Ishra FF: Fan. Part 7

Part 7

Raman woke up with a jerk and squinted his eyes to figure out where he was. Suddenly all the previous day events came in his mind.

He took a long deep breath remembering the man being killed on the orders of RKB. Rubbing his face with his palms he stood up on his feet to move from this place.

He stumbled few steps as he was feeling weak. His stomach started making grumbling sounds indicating he was too hungry.

Being a dark room he couldn’t see anything apart from hearing his own breath. He traced the walls with his fingers to find any windows or doors. Unfortunately he found nothing like that except the smooth walls and curtains.

Raman wanted to leave this place as early as possible. He couldn’t stand this place where his God, his life, his role model was nothing but a monster.

“Open the door. I said open the door. Any one there. Please open the door.” Raman started banging the door screaming on top of his voice.

He knew if someone opens the door he will be at great risk. But he needs to get out of this place at any cost. He doesn’t even know the time is day or night.

Even after few hours of screaming no one opened the door. He sighed sadly and threw his bag on the floor. Running his fingers in his hair he sat on the floor.

He opened his bag and saw all the gifts greetings for RKB are lying. He wished to give RKB all these things.

His day used to start with RKB and  ends with RKB. But now he saw the real face. Raman has been thinking his entire life how he will speak in front of RKB, how he will behave in front of him. But now it’s no use. He is a monster.

“I HATE YOU RKB. YOU ARE A DEVIL, MONSTER.” Raman screamed to the empty space.

He threw all the gifts from his bag which were now scattered across every corner of the room. This again made him mad as he was seeing RKB everywhere.

“Why am I not able to hate you. Why? Why did you enter into my life when you are meant to destroy my dreams. Why am I still loving you. Why RKB? I called myself as Jr RKB, then why did you turn out to be the monster? Please show me a way! I have no one except you.” Raman cried painfully.

He found a chocolate packet near his bag. It was given by his neighbour to gift it to RKB. He tore the packet and started eating it. After finishing the entire packet his hunger satisfied. Now he got his energy.

Without thinking twice he blurted out “Thank you RKB”. He smiled sadly.

Suddenly someone opened the door startling him. Raman closed his eyes with his palm blocking light. The person who opened the door closed it again making the room dark again.

The person came forward and took out a battery lamp and lit it. Now Raman could see everything in this room.

The room was painted in black, there is rich black cushion chair on the corner and a small table where the battery lamp is now resting.

The unknown person stood in front of Raman and said “I am Mihir Arora. RKB ‘s assistant. Who are you? ”

Raman craned his neck to look at Mihir Arora and said “I am Raman Kumar bhalla. I WAS A RKB FAN.”


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