Chichora piya

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Chichora Piya

Anastasia was standing at the bus stop looking left and right, feeling bored as it was nearly fifteen minutes since she had been standing here. She wore a peach colour cotton salwar and her hair was tied back in a Punjabi style. As it was morning, the road was blocked with traffic due to people travelling either to school, college or office. Even the bus stop was crowded with people of all ages waiting for their respective buses.

Bored, she took a box from her bag and opened it up. She held up a laddoo and took a bite, relishing the taste. Losing focus of all external distractions she continued eating from her box. So engrossed was she in eating, her eyes shut, that it was only the husky masculine voice that managed to pull her away and cause her to open her eyes to meet another pair, of warm chocolate brown.

Squinting she took a step back in realisation that the man was standing too close to her. He wore a dark green shirt printed with pink flowers, a pair of yellow pants and matching boots. A dark red handkerchief was tied around his neck whilst the black uncombed hair gave him a messy look.

“Hey sundari. Mere rasagulla.” The man flirted running his fingers through his messy hair while giving flashing a toothy grin.

Anastasia looked shocked and turned to her right, purposely ignoring him. He commented again.

“Kya figure hain madam! Aap toh side angle mein jalebi lag rahe ho!” He continued.

Anastasia’s eyes bulged at his remark but she decided to stand firm and ignore this roadside Romeo.

“Kya madam ji, zara humare taraf bhi dhekiye, hum kabse aapko dekh rahe hain. Vaise bhi aapke aankhein toh golgappa jaise hain.” He flirtatiously complemented her again.

Anastasia glared angrily at him but this only encouraged him further.

“Haye Haye… maar dala. Nishaan seedha dil pe gaya, madam ji.” He said coming a little closer.

“Ladkiyon ko chedane ke alawa tumhe koi kaam nahi hain kya?” Anastasia shouted causing everyone else to now focus on the two of them.

“Nahi Nahi madam ji, I have a lot of work to do. But you see yeh dil paagal hain, deewana hain. Waise yeh jawaani hi deewani hain.” The man said stretching his arms out.

“You idiot. Don’t you dare to mess with me. Do you know what people call me huh, listen I am a jhansi ki Rani. OK. I’ll kill you with my bare hands if you will not leave this place.” Anastasia warned him.

“Oye madam ji, Jo bolna hain voh Hindi mein bolna. Apunko angrej samaj mein Nahi aata. Par koi baat nahi, aap jaise mirchi ladki Jo  bolege voh chalega.” The man said smiling.

Anastasia was about to say something but stopped as soon as she heard some voices coming to her side.

“Kya hua beti, Kya yeh ladka tumhe pareshaan kar raha hain?” An elderly man asked Anastasia.

Before she could answer a lady cried, “Aaj dino mein Ladkiyon ki raksha kaha hain. Hmm…hum sab iss kamina ko sabak sikhayenge.”

“Hoye Hoye.! Chup kar sab log. Badi ayi sabak sikhane wali. Yeh mamla hum dono ka hain, toh hum dono “milke” decide karenge.” The man said stressing on the word milke.

“Bas!” Anastasia screamed holding up her palm and making everyone jump.

“Ghar mein ma behen Nahi hain Kya? Kab tak aap jaise log helpless Ladkiyon ko satayenga, huh? Sharam aana chahiye tumhe. Chi gihn aate mujhe aap jaise neech logon se baat karne se. Tum  jeene ke layak bhi Nahi ho.” Anastasia said furiously and slapped him hard across his face. He stared at her utterly shocked, jaw open in surprise at her action.”Maaro sale ko. Iss kamina ko mat chodna.” Anastasia yelled dramatically causing everyone to begin hitting the man.

“Enough. What the hell are you people doing huh? Do you all even have any idea about me? I am Edward James, Chairman of  group of companies. And she is my wife Mrs Anastasia Edward . Got it.” He snapped angrily causing the crowd to murmur while Anastasia fumed and slapped him once again.

“How dare you claim me as your wife,huh. Sharam aana chahiye. Maine socha bhi Nahi ki Tum itna gir sakti ho, Chi. Main tumhara koi wife Nahi hoon. OK.” Anastasia said folding her arms.

“What the! Dekho Anastasia now it’s too much. Sirf tumhare liye main yeh sab kar raha hoon, ab bahot ho chuka hain. Come let’s go home.” Edward said trying to free himself from the crowd.

“Jooth mat bolo. Tum ek awara ho so behave like that. Don’t you dare to claim me as your wife.”

“Anastasia.” He screamed but immediately calmed down seeing her scared eyes and cupped her cheeks.

“Now stop this drama, dear. People are getting way too involved in our fight. Come let’s go home.” Edward pleaded with her.

“Oye tu bada shatir soch rahe ho. Come let’s take you to the police station instead.” A man from the crowd said and roughly grabbed Edward’s shirt.

“Enough dammit. Kitne baar kehna hain main apna biwi ko manane ki koshish kar raha hoon.” Edward shouted making everyone continue with their murmurs.


