Part 2

“My name is Geet……Geet Arnav Raizada.” She spoke before closing her eyes due to weakness.


Immediately Maan was beside her holding her arm while Armaan was examining her and injected some medicines.

Both of them came out of the room and went again to the cabin and started speaking.

“So Geet Arnav Raizada.  Hmm what do you think about it?” Armaan asked Maan.

“Hmmm…..Arnav Raizada may be her father or her husband. And she spoke some alien language which means her mother tongue isn’t Hindi or English. As far as I know 99 per cent people will speak in their mother tongue as soon as they wake up.” Maan gave the details.

“Hmmm… what?” Armaan asked.

“What do you mean. She is your patient and you must know.” Maan said coming little forward.


“As I know my patient sorry Geet ‘s health condition she is still weak and she must be given ample of rest. Rest means not sleeping but giving her mind some peace. So…….so will you take her with you.”

“What? Have you lost your mind why must I take her with me.”

“Listen yaar, I have to go to London as mummy papa has arranged my marriage with their relative. I need pick up the bride’s family in London and drop them here in Delhi. So it’ll take nearly a month to come back. And I can’t leave her here in the hospital as her condition is still unimproved.

I can trust you only in this matter and even she is responding to you. So please take her with you.” Armaan pleaded.

“But what will I do with her?”

“Give her time to open up herself. Do not force her to speak. Let her have some break. Thats all.”

“OK. Ill take her with me to my house.” Maan spoke and stood up.


“She is still weak so I have given her some medicines. Now she is sleeping under the effect of medicines. We’ll take her to your home right at this moment.” Armaan spoke standing in geet’s room.

“What? Now. Do you know what time it is? Its already 11 at night. We can take her tomorrow morning.” Maan said.

“No dude we can’t. I have my flight at 4 o’clock in the morning and I don’t want anyone to know about her. First we must get to know her story only than we can show her to the world. Till then let her rest.”

“OK then.”

Armaan disconnected all the machines from her body and Maan took her in his arms and carried her with an ease.

Within few minutes they reached to Maan’s house which was dark without any lights. Armaan asked them to wait and switched all the lights and asked them to come in.


Maan carried Geet in a bridal style looking at her continuously while Geet held his neck even in her unconscious state. Her breath was continuously fanning his neck and chest and he was confused with his restlessness around her.

He unconsciously laid her on his bed while Armaan again arranged all the machines surrounding her.

“Maan, see this if her breathing slows down please use this mask which is attached to the cylinder. And use this medicines when she feels weak. Give her these two tablets as soon as she wakes every time as she is weak and these tablets gives her energy.

Here is the diet chart for her. Here are the medicines for her. Use them as prescribed. OK.” Armaan explained each and everything while Maan heard with a great interest.

“OK yaar it’s already late. I need to go now. Bye. Take care of yours….and hers too.” Armaan spoke hugging Maan.

“I will. OK bye.” Maan said coming out of his hug.

After Armaan leaving his room, he closed the door and switched off the lights and went to his room to sleep. As soon as he was about lie on the bed he saw her sleeping peacefully on his bed.

He moved closer to her and sat on the floor while staring at her angelic face. Geet unconsciously caught his palm and held it tight as if her life depends on him.


Maan with no choice slept on the floor sitting uncomfortably while his palm was under her cheeks and his head was resting on the bed.


Are you all happy? I have made it password free only for you people. So do not forget tell me how the update is, OK. 😀

credit goes to original uploaders. thank you for your comment. 😀 we love to hear from you. stay tuned for more updates. 😀


34 thoughts on “Part 2

  1. You are a worst writer that’s why you are writing on this worst couple. Write something on arshi because only they are the hottest couple and evergreen couple. rest all are dustbins. My advice to you is write on successful couple like arshi not on these waste fellows.

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  2. OMG maaneet under one roof now I’m excited to this update. please update soon. @barunlover you can shut up and get lost from this place If you don’t like this fiction. but never call MAANEET AS DUSTBINS. Because everyone knows who is what.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m sure they will get their much needed quality time lol experience. @barunlover why the hell do you need to interfere in all masters when it’s not related to you huh.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. awesome update. no disturbances for maaneet. hope Geet recover soon. @barun lover you have no right to call this fiction as worst nor maaneet as dustbin because you are a garbage.

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  5. I’m highly offended by the so called barun lover’s comments who has no right to downgrade Maaneet as Arshi is a copycat of our original romantic couple Maaneet. I have watched them both and the fact is that no one can beat Maaneet in their chemistry. Still I wouldn’t call Arshi as dustbins as they are actors and need to be appreciated.
    Coming to the update it was superb. Maan brought Geet to his home and Armaan is away. There is some unknown connection between them which Maan couldn’t understand. Hope Geet recovers soon and the mystery is revealed. Loved it. Pls pm me for the next one.

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  6. Thanks for PM,Dear.
    It was Awesome Part.
    Armaan Part was so Nice.
    The way Maan taking care of Geet,it was so Nice.
    It was so Nice that Maaneet are together.
    The Story is getting so Interesting.
    Please Update Next Part soon.
    (MISSING KSG and KABHI So Much)

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  7. Superb update. The girl told her name as Geet Arnav Raizada. Armaan asked Maan to take Geet to his home as he has to go to London for one month. Maan agreed. Geet is brought to Maan’s house and Armaan arranged all machines and told Maan how to take care of Geet.

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  8. I miss so much,,,hume toh mila he nahi tha PM part 2 ka isiliye lekin aab part 3milte he ,,,I was shocked because I can’t understand anything,,,& now I got Geet is the one who talks with her alian language right☺ waise Armaan kis se shadi kar raha hai ?

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