Betrayal…… whom part 13

Part 13

“Hello Dev Kiloskar. I am anurag Malik.” Maan’s bade mama Introduced himself to the lookalike.

“who are you. why did you bring us here. leave us.”  dev tried to free himself from the men who are pointing gun towards them.

“relax dev. I am not going to harm you. Indeed a small help from you.” bade mama said confusing dev.

“help from me? what help do you want.”

“I will explain you.” bade mama said and took out a photo from his pocket and showed It to them.

“do you know who he Is. he Is one of the richest business tycoon In  the world.”

“omg dev’ yeh ladka toh tumhara humshakal hain.” lucky said gaping.

“yes. Its a coincidence that you and this man are lookalike.” bade mama said .

“but who Is he and how Is he related to you” dev asked him.

“he Is Maan Singh Khurana, and I am Maan’s bade mama.” he sighed. ” you have to act as Maan as you are a lookalike.”

“why must I act. where Is Maan Singh Khurana.” dev asked.

“Maan Singh Khurana Is dead.” bade mama said In a whisper “And I am scared that police will arrest me thinking me as a culprit.”

“sorry. I did not understand what you are saying. please elaborate.” dev, lucky and Geet said together.

“ok. Maan was missing for some days and the private detectives started searching for him. they came to our house for enquiry, but that khadoos Maan’s chote mama trapped me. he accused me of kidnapping Maan. In order to escape from them I sneaked out from the window and I am staying here In this jungle. Now everyone are thinking Its me who have kidnapped Maan.” bade mama explained.

“that’s why I want you to act like Maan and save me. I cant live In this hideout anymore.”

“what Is the proof that you are Innocent. who knows you killed Maan and staying here In this hideout.” Geet asked craftily.

“what will I get If I kill Maan. Arrey Maan Is my golden hen, he earns a lot and I can easily eat his money without working. Now I need money to live. If Ill go to khurana house they will send me to jail. that’s why you act like Maan and tell everyone that I took good care of you. ok.” bade mama replied.

“but what If the original Maan comes back when I am In your house acting” dev asked after thinking.

“how will he come he Is dead na.” bade mama said.

“you said In order to escape from the kidnap blame you have escaped from the place. then how can you say he Is dead.” dev questioned him.

“If he Is alive then he would have returned to his home as his mother got a heart stroke listening to the news of his kidnap. Maan loves his family so much than his life, he did not come means he Is dead. Its more than a year since he went missing. so there Is no chance of him to return. I am sure he must have been dead.” bade mama answered.

“do you think he Is murdered or had an accidental death. Because I cant risk my aloo pooris life.” Geet said pointing towards dev.

“who knows what happened to him. but you don’t worry dev will be safe. I promise.” he promised to Geet.

“who wants your promise. dev come we will go from here.” Geet said and stood up to go from this place but the men surrounding them didn’t budge to give space.

” dekho If you agree with my deal then I will give you ten lakhs and If you try to act smart then Ill make sure you will suffer too much. anyways your father doesn’t like dev so my work will be too easy.” bade mama threatened Geet.

“you … dare you.” Geet couldn’t form her words to bash bade mama.

“ok. I agree for the deal. but I want the TEN LAKHS NOW.”dev said stressing ten lakhs.

“what. I will give the money once you enter the house as Maan Singh Khurana. for now I don’t have a penny In my hands. I brought a suitcase of money before escaping and I gave It to ashok handa as soon as I saw you In the newspaper.” bade mama raised his hands In helplessness.

“ok. I agree to the deal. when will we start the plan.” dev said putting full stop to the conversation.

“day after tomorow.” bade mama said feeling happy.

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