Part 2


I stood in front of the holy pyre and sat down when I was instructed by the priest. Arnav was already present and is repeating the words which the priest was saying.  All the while the media was taking snaps of us not paying any heed to the situation we are in.

Asad photo was placed in the center while a Garland was adorned around it. Arnav was being lost for sometime and I immediately pressed his palm with mine gently assuring him that I am always with him. I know he was remembering Asad.

It took an hour or so to complete the anniversary and I was asked to give a interview facing media. This is moment I feared. Am I a celebrity who came to an award function to give a interview. But alas! The interview is much needed one, I am doing this only for Arnav if not for his I would like to hide again without facing the world.

I sat on the royal cushion chair and leaned little back to support myself. The interviewer sat in front of me arranging everything for the interview while giving smiles.

“Good afternoon, madam. Its good to see you after a very long time. How do you feel.” The interviewer asked me.

“Good afternoon! If my husband is not standing beside me than I wouldn’t even come out today.” I said.

“Are you planning for any new projects this year. As far as we know every year on this day you are planning something or the other.” He asked me.

“Yes. This year we are planning to open a engineering college.”

“But why only colleges. Your business is food industry and you are planning only colleges for this occasion every year. Can we know the reason?” He asked politely.

“Actually Asad believes that every person must be educated to grow high in his life. When he was alive he used to concentrate on construction rather than food industry. So….” I trailed off.

“OK. I understand. You had a love marriage with Asad and when he was dead you were newly married. Then how did you easily move on in your life. I mean see you had a child of years with Arnav.” He asked while giving a awkward glance.

How cruel is it going to be. I just wanted to scream at his face but Arnav spoke with his eyes to control. He is giving me support silently. I closed my eyes tightly and opened after few seconds.

“It wasn’t so easy as you are saying. It was the most painful moment in my life. And yes we had a love marriage but may be we are not destined to be together. I was pregnant at the time when Asad was pronounced dead in the car accident. Sanam is Asad and my daughter.

Asad and me are very happy with the news of expecting a baby in our family. He thought of buying something to celebrate this moment and he met with a accident.

I held lifeless Asad in my lap and shouted, pleaded him to come back but he didn’t.” I wiped my tears glancing at Arnav who was also trying hard to stop his tears.

“I felt alone and hollow. I went into depression. Doctors told me that I may suffer a miscarriage if I won’t come out of my shock. And my saviour Arnav entered into the scene.

You won’t believe me, I have never noticed Arnav when I was with Asad. I have seen him for the first time in the hospital when he filled my forehead with vermilion to bring me out of the shock and it really worked.

I started screaming and slapping Arnav for his foolish act for which he maturely handled the situation explaining me about to take care of the baby.

From that moment till now Arnav stood like a pillar to me. Arnav is a fairy tale hero which any girl dreams. I some time feel that I don’t deserve him, but he made understand giving me time to adjust.

Slowly we developed feelings towards each other. May be it’s six months since I accepted his love.” I continued looking lovingly at Arnav.

“And one more thing. Please do not write anything about our baby Sanam. Arnav treats her like his daughter and she doesn’t know about Asad. So please do not write anything about it.” I pleaded them looking tensed.

“OK madam. Did you and Arnav got physical with each other. I mean did you both consummate your marriage.” He asked with a straight face.

I shifted uncomfortably in my seat with this shameless questions.  And again my saviour Arnav came and interrupted asking  them to leave the place and end this interview.

They obeyed him and left the place making me breath. As soon as they left Arnav came to me and enquired whether I am OK. I immediately collapsed into his arms feeling tired.

He kissed my hair and picked me in his arms and tucked me on bed while he slipped beside me lulling me into sleep.

PRECAP: Maan Singh Khurana entry.


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