Part 4


“Geet! Wake up dear. You are getting late.” A woman in her mid 40’s said stroking a beautiful girl’s hair lovingly.

“Ummm….let me sleep mumma.” Geet said placing her head on her mummas lap.

“But Geet, aren’t you getting late to your office?” She asked again.

“Office!” Geet sighed. “You know mumma it’s such a boring place. A boring boss, boring staff, boring work, boring and boring. I didn’t find anything interesting in the office.”

“OK. Then leave the office. And do something which you like.” Her mother suggested which made Geet smile.

“You are the best mom. I’ll surely leave the office as soon as I complete the ongoing project.” Geet said and turned to her left and saw the time. “I’m getting late mumma. I have to run.”

“Pagal ladki.” Her mother said and cleaned Geet’s messy room.


“Good morning papa. Aaj breakfast mein kya banaya aapne?” Geet said as she settled beside her father’s chair.

“Good morning, dear. Actually I thought to make gajar halwa but it got burnt. So you have to eat your mom’s handmade aloo poori.” Geet’s father said serving the breakfast to Geet and himself.

“Really niranjan. Till today have you ever made a perfect breakfast. No! Subah Subah kitchen mein ghuss kar sare saaman kharab karte ho. And finally I have to interfere and make the breakfast.” She said and sat beside Geet.

“Anjali, ek na ek din mein zaroor challenge jeetunga. I’ll prove that I can cook better than you.” Niranjan said feeding a poori piece to Geet.

“Yeh baat adat hogai. Its 20 years since you started this dialogue. And nothing changed.” Anjali murmured.

“As if you changed. You are the same beautiful lady I have met 25 years ago.” Niranjan winked at her earning a smack on his shoulder.

“OK Geet, it’s time go safe.” Anjali said kissing her forehead.

“Bye mumma.” Geet said and sat in the car while Niranjan ignited the engine.


“Bye papa. Don’t forget to bring the cake when you pick up me at evening.” Geet said closing the car door.

“OK dear. Here have this chocolate. Bye.” Niranjan gave her a chocolate to which Geet started eating immediately after she entered the office.

“Geet boss is calling you to his cabin.” The receptionist said with a smile.

“Sasha! Why don’t we kill the boss.” Geet said and both of them laughed.


“May I come in Sir?” Geet knocked her boss cabin door which has her boss name Arnav Singh raizada engraved on it.

“Come in.” She heard a short reply from the other side.

She took a baby steps and wished him Good morning to which he nodded.

“What the hell. Ms handa you are 23 years old and you behave like a kid. DON’T you know how to come to the office. And why the hell are you eating a chocolate.” Her boss screamed at her.

‘Oh shit. I forgot to keep in my bag. Now what will I say to this vamp. Geet think something. Yes got an idea.’ She thought to herself.

“Actually sir, I was diagnosed with diabetes today morning. So doctor asked me eat chocolate and I am following. Thats it sir.” Geet said faking a sad face.

“Am I looking like an idiot to believe all your crap. Just get lost from here and complete the project.” Her boss screamed on top of his voice.

She ran as soon as he screamed and bumped into her fellow mates. 
“Geet, uss heroine ne kya kaha.” Pinky asked Geet.

“Pinky voh heroine nahi, voh chudail hain, Vamp kahike.” Geet cursed her boss.

“Why must we get such a boring boss. I have done something wrong in my previous birth.” Shasha said joining them.

“Ha yaar, I will leave the office as soon as I complete the project. Babaji ke kripa se boss ko dengue, malaria, filaria, chicken pox, abolo, heart attack, liver cancer, brain tumour, coma, HIV, hepatitis, etc etc sab kuch ek saat hamla karna chahiye.” Geet said it dramatically while her friends nodded their heads in approval.

“Excuse me. Who is in the reception.” All the girls who were busy cursing their boss stopped in their tracks hearing a husky masculine voice.

They stood up to see the owner of the voice only to freeze seeing a very handsome face. Every girl who saw him was rooted on the spot and the man smirked at them and repeated.

“I’m Maan Singh Khurana. I want to meet your boss Mr Arnav raizada. Where is his cabin?” He said with a sexy smirk making all girls to point out their fingers absentmindedly towards their boss cabin.

The man shook his head and walked towards the cabin and closed the door behind him with a bang which made everyone to come out of their la la land.

“Oh my God, my heart beat.” Sasha said as she collapsed into her chair along with everyone.

“He is my DD aka my DHAK – DHAK.” Pinky said gasping for air.

“Oh mein marjawa. He is my dreamy dude.” Tasha said dreamily.

“Finally I found my prince charming.” Geet said blushing.

“He is mine.” Sheetal said bringing everyone from their lands.

“No he is mine.” Lavanya said making the rest to fume.

“Hahaha keep dreaming lav. He is so fair and you are too dark. How will he become yours.” Sheetal taunted.

“So what? He has a toned body and I have a toned body unlike you fatso.” Lavanya said to Sheetal.

“Shut up everyone. My name is Sasha and his name is Maan so our names are sounding too good together. So he is mine.” Sasha said proudly making others fume.

“No no no. He is my prince charming. Our names sounds good together not yours. Your both names are sounding like new genetic tested animal.” Pinky blabbered.

“No Maan smiled at me not at you all. So Maan is mine and see how are names sounding. Maan Geet which means Maaneet.” Geet said smiling widely.

“So what Geet. You look ugly besides him. He is too hot to handle and I’m the hottest girl in the office. So he is mine.” Lavanya smirked at everyone’s fallen faces.

“Stop it guys. everyone’s heartbeat increased when we saw him. But did his heartbeat increase looking at us. We must find out yaar.” Sasha announced making everyone to nod their heads.

“But how will we find it. I mean he came to meet our boss so he will go away na after meeting.” Pinky said chewing her lips.

“Idea. We will pray to God to let him stay here or let our boss give him a job in our company.” Geet said innocently to which everyone nodded their heads and closed their eyes to pray except for Sheetal and Lavanya.


“Come on kids open your eyes. Mr sexy smirk left the office long back.” Sheetal said smiling.

“Oh our prayers backfired yaar.” Everyone said with a dull voice.

“I’m leaving the office now.” Geet said and stood up to leave.

Author’s note

Geets character will be similar to me so bear with the craziness.

credit goes to original uploaders. thank you for your comment. 😀 we love to hear from you. stay tuned for more updates. 😀


16 thoughts on “Part 4

  1. Superb update Pearl dear! Geet is really a innocent, crazy and bubbly girl. Oh! So all the girls had gone lattu on Maan Sing Khurana! Okk so Geet’s boss is Arnav?! So he is her Khadoos boss! I loved the chapter dear. Update the next part soon.

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  2. Thanks for PM,Dear.Smile
    It was Amazing Part.Smile
    Maan and his boss Part was so Interesting.Smile
    Geet Part was so Nice.Smile
    The Whole Conversation were so Interesting.Smile
    The Story is getting so Interesting.Smile
    Please Update Next Part soon.Smile
    (MISSING KSG and KABHI So Much)


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