Because you are my mirror Part 7

Part 7

“Papa, aap office abhi tak gaye nahi?” Asad enquired to Ram while sitting on the breakfast table.

“No. I want to speak with you.” Ram said looking into his laptop.

[I]Did he got to know about yesterday’s fight.[/I] Asad thought to himself and looked at Priya and Armaan to confirm.

They nodded a no relieving Asad. “Ha papa, you could have woke me up. Whats the need to take leave.”

“As if you will wake up hearing my voice.” Ram said under his breath. “Leave it. Today Armaan and you are going to attend the meeting in my office as I am going to the new branch opening. OK.”

“Kya office? Papa my head is paining. Uff I can’t bear the pain, mumma.” Asad started faking while Priya joined him in order to save from Ram’s anger.

“Enough Priya. You are pampering him so much that he is being a spoiled brat. And you Asad there is no escape for you today. You are attending the meeting along with your brother, And that is final.” Ram said and left the place.

“Uff khadoos kahike. Bhai at least you can say something na.” Asad pouted and started eating his breakfast.

“No Asad. The meeting is very important, we must attend it.” Armaan said with a slight blush remembering Riddhima as she will meet him today.

“Bhai it’s just a meeting! Why are you blushing as if you are meeting your girlfriend, huh?” Asad said with a smirk.

“Uhhh….kuch nahi.” Armaan faked a cough and left the place to get ready.

“Dal mein kuch kala hain.” Asad and Priya said together.


“Are you ready Asad?” Ram said holding a file and laptop bag.

“Ha papa. I’m ready.” Asad said and stood in front of him.

“What the hell! Will you attend the meeting like this. Did you look at your self? Go and Comb your hair, you are not attending a party to have spikes or something. And wear a formal suits not this casuals. Do not forget to tuck your shirt. And remove all the shit from you. Wear only a wrist watch. I’m warning you if you misbehave then you will see the worst side of me.” Ram shouted at Asad and turned towards Armaan and said “Make sure he dresses accordingly.”

As soon as Ram left the scene Asad collapsed in the sofa while Priya started stroking his hair.

“Mumma mujhe office nahi jaana hai. Its so boring.” Asad said.

“No Asad, it isn’t that boring. See papa has been working since twenty five years for this position and you must help him na. I know my shona is the best son anyone can get. Don’t worry the meeting will be too entertaining once my shona enters the scene. OK now go and get ready soon.” Priya consoled him lovingly.


After few minutes

“Oh my God, my shona is looking so handsome. Ek minute ruko tumhara nazar utharthi hoon.” Priya said looking at Asad who got ready for the meeting.

He looked too professional in his three piece black suit. Both Asad and Armaan are looking like a mirror image for the first time except for the smile.

Armaan has a short and brief smile while Asad has a cheeky smile.


“Mumma aap phir shuru kardiya. Its not my bidaai time. Now please stop crying and go and watch Bol bachhan movie. Meeting ke wajah se I’m unable to watch it.” Asad said consoling his mother who got  tears in her eyes looking at her shona attending a meeting for the first time in his life.

“All the best beta.” Priya said and kissed Asad and Armaan forehead.


Asad and Armaan together entered the conference hall making the members to stand up in respect. They gave a nod asking them to take their seats.

The hall is too big that it takes ten minutes to take a round along the room. In the centre there laid a long table with 30 to 40 chairs on the either sides.

Asad and Armaan took their chairs facing everyone.

“Good morning everyone, I feel honoured sitting here. And thank you for it. So let’s start the meeting.” Armaan gave a brief nod to start the meeting.

“Sir what do you think about the investment in new project. We are investing double the amounts till now. I don’t think it’ll work.” Said one member.

[I]Of course. Even I think it won’t work.[/I] Asad thought to himself.

“No sir, it will work. See RM Groups is famous for food industry and people are so habituated to buy in RM Groups Food products so it’ll be a sure success.” Another member said.

[I]Oh Teri! Kya baat hain. Problem solved.[/I] Asad thought.

“So what, it is not needed to invest double amount in this project. What if people will stop trusting our products.” Another member argued.

