Part 3


“Arnav, look at this! The media revealed about sanam not being our daughter. Uff And look what all rubbish they have written.” I screamed as soon as I saw the newspaper.

“Relax, khushi. Its OK.” Arnav said calmly.

“Relax? Arnav, What if sanam gets to know one day? I am scared? I just don’t want to loose our small world. I can’t bear it.” I said being emotional.

“Nothing will happen like that. And you are too dramatic. Aaj Sunday hai, let’s enjoy.” Arnav said trying to ease my mood.

“I don’t know. You suggest something.” I asked completely forgetting about my tension.

“OK. Lets have a candle light dinner tonight at a hotel. Until then let’s do something else.” Arnav said coming close to me.

“What else? I don’t understand. Arrrrr….” Before I could complete my sentence I am involved in a mind numbing kiss.

Arnav hands started to roam freely on my body while my hands are itching to unbutton his shirt.

“Eager to touch me!?” Arnav spoke panting as we broke the kiss.

Oh so he is teasing me! Let me show how eager I am.

“Come out of your dreams Mr So called Irresistible. And let me show who is eager to touch whom.” Saying it I pushed him to the sofa where he settled himself comfortable waiting for my next move.

I took a tie which was laying on the floor, fortunately and held it behind my form so that he couldn’t see it. I took few measured steps and leaned over him. I traced my fingers on his lips which made him close his eyes automatically.

“Try to free yourself, Arnav.” I purred in his ear.

He opened his eyes startled and looked his sides only to find himself being tied to the sofa which made him immovable.

“What the ***k, khushi untie me now.” He screamed.

“No. Not at all.” I said removing the last piece covering my body.

I leaned again towards him making sure that my body touches his at my every move. I noticed his reaction towards my touch and patted my back mentally.

“Accept it Arnav.” I whispered unbuttoning his shirt.

“What.” He asked confused while panting.

“That you are eager to touch me.” I said discarding the last piece on  his body. 

“Dammit. Untie me first.” He groaned as I sat directly on his part.

“Accept it.” I once again whispered in his ears plastering my bare skin to his.

“Oh! Stop it for God’s sake. He screamed loosening the knots and pinned me under,him in a fraction of second.

“Now it’s interesting. Lets start the game.” He smirked ignoring my pleas and tied me the same way if possible a little tighter.


After spending hours of our challenge in the daylight and that too in the living room he carried me to the shower and we had another session in the bathroom.

“OK. Now stop. We need to go to the hotel.” I said trying to free myself.

“OK.” He freed me from his grip and got readied in minutes.


We both walked into the five star hotel and as usual the paparazzi. After escaping from their questions we seated ourselves on the rich soft red chairs. A menu card was present in front of us on the table.

I held it tight in my palms looking at the price of the items.

“Kya hua? Didn’t you like anything? ” Arnav asked me as I didn’t place an order since five minutes.

“They are too expensive here, right. ” I said biting my lower lip.

“Oh come on.” He took the menu card and ordered the waiter. “Get the costliest thing in your hotel.”

“Sir, its xyz. And it’s 200000/- . Shall I place the order.” Waiter asked us.

“Yes.” Arnav shook his head.

“You know how to impress a woman easily, don’t you? ” I asked as soon as the waiter left the scene.

“As you say. And I guess you are impressed.” Arnav said raising his eyebrows.

“As you see.” I said and we both laughed. I didn’t notice the waiter standing behind me while placing our order on the table and I by accident pushed the plate and drink glass directly fell on me emptying the contents in it.

Holy shit. I was drenched with the most expensive drink. I looked at Arnav expecting to shout at my carelessness but he mouthed “You have to pay for it.”

And I know what he meant. I blushed slightly before clearing my throat.

“I’ll just come back.” I said and headed to the washroom.

I loosened my dress from back and lifted from my ankle till it rested on my bosom.

I stood semi naked with my panties on and body until my bosom bare. I started cleaning myself with the wet tissues and stopped when I heard a masculine voice.


I immediately turned around and saw a handsome yet well built man staring at my bare skin.

I became conscious and covered myself properly.

“Who the hell are you. Don’t you have any manners to enter in Women’s washroom?” I asked rather screamed.

“Cool babe. First of all it’s a common wash room. And secondly you must lock the door and thirdly you must use the private rooms to your left.” He said all the while roaming his eyes over me.

“So what you have commented me delicious.” I still argued knowing that it’s my mistake.

“I am speaking about the juice flowing from your body sweat heart!” He said pointing towards my dress but I clearly understood that he is flirting with me.

“Shut up. I know what you are speaking.” I warned him and left the place while I heard him say “Amazing figure”.

I was about turn back to bash him but stopped as I saw Arnav waiting for me.

Arnav stood up as soon as I stood near him and we both started to leave the place as it’s late. Before exiting the door I turned back to see the man whom I met in the washroom giving a cheque to waiter who accidently spilled the drink.

I felt something fishy, but I ignored to tell Arnav as I didn’t feel important.


GEET ENTRY. Maaneet first meet.

credit goes to original uploaders. thank you for your comment. 😀 we love to hear from you. stay tuned for more updates. 😀


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