Ishra FF: FAN Part 7

“I am Raman Kumar bhalla. I was a RKB fan.”

“Was a fan? Aren’t you now his fan? May I know the reason?” Mihir asked kneeling beside Raman.

“I hate you all. You all are monsters. Devils. You have killed an innocent. Chi. I have to go now. I can’t stand a second more here.” Raman said in a go.

“So you have witnessed the murder. But how did you enter this room at first place.” Mihir asked Raman.

“I climbed all the floors to meet my God, sorry the devil. Yes, I have seen everything with my own eyes. Ab kya will you kill me also, huh?” Raman said with a tinge of anger.

“Leave all that, I have seen you lying here two days back. Don’t get surprised, it’s three days since you are in this room. Now the time is 12 o’clock in night. I have gathered all your information so I know much more than you. I have asked you all these questions just to know your character.” Mihir paused.

“I think I can trust you.” He continued.

“But why? Whats the use of collecting my information?” Raman spoke confused.


“I need your help, Raman. WILL YOU ACT LIKE RKB? FOR SOMETIME?” Mihir asked hopefully.

“What? Why must I act like RKB? Aur voh monster kaha gaya? Is he busy killing someone that I must act in his place?” Raman taunted.

“RKB is dead. He was burnt into ashes in the car accident yesterday morning.” Mihir said staring at his fingers. 

“RKB….. RKB dead..? RKB burnt..? Life…breath….pain must be.. crying…. alone again…” Raman uttered some incoherent words.

Mihir tried consoling Raman but he isn’t in the state to listen. He lost his senses hearing his life, his God is no more. Finally Mihir slapped Raman which made him come out of the shock.


“How did this happen? My RKB….. how can he leave me? Oh God RKB is still a young man to take his life. What have you done?” Raman started crying falling on the floor.

This sight of Raman made Mihir also sad but he composed himself as there is no time.

“Raman, now it’s not the time to cry. Understand, please we need your help.”

“What help? I am rea…..” Raman stopped speaking abruptly remembering all the events.

“Let the monster die. I don’t care of him anymore. Let him die. God has done a good thing to kill him. He is a monster. He has killed  innocents.” Raman spoke gritting his teeth ignoring the tears  which are flowing from his eyes.

“Raman, I can understand your feelings. I can’t say anything to you now, all I can say is all that glitters is not gold. I am not saying that RKB is innocent but I’m saying RKB is not a monster. Trust me you don’t know why he has to take such a drastic step.” Mihir explained to Raman keeping his palms on his shoulder.


“If he is not a monster than tell me why did he kill that old man, huh?” Raman questioned.

“I have told you Raman, I can’t say anything to you. Remember that you are just a man from no where. You have no rights to ask about RKB.” Mihir retorted.

“OK fine. I’m going. You people can kill each other and die I don’t care.” Raman took his empty bag and shoved some things and was about to move forward but stopped on his tracks listening to Mihir.

“Then atleast care about the innocent lady, Dream girl, Ms iyer.” Mihir screamed.

Mihir saw Raman who stood rooted on the spot and came forward facing him.

“You hate RKB, it’s OK. But what about Ms iyer. She went to her town as her only relative has died. She still didn’t recover from the sadness, and how can we break the news that her fiance RKB is no more. Try to understand, Raman.” Mihir spoke softly.


“She is so delicate when it’s related to relationships.” Mihir whispered.

Raman closed his eyes feeling helpless. He always used to be excited seeing dream girl and RKB on screen. Now his God was dead and after knowing the news about RKB death she will be devastated. No! He couldn’t loose her too.

If RKB is a monster than what’s wrong with her. She is innocent and why must she pay for RKB sins. I’ll be a protector for her, no matter what happens. A protector and nothing else! Raman thought to himself with a determination and opened his eyes to look at Mihir who is waiting for his answer.

“OK. I’ll act like RKB.” Raman said and Mihir hugged him tightly thanking Raman.


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