Ishra FF: Fan. Part 6

Part 6

Raman was still sleeping in the dark room. It is already ten o’clock in the morning but as he was sleeping in a dark room it didn’t show any difference from yesterday to today.


As RKB ordered the man was killed and thrown into a deserted area. But the place no more seemed deserted as the media surrounded the lifeless body and started clicking photos.

REPORTER 1: “As you all are seeing this person has been killed in most horrible way. His face has been damaged so we couldn’t identify him. Who is he? Why has he been killed? For more updates stay tuned to our channel.”

REPORTER 2: “Breaking news! We found a chain in the victim hand. It has RKB Locket. Is it related to The Superstar RKB? Stay tuned.”

REPORTER 3:  “Shocking news. Our source informed that the victim has met the superstar RKB few days back. Is really the superstar back of this issue.”

REPORTER 10: “Bulletin update! Is it a suicide or murder.? Is RKB the murderer? Or…….”

Media started reporting whatever their creative mind came up with. Police department informed that the case is in enquiry stage.

This news has started circulating everywhere. Why not? Its a hot topic for everyone. The superstar RKB involved in a crime.


The news even reached in RKB house. RKB is sitting on his royal dining chair and having his breakfast. He stirred his drink with the rich silver spoon and sipped it.

He stopped having his breakfast as he heard his name attached with a crime scene and concentrated on the news channel displaying on his huge LCD HDTV.

Being a man of few words none can say what he is thinking right now. As soon as the screen zoomed over the lifeless body and RKB chain he screamed loudly.

“Mihir! What the hell was that? How the hell my chain reached there?”

Mihir stepped forward shrugging his strong shoulders indicating he doesn’t have any idea about it.

RKB threw the drink glass which he was previously sipping on the HDTV making the drink spill over the screen and floor.

The drink glass also couldn’t stop the TVs voice and it made furious to RKB. RKB stomped his foot on the glass pieces which pierced his foot even through his thick boots but he didn’t care. He grabbed his car keys and held the key in such a way that the metal dug into his palm.

He started driving his car in a high speed on a lonely road. Though his eyes are focussed on the road his mind is busy thinking something else.

After few minutes of driving his nerves calmed down little bit so he thought of taking a u turn. But the car has gone out of control.

RKB tried to apply the brakes but nothing worked. And when he saw in his front there is nothing but a huge rocks. He tried opening the car doors but they are jammed. Within seconds his car dashed into the rocks following a blast sound.

“RKB” Mihir screamed seeing the scene in front of him. He followed RKB as he was driving insanely and he was not in his mind. When he reached he saw RKB trying to open the car doors and finally burning in the car.

Mihir fell on his knees and started crying.


credit goes to original uploaders. thank you for your comment. 😀 we love to hear from you. stay tuned for more updates. 😀


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