Ishra FF: FAN. Part 3

Part 3

“So what is the moral of this story?” Asked Raman to his students in the class.

Everyone replied the answer in a union ” As God can’t come to everyone’s homes he created parents. And we must not hurt our parents”

“Very good children. Now who will tell me a rhyme. Voh Kya hain ki I forgot. ” Raman pretended as if he forgot holding his head.

“I will say!” 

“Sir, me.”

“I know sir”

Every student started screaming.

“Okay. One by one will say. Start from first bench.” Raman pointed to the first bench.

A boy stood up and folded his arms before telling the rhyme. “Twinkle twinkle little staar… how I wonder what you aaaare……up above the world so haaaigh………like a diamond in the skyyyyy…….” he completed the rhyme pointing to the sky.

“Wah Wah. Very good Aditya. Keep it up. Now here this star is for you “said Raman and drew a star on the little boy’s palm with a marker. 
“Now kavya you are next. Come on stand up and tell a rhyme ”

“Rain rain come again …….come again another dayyyy………little kavya wants to play……..rain rain come again…….” kavya completed the rhyme squealing with joy.

“Very good. Now this star is for kavya” all the kids bent over to see the star.

“Hmmm…now everyone finished telling rhymes. Thank you. Now I remembered the rhymes.” Said Raman smiling.

Tring… Tring…. Tring….. Tring…..Tring…

The bell rang. All the students stood up to go. Raman started packing everyone’s bags neatly and made them stand in a queue. He walked along with them till the gate and waited until the last kid boarded the bus.

Waving everyone a bye he came back to the school and headed towards the principal office.

“May I come in Sir? ” asked Raman while peeping into the office.

“How many times I told you Raman. You need not ask permission to enter into my chamber. Just barge in.” Said the principal while putting away all the papers he is working.

“But sorry Sir.  I’ll try to do it next time.” Raman said smiling sheepishly.

“Okay. Are you leaving to home?” Asked the principal.

“Yes, Sir. I came here to say bye. And don’t forget to take your medicines after having your lunch. OK.” Said Raman.

“Ha baba. I will take my medicines. Ummm… I have a surprise for you. Can you guess what it is. ”

“Surprise! What surprise Sir. Please tell me soon. Please please.” Pleaded Raman like a impatient kid.

“You see it for yourself.” Said the principal as he handed over a white envelope to Raman.

Raman took the envelope from his hands immediately and principal chuckled seeing his excitement.

Raman opened the envelope and pulled out the paper from it and began to read it.

After reading every line Raman’s eyes are going wide with disbelief. He froze.

“Ab bas bhi kar. Your eyes are going to fall down from your sockets” said the principal laughing at Raman ‘s expression.

This made Raman to land on the earth. He was smiling like a mad.

“Sir. Did you see. Oh my God. I got selected to the contest. OMG. The contest is tomorrow. Yaaaay. I am so happy. Thank you so much Sir. ”

“Chal na. Now go home soon and prepare for the contest Jr RKB.” the principal wontedly called him JR RKB. And Raman started blushing.


“Welcome to Jo Jeeta Voh Hero Contest, Mr Bhalla, Mr Singh, Mr khurana, Mr Michael. Only you four people are selected from hoshiyaarpur. Now you must win this contest to meet RKB. Remember only one lucky person gets a chance to win this contest. So let’s begin the game. If you know the correct answer just press the buzzer. OK” said the person who will question the contestants.

“First question. A very easy one for fans like you. The one who answers correctly gets the point. ”

“Question 1 — In how many films did superstar RKB act?”

All the five pressed the buzzer. Every one knew answer to this question.

“OK first Mr Michael, then everyone  please tell the answer one after other  ”

Mr Michael:  it’s 146 movies.

Mr khurana: it’s 147 movies along with the ongoing movie premika which is going to be released tomorrow.

Mr Singh: it’s 147 movies.

Mr Bhalla: it’s 198 movies. RKB acted 147 Bollywood movies, 4 south movies, 35 Hollywood movies, 10 movies as child actor,  and 1 movie did not release due to unfortunate death of the producers.

Everyone looked at Raman with wide eyes.

“Sahi jawab. Mr Bhalla hats off ”

After 30 minutes 
“Question no 20 —  from which film did the famous Jodi RKB and Dream girl started to pair?”

Mr Michael: sirf tum movie.

Mr khurana: sirf tum movie

Mr Singh:      sirf tum movie

Mr Bhalla:   sirf tum movie

“Correct answer. Now the points till now Mr Bhalla is leading with 20 points, Mr khurana with 16 points and Mr Singh and Mr Michael with 14 points.”

After 3 hours 
“Now the last question. If Mr Bhalla or Mr khurana answers it you will be able to meet super star RKB.

Question — At which age did RKB enter into film industry. ”

Mr khurana:  I think at 15 as child debut.

Mr Bhalla: At the age of 10 as a script writer for anurag ji’s last film.

“And the answer is correct Mr………. BHALLA. Yes, you have won this contest. Now you are the winner of this contest for ‘Jo jeeta Voh hero’ Congratulations. And here is the ticket for Delhi and an appointment letter to meet superstar RKB. ”

“YAAAAY……..MAIN JEET GAYA…… YIPEEEE…..” Raman started screaming on top of his voice.

He came running out of the office to meet the principal who is waiting for him with bated breath.

“Kya hua. You have won the contest right?” Asked the principal. 
“Yes Sir. I have won the contest. Now I am going to meet my God, my Star RKB. ” said Raman while hugging the principal.


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