Devastated…… shattered soul Part 6

Part 6

Maan was still looking at the way geet was disappeared,but was brought back by a hand on his shoulder.

Sanam who hid behind bushes seeing Arnav  getting beaten up and recruiting by principal,saved herself behind bushes but finding maan there alone she came to flirt with him ,she was totally flat with his physique and his looks,she wants him for herself and being a goody goody she came before him.

Maan jerked her hand from his shoulders and glared at her with a look saying how-dare-you- touch – me one. But sanam showed her teeth faking innocence.


S: thanks for saving my frnd,she is really dumb can’t even oppose Arnav.

Maan who was irked with her presence now boiled hearing her words: is it so..!? Why don’t u raise your voice against Arnav,u too were watching silently,when she was bearing that idiot.

S: woh..mein..woh in order to cover her blunder,she yet again faked caringly..u r hurt,let me see

Before she could touch him,maan took two steps back and held his hand before his eyes with a smile,feeling her touch still with in and afraid to b touched by a creature,he quickly said before leaving.


M: I am ok.

Sanam kept looking at him still he was out of his sight,and silently took a oath to make him fall for her beauty,least she knew he had already fallen for the girl whom he just met and saved.

Maan entered in his class and find his frnd was sulking alone. maan tapped on his shoulder to get his attention.

M: what happened raman,u look upset?

Raman:arey,woh ladki,uss neh dimag kahraab kiya mera?

M: koun!?

R: arey thi koi,jo khudh toofan khi tarah aayi muje takrayi,aur itna,lamba chouda lecture Sunadiya..muje raman bhalla koh lecture diya,uss khi toh mein!!!

M: ladki!? Koun ladki!?

Raman finally looked at maan and noticed his state and questioned about his hand.

R: what happened to your hand!?

Maan narated the whole fiasco still looking at his hand, and her teary eyes kept flashing infront of his eyes making him restless.


raman too noticed his restless whole day and his concentration wavering from the lecturers. Maan didn’t pay any interest in lessons which their professor is teaching. HE tried his level best to bring maan back from his thoughts.

On the other hand ishu scolded geet for her silence,if she had raised her voice against Arnav  from day one he would never dare to act this cheap. she was scolding geet to voice her feelings mayb its discomfort ,anger r pain ,she should give voice to her feelings,if not everyone will take her granted.

Ishu: plz geet,try to defend yourself,god too will help those who will help themselves,s top behaving like a damn shell,its good today a stranger helped you,but not every tym geet.u should help your self,b brave geet,if u still maintain your silence then one day this silence wil ruin your life,voice your thoughts,fight for your safety geet. plZ take care of yourself.” Saying few drops of tears escaped from ishu eyes.


Geet who can bear anything but not her dear ones pain promised to ishu.

Geet:ishu plzz na,dint cry see I am fine,o k Ipromise I wil take care if myself ,but plzz don’t cry.

After consoling both made thier ways to thier class,at the end of the day ishu took geet to her house,knowing none was bothered about geet at home. They spend thier evening doing thuer works and watching thier fav8 shows and discussing about thier day,and ishu narrated to geet how she bumped into a guy while reachingher class and blasted on him,both laughedtill thier stomach hurts with their tales.

finaly geet bid bye to ishu and made her way to home,only to find her mother in hall watching TV and her father was no where in sight. She clearly understood that her mother was yet again angry seeing her changing channels ,knowing another argument on thier way she quickly locked herself in her room even without bothering about her dinner.

she was concentrating on her books ,when she heared her parents argument,she sighed thinking they were again fighting,she had became routine now a days their fight,arguments if she by fault came in her father sight,he will reward her with a punch r slap,and her mother with a look of cold which would make her shiver with her disgust,but now at this age she was normal to all this things.she sometimes wonder how they slept in the same room after this fight,and how come she in this world if they were fighting like this from day one. She never noticed love btn them nor they loved her.

she sighed thinking about love,it was just her darji who loved her she had vague images of him speaking to her while she was a kid.after him none cared about her.


suddenly her memories took her today’s incident and her strange guy thoughts,she felt a sense of protectiveness around him. she slowly dozed off thinking about him.

On the other side maan was watching her handkie which she tied around his hand and with a smile he took her name GEET.

the next few days were asusal for geet but not for maan,he kept on stalking her when ever she was free,from library to canteen,,from ground to her classes he was behind her,t he more he saw her laugh,her pout ,her antics,tge way her hands moved while she was saying something to ishitha,the more he wants to watch her. How many tyms he wished to clear her trendils that disturbed her view,how he wished to ask her not to chewher lips,h oo how he wished!?He only wished not only this ,he wished many more thi ya but refrained himself from nearing her,not that he was afraid but knowing the fact geet never interacted with anyone other than ishitha was keeping him still,what if he extended his hand for frndship but she denied!!?? Her deny was the thing he was afraid to face.


He was still watching her from behind a tree like always,she was smiling with ishitha on something, he kept looking  at her when someone snapped thier fingers before him.



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