Milke bhi hum na mile tumse na jaane kyun


Part 1

A doctor in his late twenties is examining a patient who is lying immobile while the doctor is glancing continuously at the door waiting for some one. The silence in the room was disturbed by a soft knock followed by a hospital staff entering the room.

“Sir, Mr Maan Singh khurana has arrived and is waiting for you in your chamber.” She said with a polite tone.

“Uh…ya. OK. I am coming. Stand here and inform me if you see any changes with the patient.” The doctor said and hurried to his cabin.

A well built man around the age of the doctor was sitting on the chair while his brows were scrunched thinking deeply.


“Hey, MAAN. Hope I didn’t make you wait for long!” The doctor said removing his coat and sat on a chair facing MAAN.

“No Armaan, I am OK. But why did you call me at this time. Is Everything OK.”Maan spoke in his husky voice while showing concern.

“Ummm…..I need to speak something Very Important with you Maan. I hope you have some time for it.” Armaan asked with hope.

“Yes carry on. You are making me restless so come to point.” MAAN said impatiently.

Taking a deep breath the Dr Armaan came forward to meet Maan ‘s eyes and started speaking.

“Its a different case Maan. A very unique indeed. Five years back, I went to the graveyard along with my team for a research on human skeleton. I was young and junior doctor then so with a curiosity I have gone deep inside the area that I have missed the way. Luckily I had a phone with me then, so I called my parents and informed them to pick me up. Meanwhile, I was pacing here and there and found something shining.” He paused.


“It was a chain with the locket, letter “G” engraved in it. There was a coffin box dated some 1900’s near it. I thought it must be some old coffin and the chain must be belonging to some passer by there. Then I saw a fresh piece of cloth struck between the coffin box.

If the coffin belongs to some 1900th year then why is the cloth inside till fresh. I questioned myself and opened the box. You see I was a curious young man that time. What I saw made me shocked.” He took a long deep breath before continuing.

“There was a girl in her early twenties inside the coffin box with her legs, hands tied up and mouth is plastered with a tape. She is was breathing low which then I realized the girl inside is alive. I brought her out and untied her and laid her on the floor.

With the help of my parents I admitted her in our hospital so that no one will come to know about her.” Armaan said looking at his fingers.

“And why didn’t you want anyone to know about her.” Maan asked rising his eyebrows.

“She has many cut marks on her body. She was buried Alive and on top of it she was tied and plastered so that world will not know about her. If we let anyone know about her, she might be in danger.” Armaan explained.

“So what can I do for you?” Maan asked in a straight point.

“I just want you to get the details of her secretly. And as a Detective you can easily do this work. I’m confident about that.” He said with a smile.

“OK. Whats her name. Any details?” Maan asked.

“Nothing yaar. She is in a coma since the time we have brought her here. Its been five years and there is no improvement. I think she may leave her breath at any moment as she is not responding to anything not even to any medicines.” Armaan spoke again.

“What? You have nothing to say. And on top of it you are saying that she is in coma stage. Be practical, how can I get any information about her.” Maan spoke annoying.

“That’s the problem. I still have the chain which I found near the coffin. But I am not sure if it’s hers or not.” Armaan said relaxing on his chair.

“OK. I’ll try my best. Can I at least see the patient.”Maan asked.

“Yes. You can. Come this is the way.” Armaan said while standing up and directing him towards the patients room.

Armaan brought Maan to the same room where he was previously standing before Maan entered the scene.


As soon as Maan saw the patient his heart quickened for no reason. In order to calm his heart beats he raised his right hand to his heart but in the middle he brushed his fingers on her finger tips and she made a slight movement in her fingers.

Armaan checked the ECG machine which showed a positive response of her heart beats. She is breathing normally and her body started giving slight movements.

“OMG Maan, I can’t believe this. Its a Miracle yaar. She has respond to your touch man. Please speak to her and try waking her up. Ill be checking the machines to control the breath rate.” Armaan said checking the machines surrounded by the patient.

“What? With which name must I call her. Has he gone mad. And damn! Why is my heart beating too fast. ” Maan thought to himself.

He didn’t know how to call her so he touched her palm which was too delicate in his strong palms.

She clutched his palms tightly and started breathing heavily when Maan tried to free himself from her hold. In order to calm her he kept his other hand on her cheeks cupping them gently and said “Shh! Its OK. I am here, calm down.”


Maan even didn’t know why the hell did he spoke those words but his thoughts were interrupted as he met a worlds beautiful deep eyes staring straight at his warm chocolate brown eyes.

Maan forgot to breath seeing her eyes until he heard his friend, Armaan voice.

