FF: Because you are my mirror. Part 6

“Arrey Armaan, I have made your breakfast. Please have it and go.” Priya shouted from the kitchen.

“Amma, it’s OK. I’ll try to come home soon. Bye. I am already late.” Armaan spoke while running towards his car.

It is the first time to Armaan waking up late. He is actually an early bird but due to yesterday’s events he got little disturbed. He has been dreaming about Riddhima the whole night. Its very difficult for him to concentrate on anything as his thoughts are revolving around Riddhima.

Here Priya got sad that Armaan left without having breakfast. Ram already left the house to his office and she couldn’t trust the servants to send the breakfast as Armaan may ignore his food.

There is only one way to send his breakfast and that is by “Asad”. But he would be in his deep sleep  at this time.

Taking a deep breath, she hurried towards Asad’s war field aka his bedroom.

As usual, Asad was hanging on the edge of his bed while his shirt was lying on the floor. Luckily Priya didn’t fell or slipped stumbling all these things on her way as she got used to this.

“Shona, wake up na.” Priya said little worry in her voice.

Asad immediately woke up hearing his mother’s low voice. He can loose everything but cannot see his mother sad.

“Amma, what happened. Are you OK.” He asked with concern hugging her.

“I am fine Shona. But Armaan didn’t eat his breakfast and today he may come home late as new interns are coming today so he will be busy with those things. So can you please give him, his food please.” Said Priya cupping his face.

“Amma, you no need to request me. Just order me. OK now smile I’ll give it to him.” He stood up yawning and ruffling his messy hair.  

Asad took a quick shower and wore his clothes not bothering to comb his hair. He loves being natural.

“Shona here is the box. I have packed both his lunch and breakfast as we don’t know at which time he will be returning home. OK and have your breakfast soon.” She said while giving the box.

“No Amma, not here. I’ll eat with bhai. Pack my box also. Voh kya hain na if we give his box he surely won’t eat it. So I’ll make sure to make him eat.” Said Asad.

“Haaan. OK. Ill pack your box also.” She said and went inside to pack his box. Meanwhile Asad started eating the fruits present on the table.

“Here take this box. And eat this roti on the way.” Priya handed him the box and roti.

“OK ma. Bye” Asad ran away grabbing everything.


Asad reached Sanjivani hospital within few minutes. He ran inside the hospital with lightening speed and some people thought they saw something but couldn’t figure out what it was.

Without knocking the door he barged into Armaan cabin and noticed him thinking something. He kept the box on the table and bent to Armaan to face him directly.

“Booooom. What happened yaar. You are looking lost.” Asad spoke to him while Armaan got scared due to the sudden appearance of Asad.

“Ufff you scared me! Nothing I am just thinking about some analysis. By the way what are you doing here.” Armaan asked composing himself as he was caught red handed while thinking about Riddhima.

“Amma, gave me your food box so now eat the breakfast and have your lunch later. Don’t you dare to reject it, because I’ll not eat my breakfast if you won’t eat. OK.” Asad blackmailed him.

“OK. I’ll eat it.” Armaan cleaned his hands with water and started eating his breakfast silently meanwhile Asad started blabbering about some random things while eating.

“OK. I completed my breakfast. I have to go to check the new interns. So it’ll take little time. You stay in this cabin and complete your breakfast.” Armaan said cleaning his hands after his breakfast.

“Hmmm… OK…caauum faaahtt.(come fast)” Asad spoke with his stuffed mouth.

Armaan left the cabin without wearing his white coat and Asad took this as chance and wore it without cleaning his Hands. His hands still has the curry stains which now transfered to his surroundings.

Armman’s coat, chair, floor, table are now having the curry stains and some food particles are scattered everywhere but Asad didn’t care to clean it as he was busy in relishing his mother’s hand made breakfast.


As usual Zoya tiptoed across the floor and enquired in the reception about Dr Armaan cabin. The receptionist gave her the direction and she thanked her.

She didn’t use the lift as she thinks it’s a germ storage containers. So she choose stairs instead.