Anastasia was standing in front of the mirror and checking her saree while Edward was busy admiring her.

“You look beautiful, Anastasia.” He whispered in her ear while she blushed.

She turned towards him and wound her arms around his neck to say, “toh ek selfie toh banta hain na.”

“No!” He screamed immediately.

“But why?” She asked surprised.

“Anastasia, it may harm our baby. Phone mein radiation hote hain. Isiliye a big No to any selfies. Agar Tum chahti ho toh I’ll call an artist and he’ll paint your picture. OK?” Edward said cupping her cheeks.

“Not OK. Tum Jooth bol rahe ho. Nothing will happen to the baby. Bas ek selfie poocha Maine.” She distanced herself from him and sat on the bed to switch on the TV instead.

“Anastasia!” He came running to her and grabbed the remote. “Loud music is also not good for the baby.”

“Enough! Edward it’s too much. I know you are deliberately trying to avoid romancing me. Am I right?” She questioned him.

“What? Why will I do that?”

“Because I am not beautiful like earlier. I am looking stout with this baby bump. And you lost interest in me, that’s why you are making excuses for taking a selfie. I know it.” She sniffled.

“Oh baby, please don’t cry. I love you na, please don’t cry.” He kissed her forehead cooing her. “I still love you and you are looking more beautiful now with this baby bump. I’m just worried about our baby that’s all.” He said while she nodded her head. Suddenly an idea popped in to her crazy brain so she stood up with a start.

“Kya kaha tumne “I am looking beautiful now, iska matlab Kya? I wasn’t looking beautiful earlier? And you are just worried for baby but not me the mother carrying it?” She pouted.

“Anastasia you are thinking far too deeply with that. I’m equally worried for the both of you.”

“No don’t you deny it Edward . The truth is that you don’t love me anymore. You don’t want me in your life.” She said and engrossed herself in watching TV instead.

“OK! Tell me what I must do for you to believe that I still love you as much as I always have.” He said feeling defeated.

“Sachhi, will you do anything for me?”

“Yes dear. I promise to do anything for you.”

“OK then,” She thought for a bit before getting an idea from the TV itself. On the music channel “chichora piya song from action Jackson” was playing.

“You must act like a chichora.” She clapped her hands in excitement.

“What? Chichr..a something? What is that?”

“Haaw. You don’t know what chichora means! It means something like Romeo, awara, playboy. Uh there are many heroes in this role,”

“I am not going to act like anything.” He stated firmly.

“I know you don’t love me. You always lie to me. Don’t talk to me.” She started weeping.

“Okay fine. Now stop crying. I’ll act like chichr… something.” He said checking his anger.

“Thank you so much Edward. You are the best!” She hugged him tight.


“Bahut accha kahani hain. But we won’t believe it.” The crowd said disbelieving his tale.

“I don’t give a damn about what you believe. All I care for is my wife and my baby.” He said addressing the crowd and turned towards Anastasia.

“Anastasia are you going to end this charade or not?”

“Kya sabit karna chahtein ho? Why must you reveal everything to everyone. Now I completely believe you don’t love me anymore. Get lost, because there’s no way I’m coming with you.” She said and stubbornly sat down on the floor.

“Okay fine!” He said and picked her in his arms while she was struggling to get down.

“Sorry Anastasia, dekho I didn’t mean to pick you up forcefully. But I’m so concerned for you and our baby’s health that’s why I have to do this. Here drink this milk.” He said cupping her cheeks.

“I’m very bad na Edward. I’m treating you very badly with my pregnancy cravings na. I’m sorry. You are doing so much for me still I’m behaving illogically.” She started crying.

It was a normal sight for Edward to see Anastasia in different mood swings. At first he used to get irritated but later he learned to be calm and patient as they came and went.

“OK now stop the crying. Come let’s sleep.” He patted her head lovingly and helped her in settling down into bed.


“Edward!” She called him softly.

“Hmm. What happened? Are you feeling any pain?” He asked concerned.

“No! I am fine.” She said. making him sigh in relief. “Edward did super man come to Chandni Chowk bazaar?”

“Why will Superman come to the market? Tum bhi na.” He said and pulled her gently towards him. “Sojao na.”

“Nahi Edward. Baby wants to see Superman in the market.” Anastasia said looking at him innocently.

“Anastasia!” He muttered irritated “Sleep peacefully.” He tried lulling her to sleep.

“You are a bad father. You don’t love your son. Boo hoo,” Anastasia started crying. “It’s only a small wish Edward.”

“Oh Anastasia, please stop crying. Don’t start crying now.” He consoled her. “Fine, tell me what must I do.”

“Please aap baby ke liye Superman ban kar market mein dance kariye na.” She pleaded with puppy dog eyes.

“What?” He exclaimed in shock but soon agreed upon seeing her weeping.

Uff another pregnancy craving had begun and as usual, he would be the one getting into trouble.


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