“We have done it. Yurekha. She got her consciousness.”

“Umm…..yeah. Whats your name? And who are you? Why are you tied up? Are you being chased by anyone? Are you……… “Maan started interrogating her without giving any break.

“Maan please calm down yaar. Ask slowly.” Armaan advised him.

But before Maan could speak they heard a alien words in weak yet melodious voice.

“Meeru evaru. Nenu ekkada unnanu. ” she spoke while lying down staring straight into Maan’s eyes.

“Maan what did she speak now. Is a human or some alien creature woke from sleep.” Armaan spoke not understanding what the woman is saying.

“Shut up yaar. May be it’s her mother tongue. And I guess she is asking the same routine questions. Who am I? What am I doing here? Who are you all? Etc etc. So leave it. Now she has woken up so you ask everything from this question bank.” Maan said to Armaan.

“I have good knowledge of English.” She spoke in her low voice.

“Very good now dear. Are you feeling any pain.” Armaan spoke with her in English.

“Hmmmm……my whole body.” She spoke with difficulty.

“It happens as you are sleeping for a very long time. OK what’s your name. Tell me only if you remember do not stress your self much. OK.” Armaan spoke in a very calm voice.

She stared for few minutes into the blank space and said “My name is Geet……Geet Arnav Raizada.” AndΒ  closed her eyes due to weakness.


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85 thoughts on “Milke bhi hum na mile tumse na jaane kyun

  1. Yippeee me first. Actually im stalking your blog since many days. The update is awesome. I want to read more of this, i have already liked your page. And pakka ill comment regularly

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  2. Wonderful update. Geet was found alive in a coffin in a graveyard by Arman and brought her to his hospital. After remaining in coma for five years she woke up in the presence of Maan. When questioned she said her name is Geet ASR. Maan is affected by her. Seems mysterious and intriguing. Love to follow this story. I have already liked your page.

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  3. Geet Arnav Raizada.. that’s interesting.. what was she doing in the coffin and who have tied her there??? well many questions.. do continue soon.. loved the start.. best wishes and happy writing Milke Bhi Hum Na Mile Tumse Na Jaane Kyun πŸ™‚

    thanks for pm ❀

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  4. Awsm start!!
    Loved it
    Armaan found Geet in a coffine box
    She was buried alive
    Armaan called maan to find out where abouts abt Geet
    Geet came to consciousness by maan’s presence and touch
    She said her name is Geet arnav Raizada!!
    Is she married!!?
    What happened to her!!? That she ended up in a coffine box
    Looking forward to the story!!
    Have liked ur FB page
    Waiting for the next update
    Thank you for pm!! ☺

    IF username anu5
    FB user name siyamoorthy

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  5. This is a fantastic start as here we got maan n armaan together. Geet’s state is not fine but something is strange as just by touch of maan she came out from five years long coma state. Now new shock she is geet arnav singh raijada. So it is going to be mystry full thriller. Waiting for next part.

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  6. Awesome update. Five years back Armaan found Geet in a very miserable condition tied and put into a coffin deep inside the jungle. With the help of his parents he admitted her in his own hospital. She is not responding to any medicine. He called his friend Maan who is a detective to know about her. Armaan has no knowledge about her not even her name. Only thing he has of her is her locket in which G is engraved. Maan is confused how to search about her. He asked Armaan at least let him see her. When he came to her room, he by accident touched her. She responded to his touch. Soon she opened her eyes. Armaan is shocked as she woke up after five years. Maan asked her her name. She answered she is Geet Arnav Raizada.
    Thanks for pm.
    Waiting for next update.

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  7. Amazing Start
    Armaan found a girl in coffin in graveyard 5 years back and a chain with letter G lockect, Armaan told Maan that he found a fresh piece of cloth near coffin and the date mentioned was 1900 near about, OMG!!!!! that is so mysterious, With Maan,s one touch she came out of coma and Maan got attracted towards her eyes, she said her name Geet ASR , eagerly waiting for next what Geet will tell more about her

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  8. nice story
    Armaan found geet graveyard tied up in coffin box she was breathing very slowly having cuts on hr body
    Armaan called Maan as he is detective to get info about hr but wen Maan touched hr she opened hr eyes and spoke in language which aliens fr them than she told she knows English very well and told them about hr

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  9. wow yr
    dats really interesting
    geet was in coma since 5 yrs
    maan touch have magic kya? She got up
    and wat geet arnv raijada is married n arnav tried to kill her by burrying her im dat coffin many confusions
    already liked ur fb page
    add me to ur pm list plz..

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