Ishra FF: FAN. Part 2

“What is this Raman? Koi bachhon ko ABCD aise sikhayega” asked a man of mid fifties sitting in his comfortable leather chair. There was a board designed for him on his table as “Principal” indicating his designation.

He was looking seriously at Raman who was staring at the floor as if it was the most important thing now.

“Why are you silent now, master ji? Kuch toh boliye!” Demanded an angry parent who was sitting in front of the principal along with other parents.

“Sorry Mr Thomas! I apologize on behalf on our teacher. It won’t repeat next time. I assure you. “Said the principal politely.

“Arrey, aap kya assure karenge ji, ask him to say sorry. Arrey, who will teach ABC to children in this way. This is the first time I am listening.” Said Mr Singh.

“Okay, I am extremely sorry. Kabhi Kabhi aise chote chote baat hoti rehte hain ” said Raman looking at the parents.

After a long 2 hours of argument and complaining all the parents left from the room not before glaring at Raman.

As soon as they left principal locked the room and drank some water from the bottle present in front of him.

“Uff, how stubborn are these parents! They think paying the school fees is enough for looking after the children. Arrey uss Singh Saab toh mere jaan nikal diya” said principal relaxing on his chair while Raman was sitting in front of him and playing with the paper weight.

“Aur waise bhi, tum itna pagaal fan kyun ho RKB ke liye? Arrey  you have thought kids

A for Azaadi 
B for Beintahaa 
C for Chaandini 
D for Don………… 
Alphabets with RKB movies! 
What is all these Raman?” Continued the principal.

“Sir, students of nursery  who are just 3 to 4 years learned alphabets just in 3 days which is impossible and a world record for their age. But parents are not seeing it.” Stated Raman as a matter of fact.

“Hmm yes you are right. I am really proud that children have learnt alphabets in a short span of time. But please Raman yeah RKB vagera ko chod dena aur apne career par concentrate kar. Please” advised principal.

“Its impossible sir. Aaj main yaha hoon toh sirf RKB ke vajah se hoon. He is my role model. I am an orphan sir, none had taught me how to speak, how to dress, how to behave etc etc. I have learnt all these from my God by watching him. So it’s impossible to forget him sir.” Said Raman feeling proud of RKB.

“OK. Now leave all these. Its time for lunch. You have to attend a meeting in Hotel Orchid representing our school for our clients ” said the principal trusting his loyal person.

“Sure sir. I will give my full dedication to this meeting. Bye sir and have your tablets after having your lunch with out forgetting” said Raman with a smile and left the room.

“Kya hain yeh aadmi. Ek pal main itna mature aur doosre pal main itna childish. I hope someone will come in his life to take care of him” said principal to himself and started having his lunch.

… …………………….

Hotel Orchid

“So ladies and gentlemen, I will take my leave now “.

Raman completed his presentation and everyone present for the meeting are impressed. They have finalized their deal with XYZ SCHOOL. After having a little personal talk he took a leave from them.

It was already late evening and the climate also looks like it’s gonna rain at any moment. So he hurried to bus stop but stopped at the entrance gate of the hotel. He saw a big poster with RKB’S photo.

He took a step closer to look at it. It was written as “The one who wins this contest gets a chance to meet, THE SUPERSTAR RKB”.  It was the moment where Raman has been waiting for in his entire life.

Immediately he asked the details from the reception and filled the form. He closed his eyes praying to God to let him meet RKB.


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