Part 9

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“Okay. I’ll act like RKB.” Raman said and Mihir hugged him tightly thanking Raman.


“This is RKB bedroom. Sit here you need a make up. Firstly, you need to shave, RKB has only a small stubble.” Mihir instructed Raman.

“Relax Mihir. What’s the hurry? We still have two days! Dream girl is coming day after tomorrow so let me sleep now. Its very late now.” Raman said yawning.

“Oye chup kar. You have been sleeping since two days and you need sleep now? Listen I have not slept since two days so be dedicated. RKB isn’t lazy so be alert. We have two days for Miss Iyer to come but before that you need to present like RKB in front of others. No one has seen RKB since two days.” Mihir explained the situation.

“Hmm. What? Listen Mihir I’m helping only for dream girl not for RKB. So I don’t care about him.” Raman said to him.

“Teri toh.” Mihir uttered and hit him on his head and twisted his ears. “Dare you disobey me. Now do what I say.”

“Ouch. Mihir I’m a teacher. You don’t have any right to treat me like this. I need respect if not I’ll not help you.” Raman said rubbing his ears.

“Really. If you won’t listen to me then I’ll lock you in this room itself. Now go.” Mihir joked and pushed him into the washroom.


After few minutes raman came out with a towel around his waist. He shaved his beard as mihir instructed.

Mihir turned  towards Raman and gave him a suit to wear it.

“Mihir, who wears suit at night.”

“RKB wears suit 24 hours except in shower. He likes to look presentable at any time. So you must wear the suits 24 × 7.” Mihir handed the suit to him and raman started wearing it.

“Here you must use only this perfume, deodorant, aftershave, hair gel,. And that dark room where we met earlier its the only place where no one comes. That room is only for RKB. If you have anything to say you meet me in that room.”

“Uff ok. Is anyone at home?” Raman asked mihir.

“Hmm yes, Arnav mama is sleeping in his room. I’ll show you his photo so that you will recognize him in the morning. Listen if you don’t recognize anyone just leave the place and go. RKB doesn’t give any damn to anything.”

Mihir showed him the photo of Arnav mama and taught some language and body skills. After a whole night workout raman was transformed into RKB.

“Okay. Now when you are having breakfast Arnav mama will wish you good morning but do not lift your head. RKB doesn’t speak to anyone but observes and judges others.” Mihir took a breath.

“Arnav mama will ask you about your disappearance and you must say that you have jumped out of the car. Speak very little or else anyone might get doubt.”

“Omg ! RKB looks like a prince in movies but in reality he is a demon. Okay I’ll go down to have breakfast , I am feeling hungry.” Raman said and heeded towards the dining hall.


Dining hall

Raman sat on the main chair allotted for him and the servants started serving his food. He was shocked to see bland and plain food being served to him but composed himself seeing Mihir glaring at him.

“Good morning RKB.” Arnav mama wished him but Raman ignored as instructed by Mihir.

“I know you don’t want to answer but can you tell me where were you since two days as I was so tensed about you.” Arnav mama continued.

Raman stopped eating for sometime and took a deep breath before uttering ” I met with an accident. I jumped out of the car in Nick of time.”


Immediately Arnav mama saw the bandages on his face and sighed. “Take care of yourself RKB. I have only you in the world.”

Arnav mama was about to touch his palm but Raman distanced himself like RKB does making Arnav mama sad.

“Shall I send a driver to pick up Ms iyer from the airport?”

“Hmm” Raman hummed in response.

“Okay. Then will you take rest or will you come to the shoot?” Arnav mama asked him.

In reply Raman stood up and left the place asking Mihir to follow him.


“Uff mama ji is very concerned about RKB the so called monster and I have to act like him. Hmpf” Raman cursed himself as soon as he entered his room.

“Calm down. You will not go to shoot until Ms iyer comes back OK. You must just update your status on social media that you are on leave for few days.” Mihir said while sitting in front of the laptop screen.

“Here i have updated your status. Now come I’ll show Ms iyer room. You need to know about her also.” mihir said and took him towards ishitas room.


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