And this arguments continued to three hours making difficult for Asad to come to a conclusion. He saw another member getting ready to speak so he stood up banging his fist on the table making everyone to jump from their seats.

“Chup kar. You people are not solving the problem instead you are making it more twisted. Listen to my final decision clearly, invest half amount from the project and take loan for the other half. If we are  successful then we can get triple Amount and If we aren’t no problem as we can pay the loan from the profits of other branches. Got it.”

Asad said and left the room while all the members agreed to this. And Armaan started looking at files of some of their branches.


Asad came and stood facing the entrance gate. He saw a girl smiling at him while struggling to free herself from the grip of the security guards. She started signalling him to come towards her.

Frowning at her he came and stood there while she still was smiling at him.

“Dekho beta, yeh bure log mujhe andhar Jane nahi de raha hai. Tell them to leave me and I’ll give a Chocolate. You know na what’s chocolate?” She said smiling at him.

[I]Oh so sad. She became mad at this young age. Please God recover her soon.[/I] Asad thought her as a mad girl as she was continuously speaking with him as if she knew him.

“Yeh log bure nahi aunty, andhar aur bhi bure log hain. Aap voh chocolate khaake yaha se chali jaayiye. OK.” Asad said mimicking her.

[I]Why is he behaving like this. He asked me to meet today and now he is speaking like this. Oh may be his father is here and he got scared.[/I] She thought to herself.

“No beta don’t call me aunty call me Riddhima. And you eat this chocolate and let me go inside.” She tried again.

“Please ji. Try to understand this place is not for you. Go.” Asad said.

“Tum paagal ho gaye ho Kya. Tumne mujhe yaha aane ke liya kaha aur ab mere insult kar rahe ho badtameez.” She shouted.

“What main badtameez? Tum paagal ho jhalli. Arrey I’m pitying you for your crack brain and you are scolding me. Now I’m saying “aunty” get lost from here or else I’ll kill you.” Asad screamed at her and turned to the security guards and said “make sure she leaves the place.”


“Besharam, samjhate kya tum apne aapko. Arrey leave me.” Riddhima started screaming at Asad and the security guards but Asad paid no heed to her and went inside.

As soon as security guards left her she ran towards the backyard and started climbing the water pipe to enter the building without anyone’s notice.

As she reached some distance she tried opening the window and it was successful after many attempts. She held the window pane and slowly entered a dark room.

As it was dark she couldn’t see anything and stumbled few steps. Before she could touch the floor hurting herself a strong pair of muscular arms caught her in time.

Riddhima slowly opened her eyes not feeling any pain only to feel warm eyes staring her.


“One minute.” She heard the husky voice and saw him moving to the switch board to switch on the lights.

Armaan turned back to see Riddhima gaping at him and said “Why are you entering the office like this? You could have entered from the main gate.”

His words made her to fume even more. She took large steps and held his shirt roughly in her arms making him surprise by her act.

“Tum badi shatir samaj rahe ho na. And how dare you act innocent huh.”

“Arrey ji, what are you doing. Speak softly. And I’m waiting for your arrival only.” He blushed at the last word.

“Shut up. Dramebaaz. I’ll take the interview at any cost.” Saying that stormed away from the room and searched for Ram’s room. She entered the room and closed the door on Armaan’s face.

“Ouch” Armaan rubbed his nose with pain. He left the place to keep a cooling pad to sooth his pain.

As soon as Riddhima entered the room she started roaming each and every corner of the cabin. She took photograph of every nook and corner with her camera.

Though she came here to interview RAM not finding him here she started using her crazy brain.


“Who the hell are you? And what are you doing here.” Ram said and pulled the files from her hands.

“I’m Riddhima. I came to interview you sir.” Riddhima said with a smile.

“Security! Security!” Ram screamed loudly.

Hearing RAM voice Asad came running along with the security.

“Remove this girl from my office. And how did you let her in without my permission.” Ram screamed.

“Oh hello ji, your son gave permission to meet you.” She said fully confident.

“Oye aunty, are you mad. I told you to leave this place why are you using my name.” Asad questioned her. “Security take her from here.”


“Joothe. Main tumhe jeena nahi denge. Maar dalungi tumhe.” She warned dramatically thinking him to be Armaan.


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