Ishra FF: FAN. Part 1



Everyone in the theatre were glued to their seats captivated by the movie screen. Their eyes glistened as they watched a RKB and Dreamgirl’s film named Maneet.

RKB, playing the character of Maan, was lying in hospital. Meanwhile Dreamgirl, playing Geet, was in tears sitting before the holy fire. She was surrounded by hundreds of goons armed with weapons.

Beside her was a much older man with a grotesque burn mark on his hideous face. He was leering at her every now and then which made her extremely uncomfortable. As the man leaned towards her to tie the mangalsutra, her heart beat faster and she began to continuously utter Maan’s name.

As though Maan had heard, Maan woke up in hospital with a jolt. He pulled at all the wires attached to him. Despite hospital staff insisting otherwise, he started running barefoot. He was bleeding from injuries to his abdomen and head, his feet burned but he continued.

At the moment the mangalsutra was to be tied, Maan came in and kicked him aside. Being a movie, the villain flew 200m or so away. A fight with the goons started. The villain stood up from where he had been cast aside to and was about to stab Maan with a knife. However the goddess Durga idol bearing a trishul miraculously intercepted. The trishul speared the villain and he was killed.

After all odds, Maan and Geet were married in the same mandap. He wore his hospital gown and she was in her bridal attire. The film’s end credits rolled as the lovers hugged letting the huge title ‘Maneet’ take over. A huge round of applause boomed through the hall. Everyone had enjoyed the film.

Sitting in the audience though was one die hard fan of a similar age to the hero RKB. As soon as the film began, he was the first to cheer for the leads. Today was no different. While the credits ran, he hurtied to the ticket counter to buy himself another ticket for the next show. 

After watching the last show in the theatre, he came out along with his friends. 

“Arrey today’s film was superb yaar. In that song where Maan and Geet were in that park, RKB looked just like our Raman. Hain na? Kyun Jr RKB?” teased his friends. 

“Areey aap log bhi na ” Raman said blushing.

“Kyun yaar? Won’t you like us calling you as Jr RKB ha? By the way are you going to meet RKB or will you just keep seeing his movies ha?” asked one of his friends.

“No I will meet my God RKB. Its my dream, my passion, my achievement and my everything to meet him,” said Jr RKB aka Raman Kumar Bhalla


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