with me if anything bothers you. You can trust me.”

She looked at him with a blank face before whispering softly” I don’t know what’s happening with me.”

“Its ok. You need time to remember everything.” He assured her and tried to ease the situation. “But I don’t understand one thing, if you don’t remember anything then how can you remember your language. I mean you are talking easily as if you are a pandit in English, Hindi and that alien language. You must be a  chatterbox.”

She gave a small smile and said ” Even I don’t know how I am speaking when I don’t remember anything. That is not alien language its Telugu.”

“Hmm OK. Do you remember anything else.”

“No. But I am feeling that I have someone special who is waiting for me, calling for me.” Her eyes misted while speaking. She widened her eyes suddenly and said “How do you know me? Where am I? What happened to me?” She ended the sentence with a big sobs.

Maan felt sad and happy at the same time. Happy because Geet is started speaking like a normal person and sad because seeing her helpless state.

“Relax Geet. I’ll explain slowly. I don’t what happened to you my friend Armaan, the doctor who is treating you found you in a coffin box. Coffin box means a place where dead bodies are kept.” Maan explained to her while showing her coffin box images in Google from his phone.

“But I’m alive.” She said being confused.

“That’s the problem, Geet. Only you must say what happened about you being in the coffin box.” He said to her. “Don’t stress yourself Geet. Take time to think first you must be stable.”

“Come I’ll take you to my favorite place.” He smiled and lifted her and walked towards the bedroom French door.


Geet looked awe seeing the sight in front of her. The whole place was filled with fresh green plants with beautiful flowers adorning them.

She took a deep breath enjoying the place and maan was happy seeing her liking his favorite place. 
He made her sit on the recliner which was present there and smiled at her.

“Did you like this place?” He asked even after knowing the answer from her eyes. He wanted to spend as much time as possible so he used every chance he got.

“This place is like happiness. I’m feeling so happy here.” She said and looked into his eyes directly and whispered “you didn’t tell me who are you to me?”

Maan took a deep breath and said without breaking his eyelock ” Samjo main tumhari rakshak hoon.”



So here is the part 3 Please do tell me how it came out.

credit goes to original uploaders. thank you for your comment. 😀 we love to hear from you. stay tuned for more updates. 😀


28 thoughts on “Part 3

  1. 😀😀😀😀😀samajo mai tumhara rakshak hu,,,I will die if I laughed so much ,,, Maan bhol he gaya Geet room pe hai😀
    Aur Kinti baar Geet ko uthayega uff ,,,haat mein dard nahi ho raha hai kya,,,? Maan is so cute,,,yes cutie pie😍

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  2. Thanks for PM,Dear.
    It was Awesome Part.
    Maaneet Conversation was so Nice.
    Maan feeds Food to Geet was so cute.
    The way Maan understood Geet was so Nice.
    The Last dialogue of Maan at the end of this part was so Nice.
    The Whole Part was so Interestingly explained.
    Please Update Next Part soon.
    (MISSING KSG and KABHI So Much)

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  3. awesome update
    loved it
    maan is taking care of geet so perfectly.
    from cooking to other needs.and he is carrying geet in his arms every time they go cute.
    geet slowly is getting flackback of her past.
    I hope she finds everything soon

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