Ishra FF: FAN. Part 4

Raman started packing his luggage and the principal also was helping him. He packed all the RKB photos, video CDs, greeting cards etc which were filled in his room.

“Raman, did you take your tickets for the travel. “Principal asked him.

“Ha sir, I kept them in my pockets. And do not forgot to take your medicines after your lunch. I will be back very soon and if I find that you are not taking the medicines than you have to face an angry young man. OK.” Raman said the principal.

“Ha Ha OK. Now hurry up we are getting late. We have to catch the train.”the principal hurried him.

All the way everyone greeted them and gave their gifts to give them to RKB. The whole town is a fan of RKB but not more than Raman. 


Raman and the principal reached the railway station and started searching the train platform number in the list. As soon as they saw the platform number they made a run for it.

Raman seated himself on the window side seat comfortable and locked his luggage to the seat. He peeped to the window and spoke with the principal until the train started to move. They both bid an emotional bye to each other.

As the train started moving Raman saw around himself and noticed that there is a family sitting beside him. A father, mother and their two little children.  A family which he always dreamed.

He spoke sometime with them until it is night. He had a great time with them. He was about to sleep but the baby cry stopped him. Everyone tried a lot to calm the baby down but it didn’t.

Lo Lo Lo……. laali……Lo Lo laali…..Lo Lo Lo laali……. laali laali…….Lo Lo Lo laali……

The baby’s mother sang a song from RKB movie making Raman feel happy and calm the baby. It worked.

Raman turned to his left and saw RKB new movie poster from the window. He again saw inside the compartment where the father is picking his son and put him in the seat. It reminded him of RKB.

He is seeing only RKB where ever he is seeing. Everything reminds him of RKB. RKB is like a sweet poison for Raman.

Ta ta ta ta……ta ta ta….

follow karoon twitter pe tag karoon facebook pe tere quiz mein google ko beat kar diya (I follow you on TwitterI tag you on Facebook,I have beaten Google on your quiz.)

.mirror mein tu dikhta hai neend mein tu Tikta hai tere madness ne mujhe dheeTh kar diya (I see you in the mirror,You are there in my sleep,your madness has made me insolent.)

He started singing and everyone turned to wards him.

tu hai sodde ke botal main banTa teramain to handle karoonhar TanTa teramere dil ke mobile ka tu unlimited plan ho gaya (you are a soda bottle and I am your cap,I’ll handle every problem related to have become the unlimited plan of myheart’s mobile..)

main tera haaye re jabrahoye re jabra fan ho gayamain tera haaye re jabrahoye re jabra fan ho gayao tujhe dekhte hi dil mein Dhan Te nan ho gaya (I’ve becomeyour big, crazy soon as I saw you,there was a music in my heart..)

He smiled remembering his moments with RKB movies and sang again.

maine tujhpe, kari Ph.D.mera luck mera haq, tu hi only wajahmain to sachchi, ho jaaun touchykoi tere jo baare mein bole bura (I’ve done a Ph.D. on youyou are my luck, my right, my only reason (to live).I really get touchyif someone talks bad things about you.)

tera yaar haayemujhko bukhar haayejaane saari colony maintere liye insane ho gayaI have your fever, (O dear..The entire colony knowsthat I have gone insane for you..)

By now everyone joined him and sang in chorus.

main tera haaye re jabrahoye re jabra fan ho gayaO tujhe dekhte hi dil mein dhan te nan ho gayamain tera haaye re jabrahoye re jabra fan ho gaya

style tera phaTTe haitujhpe khele saTTe haintujhse hi wifi connection juDaayour style is superb,I have betted on you, (I’m connected to you via wi-fi)

.tere tak jo aati hainlinein saari Taapi hainkoi kitna bhi roke, main to na rukatune jo jo kaha, maine ditto kiya (all the lines that come to youI have hacked into them,however much someone tried to stop me, Ididn’t stop. whatever you said, I did the same.)

He stood up and went near the compartment door and bent down and again stood up.

kabhi jeb mein rakha kabhi dil pe liyateri aankhon ki garmi meinsar se, per tak, Tan ho gaya (kept you in the pocket sometimesand kept you in my heart the heat of your eyes,I got tanned from head to toe.)

Finally everyone applauded him and appreciated his skills and looks. Everyone retired to their respective berths and slept.

main teraoh tera, oh terafan ho gaya..main tera haaye re jabra hoye re jabra fan ho gayao tujhe dekhte hi dil mein Dhan Te nan ho gayamain tera haaye re jabra hoye re jabra fan ho gaya

Raman slept with a smile on his face dreaming about tomorrow. Him meeting RKB is finally happening.


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