As soon as she reached Dr Armaan cabin she took her antibacterial spray and sprayed it on the door handle and knocked the door. When she heard a sound like “Come in” she entered the cabin and stood rooted on the spot seeing the scene in front of her eyes.


After wearing Armaan white coat he sat on the table taking the box in his lap and moved all the files to the other side while his one leg is hanging down and other leg is resting on the chair which he previously sat.

He closed his eyes savouring the taste while started making “ummmm….ummm” sounds appreciating the taste.

His “ummm….ummm…”sounds are mistook by Zoya as come in and she entered the cabin only to witness Dr Armaan eating like this. 
What the hell is this? I have heard Dr Armaan as a reserved and well mannered but why is he behaving like this? Zoya thought to herself.

Asad felt someone eyes on him so he slowly opened his eyes only to witness Zoya controlling her vomit looking at his face in a disgusting manner.

“Waaat? Ummm. Aun. Ho.?”(What? Tum Kaun Ho) Asad asked Zoya still chewing the roti in his mouth.

And that’s the limit. Zoya couldn’t control herself and vomited in the wash basin taking large steps. This really made Asad little uncomfortable as a stranger that too girl is vomiting seeing his face. 
After cleaning her self Zoya took out a mouth rinser and rinsed her mouth. After that she started chewing a breath fresher and spit out in the dust bin. Later she took out a mask and placed it on her face covering her mouth and nose leaving the rest open. She started counted 60 numbers and took deep breaths to control herself.

All the while Asad was gaping at her. It is the first in his entire life seeing a human like this and it really shocked him.

“Are you a human or sanitary bin. Idiot.” Zoya barked at him leaving few feet gap between them.

Asad covered the distance between them and equally barked at her “Who the hell are you and how dare you speak sometime about me?”

“Dirty fellow go back. I feel disgusting looking at you. “Zoya said distancing herself.

“Teri itni himmat……Get lost from here. I’m disgusting huh….you are disgusting. You brushed your teeth here, Chi. That too without asking my permission you have entered. Manner less. ”

“Shut your dirty mouth. Yuck.” Zoya said and sprayed the antibacterial spray on his face.

“Have this antibacterial spray with you Mr Bacteria. Spray on your self as you are disgusting. Yucky.” Zoya shoved the bottle and turned to leave the room.

“Wait.” Asad screamed and emptied the bottle on her face and threw it aside.

“This spray is needed for you not me as your mind is disgusting.” Asad said with a smirk.

“How dare you. Ill kill you Mr Bacteria.” Zoya screamed and took out all the things from her bag and started hitting at Asad. When all the things were emptied from her bag she marched forwards and pulled his hair in her grip.

Though these things didn’t pain Asad he too caught hold of her hair and started pulling them.

“What on earth is happening?” Armaan spoke rooted on the spot.

Asad and Zoya then realized that they have come out from the cabin and started fighting in the hospital corridor and everyone are gaping at them. They both left their hairs not before glaring at each other.

“Bhai, I don’t know from where this So- called “SHUDH SAHIBA” came from. She is being rude to me for no reason.” Asad explained to Armaan.

“How dare you name me “SHUDH SAHIBA” you Mr bacteria. Excuse me you have called me inside and……… “Zoya stopped defending herself as soon as she saw Armaan. She squinted her eyes trying to clear the image.

“Are you both real or am I hallucinating.?” Zoya blurted.

“Yes we are twins. He is Asad and I am Dr Armaan.” Armaan introduced himself politely.

“Leave it bhai. She feels difficult to breath here ask her to get out now.” Asad said.

“Expected. As far as I know Dr Armaan is a gentleman and you are a complete jerk. Dr Armaan I am Zoya, your intern.” She introduced herself.

“OK Zoya. You are not presentable for now so please get refreshed and come on Wednesday. I am busy tomorrow. OK.” Armaan said blushing on the word “busy tomorrow”.

“OK. I’ll take your leave.”

“Oye take your belonging and get out.” Asad said.

“No need Mr bacteria I can afford those things but can’t bear a shadow of yours.” She said with full attitude and marched away leaving Asad to grit his teeth.

“This is the first time that I have lost my cool.” Asad whispered to himself.


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