Betrayal …….by whom part 14


“Arrey why did you agree to them. they are looking too dangerous.” lucky said coming out from bade mama place.

‘Thats why i agreed. they are too dangerous. what if they do something. i cant risk anyones life. but yaar did you  see the photo same to same looking like me. i thought it happens only in movies but i am seeing in real life too.” dev said rubbing his palms together.

“Ha yaar, i still cant believe my eyes. tere humshakal uff. by the way yeh paagal ladki..”lucky trailed as soon as he saw devs angry eyes  “i mean geet bhabhi. Everything happened because of your papa ji. look there geet bhabi your father is coming towards us.” lucky pointed towards the direction from where ashok is coming.

“Geet, are you ok. did they harm you.” ashok handa asked concerned.

“i am fine papa ji. but why did you trap dev here. you know na they are too dangerous.” geet questioned her papa.

“Dev? but he is yash na?” ashok handa asked.

“no he is dev kiloskar. and yes even after knowing it i still want to marry him. papa but why did you take this huge step.” geet questioned again.

“i dont like him as my son in law. he is a cheat.”

“no papa he didnt cheat he lied and he had his own reasons for it. but papa you tried to cheat, you asked to come here in pretext to talk but you planned something else.” geet argued in a little high tone.

“calm down geet. you must not speak to papa ji like that.” dev suggested her softly.

“if you say then ok.’ geet said blushing making ashok handa temper to raise.


“you dev. dare you speak with my daughter infront of me ill kill you.”ashok handa shouted making them giggle.

“shut up. geet lets go home. these people need dev let them do what they want but you come with me.”

“no papa i wont come. i cant leave him alone in that place.” geet said taking a step back.

“who said he is alone. his tail will accompanies him where ever he goes you dont worry.” ashok handa said pointing lucky.

“no no one must come with me. i cant risk your lives. i will go alone.” dev declared.

“paagla gaya  kya. how can i leave you alone at an unknown place. i am coming with you and that’s final.” lucky declared himself.

“ha even i am not leaving you. i will also come with you.” Geet said holding his hand.

“geet  i cant leave you alone at that place. dont go there.” ashok handa warned.

“then papa ji, ask them to leave our dev also na. then all can stay here happily.” geet chirped.

“thats impossible. they wont back off from this deal.” he said.

“ok, ill go with lucky and dev then.’ geet said and pouted.


“fine then i  will also come with you all as I cant leave geet alone with you all.” ashok handa said with a finality in his tone.

“yaay” geet,dev and lucky cheered loudly.

“i am not running any charity homes to feed you all. my deal is only with dev kiloskar so you people need not come.” bade mama said from behind.

“if they are not coming then even im not coming.” dev said with little authority.

And this commanding and authority voice made bade mama to memorize Maan Singh Khurana and he felt something stir in his heart remembering Maan.

“but what will i say to everyone.” he asked.

“thats your problem.” dev smiled and left the place along with ashok , geet and lucky.


“No! You are not going anywhere.” Kalindi said irritated.

“Amma! Its just few days and it’s good job.” Dev tried to convince her.

“First your brother and now you. Why to search jobs away from our homes. Why don’t you find here. And Delhi is too far.” She said concerned.

“Amma please agree na. I’m not going alone even lucky is coming with me. Its a very good job Amma. Please agree.” Requested Dev.

“Ha Kalindi agree for it na.  Let him settle in his job.” Avdoot instructed her.

“Ha Amma agree na. Even I’m going with him.” Lucky requested.

“OK. But beta you must take care. I’m agreeing only if you promise me That You Will Come Home Soon.” Kalindi asked for a promise.

“I promise Amma. Ill come back soon.” Dev promised.

After Kalindi giving permission he packed his bags for the travel. He made an excuse of job to go to Khurana mansion. If he said the truth he knew Kalindi and avadooth won’t agree to risk his life.

“OK Amma, baba. Bye.” He bid bye to them and left the home along with lucky.

“Suniye, I’m feeling something big  is going to happen. Everything will be  OK na?” Kalindi questioned herself rather than asking him.

“Don’t worry. Everything will be fine.” Avdoot consoled her.


She didn’t know that she is right. Yes, now his life is going to take a 360 degree turn which he couldn’t even think in his dreams.


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