Part 7

“Whats the matter? She is beautiful right!” Ishita exclaimed.

Without seeing who asked this question Maan replied absentmindedly “yes! She is the most beautiful girl on the earth.”

“Indeed she is beautiful but you must know that she has a fiery and dangerous friend who will slap hard if anyone tries to mess with Geet.” Ishita warned and slapped Maan.

Though the slap didn’t pain his strong muscular body it sure landed him on the earth from his dreamland. He turned to his left only to see a pair of rage filled eyes.

“What the!” He exclaimed.

“Haan what the hell are you doing here? Don’t you boys have no work other than drooling over girls. Geet may be innocent but I’m Ishita…. Ishita iyer. I’ll pull your eyes from your socket, did you get it.” Ishita warned him.

Maan was too embarrassed to speak anything as he was caught red handed drooling over girl for the first time. “Uh actually I was just passing this way and… ”

Ishita interrupted him and said “and what seeing her you started drooling huh?”

Raman came with snacks to Maan and saw the same girl who gave a lecture to him is fighting with Maan. Immediately he ran towards the scene to support Maan.


“Oye madrasi, what are you doing here. Don’t you have any work other than fighting.” Raman said to her standing in front of Ishita.

“Oye Punjabi, tell your friend to distance from my friend. I’m telling you before hand in not a normal girl.” Ishita warned him.

“Everyone knows that you are not a girl.” Raman remarked.

Seeing the never ending fight between Raman and Ishita Maan sneaked easily from the scene and left to his class.


Seeing Geet alone sanam and her gang came  near her and sat next to her leaving huge gap between her.

“Hey dust bin! What are you doing? Oh reading!” One of sanam friend’s said.

Geet ignored her and immersed herself into the book.

Seeing no response from her sanam tried to invoke her anger “leave it yaar. Other than reading what can miss so called college beauty can do. Poor girl, couldn’t even speak.”

All laughed at her comment and agreed with her.

“Oh she couldn’t speak! What about sensing. I mean she won’t feel even we slap her right.” One of the gang member taunted.

“Of course yaar, if you won’t believe I’ll prove it to you.” Sanam said smirking.

“How will you prove it?” They asked her.

In response sanam started walking towards Geet making her grip the book tightly in fear.

“Look friends she is a non living thing. She doesn’t even feel pain.” Sanam said pulling Geet’s hair roughly.

Geet could do nothing else other than to cry silently. She didn’t even lift her eyelash from the ground.

“Hey now look here magic is on the way. This school beauty’s book will be flying.” Sanam said and threw her book away which landed near Ishita and Raman.

Seeing the book near their feet they stopped their argument and bent down to pick it up. Ishita identified the book belongs to Geet and turned to look at her direction.

The scene in front of their eyes shocked both Raman and Ishita. Sanam is slapping and misbehaving with Geet. Immediately they made a run towards Geet.

“What the hell are you doing Sanam.” Ishita screamed at her.

Seeing Ishita there Sanam left Geet’s hair and stood up to answer her ” Ishita you are misunderstanding the situation. Geet tried to pull my books and hit me. I am just defending myself.”

“Oh really. Your books. But I don’t think you even know the spelling of Books. Stop lieing. Shall I complaint to the principal. So that you can join your friend arnav.” Raman warned her.

“I’m so sorry Raman please don’t do it. My parents will be hurt if they comes to know about it. Ill not repeat it next time.” Sanam said sweetly not missing a chance to impress this hot guy.

“Get out from my sight before I break your bones with my bare hands.” Raman warned her making  Sanam to leave the place.

Meanwhile Ishita was checking on Geet’s wounds cursing Sanam under her breath.

“Geet why don’t you slap Sanam when she is misbehaving with you?” Raman asked with concern.

Geet did not look at him and moved little back seeing a stranger talking to her. Seeing this Ishita assured her that he is not like arnav or Sanam.

“Ill try to do next time.” Geet replied softly.

“Very good. You need  practice to hit Sanam for that slap Ishita everyday for an hour so that you can hit her easily. What say Ishita?” Raman joked and laughed along with Geet while Ishita glared at them.


When Geet came home limping she saw her parents arguing blaming each other. Sighing sadly she thought to move away from the place but stumbled and fell on the floor.

Mohinder saw Geet and screamed at her before leaving the house.” Chi manhoos kahike. Now my work will not happen seeing your bad omen face. You are just like your mother A Bad Omen in my life.”

Geet immediately looked at Rano to see that she closed her eyes when Mohinder uttered the words and left to her room.

Geet gathered herself and limped towards her room and lied on the floor not bothering to tend her wounds nor changing her clothes as she is feeling too weak to move.

Around midnight Geet felt something cool on her wounds. She slowly opened her eyes to see Rano tending her wounds while rubbing her tears frequently.

Geet smiled seeing Rano caring for her and didn’t let her know that she is awake. She knew that if she wakes up Rano again becomes cold towards her and she couldn’t bear seeing that look.

So she enjoyed the moment, her mothers care towards her. Rano gave a final look before covering Geet with a blanket and left the room.

Few tears immediately left from Geet’s eyes feeing both sad And happy. She didn’t know why Rano behaves like this towards her.

Rano tends her wounds but when Geet asks her she gives cold answer and leaves the place. Geet doesn’t even remember the last time she spoke with her. May be ten times in her entire life she spoke and that too some cold or monosyllabic answer.

At least Mohinder screams at her and slaps her but Rano never speaks to Geet.


Sighing sadly Geet closed her eyes to sleep.



Maan giving strength to Geet.

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