Ishra FF: FAN. Part 5

Part 5


Raman stood in front of RKB house waiting to meet RKB.

He reached Delhi at early hours of morning. He brushed his teeth and wore some decent looking clothes in the railway station restroom.

He is so eager to meet his God that he ignored his breakfast. After getting refreshed, he straight away took a auto to RKB HOUSE.

It’s been 5 hours, Raman was still standing in front of RKB HOUSE. He showed his appointment letter to the watchmen and the bodyguards but they didn’t allow him to meet RKB instead they asked Raman to stand outside the gate.

There are nearly 100’s of people in front of RKB HOUSE waiting for him like Raman. Each and everyone are the winners of the contest from different cities and all are die hard fans of RKB.

None of them wanted to miss the chance to look at their superstar even if it means a small glance.

People started pushing each other to have a glimpse of RKB as soon as RKB waved his hand to the crowd. Raman tried to look at him but he couldn’t do due to the huge crowd.

He screamed RKB ‘s name many times but Alas! Due to the heavy crowd his voice couldn’t reach RKB.

Within few minutes RKB went inside blowing a last final kiss to his fans. Even though it’s been hours RKB left the place people didn’t move instead started taking selfies  in front of RKB HOUSE.

They started moving from the place as the bodyguards started hitting them to leave the place.

Raman felt really bad as he didn’t get a chance to see RKB leave meeting him. He dreamt of many things with RKB but all his dreams got broken.

He need to meet RKB. He has been dreaming for this day and he couldn’t see it destroying in front of his eyes.

He turned to his left and saw the watchmen and bodyguards are busy with the crowd. Raman took this as a chance and slipped from the crowd and took a half round of the building.

There is a strong pipe attached to the wall of the building. The pipe was elongated till the terrace of house. Raman first tested the strength of the pipe by hanging when he was sure about it he started climbing without anyone’s notice.

On the eighth floor the window door was opened and Raman sneaked into the room without making any noise. Raman looked here and there for a way to meet RKB.

The room was very big, in fact it’s too huge like a single room looked like a bungalow. From the window Raman straight away landed on the softest bed which smelled of jasmine. It looked too girly. Though the room is painted dark the decorations were bright and girly.

He stood up from the bed and saw Goddess Durga Mata idol.

“Why didn’t anyone lit up the lamp near the idol.” Raman said to himself and lit the diya. Now the place looked heavenly.

May it’s a good sign in his life or a bad one only God can decide.

He saw the door of the room and slightly  opened it only to witness some men in black suits and guns following RKB.

Raman smiled happily seeing RKB this close. He silently followed them and sneaked behind the curtain of the dark room where RKB stood surrounded by those men.

There is a man tied to the chair and RKB is staring at him intently.

“Why didn’t you stop it?” RKB asked in a husky voice which made every person shiver with his cold tone.

“Chote Saab, believe me I was helpless. Trust me. You have misunderstood everything. Please listen to me. Only I know the truth and you please listen to me without jumping into any conclusion.” The man begged RKB with much difficulty as his mouth is bleeding due to the slaps given by RKB men earlier.

Without hearing anything further from the man RKB marched away from the room and his men followed him while two of his men stood beside the bleeding man.

After few seconds the men who followed RKB came back and said with a authoritative voice.

“RKB sir ordered to cut this man’s face into pieces so that none can identify him, remove his ribs from his body and kill him in the worst possible way and leave his dead body in a deserted area. OK.”

Four men came forward and started beating him with a hammer on his face giving a deaf ear to his pleas and painful screams.

  Though they felt pity for the man who is about to be killed but they can do nothing other than obeying their boss RKB words or else they have to face the worst.

After killing him in a most painful method they packed him in plastic wrap and picked him to leave this dead body in a deserted area. By now it’s already night which made their work easy.
Remaining members cleaned the floor erasing all the traces.

Raman closed his mouth with his palm to stop his screams. It was a really horrifying sight seeing a person being murdered in front of his eyes that too instructed by RKB, his God.

He fell on his knees and few tears escaped from his eyes. He cuddled  with his knees bringing close to his chest. His bag is still hanging on his back but he didn’t care to remove it.

He never expected this scene in front of his eyes. Today’s events made him too weak to move his finger and on top of it he didn’t eat anything since morning. Before fainting in the dark room he whispered RKB ‘s name.


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