FF: Because you are my mirror. Part 5

Party hall

The function hall is fully crowded by the RM Groups members, staff, employee, Branch managers, famous celebrities and the media. All were excited for this 25th anniversary celebration.

“I thank each and everyone who brought RM Groups to this position. Our company stood in top 10 in India only because of our unity and hard work. So on the occasion of this wonderful day I am going to announce you all that our RM Groups is opening another branch in Paris and the branch CEO will be Mr Arnav Singh Raizada. Please give him a round of applause. “Spoke Ram addressing the guests.

Among the guests a man in his late  forties with lean body and little wrinkled face came forward and stood beside ram and he hugged him close.

“Arnav has been working in our company since 20 years. He has achieved 15 times as most loyal and best employee of the year awards making us proud. He is not only a employee but he is like my brother I didn’t have. So I request everyone to enjoy the party in the success of RM Groups. “Ram announced in the Mike and there is cheering for the success as all the men held their wine glasses.

As usual Armaan is admiring his father. A devoted son. He is too proud of his dad.

Ram is  standing along with his friends in a group and is having his business discussion while sipping his wine from the glass.

Priya is sitting among the ladies and having her group chat. Not to mentioned that she has been texting her shona aka Asad every ten minutes so that he wouldn’t get bored alone  in the home.

She asked Armaan to sit with her but being shy guy he declined the offer and started taking care of the anniversary celebration.

As Armaan is standing alone Arnav came towards him and asked “beta, why are you standing here  alone. Come and mingle with everyone.”

“No uncle it’s OK. I am just checking the dinner preparations. The thing is ice cream got spoiled it seams so they have gone to bring a new carton of ice cream.” Armaan said to Arnav.

“Yeh sab karne ke liye workers hain. And why are you straining yourselves. See you are like my son ,ha ha though I am not married but still you are.” Arnav put his arm over Armaan shoulder. 
“Exactly when I was your age I used to be like you. Working, working and working. I didn’t know what life is at that time and now I regret. See I’m still bachelor and grew old. May be I should have married, may be. See today I’m alone. That’s why never be aloof even though you are shy blah blah. So now come on have some drink Young man.” Arnav encouraged Armaan.

“Umm…thank you uncle. But sorry I don’t drink. I’ll try to join in few minutes but for now I’ll look for this dinner preparations and I’ll come.” Said Armaan.

“OK, dear. I’ll be waiting come soon.” Arnav said and left the place.

After few minutes the ice cream arrived and everything was perfectly arranged. He headed to the hall to announce the dinner is ready but he bumped into something. No it’s not something but a person and that too a beautiful girl.

“Oh I’m so sorry I didn’t look forward.” The girl said with a melodious voice.

But Armaan was too lost in her beautiful eyes that he forgot to reply. As soon as he caught her in his arms to prevent her from falling down his heart started beating rapidly and when he saw her deep eyes it skipped few times.

When she didn’t get any response from the other person she looked up and she met with warm chocolate brown eyes.

Both of them are too lost in each others eyes that they forgot their position and surroundings. Luckily no body is present in the dining area as everyone are busy in the function hall.

Armaan broke his trance along with hers and they blinked few times thinking it as dream.

Armaan was still blushing so she spoke first “Hi, my name is Riddhima. ” she said forwarding her hand for a shake.

“Umm Hi. I’m Armaan.” He said composing himself and shook his hand with hers.

“Hi Armaan. Is the dinner ready. I am so hungry. You know I didn’t eat a single grain of rice since morning. Ha even I didn’t drink a drop of water. I thought to have some wine but today I didn’t pray God na so I couldn’t drink wine also.” Riddhima pouted.

“What? You drink wine! “Armaan exclaimed with shock.

“Ha yes. But don’t say to anyone OK. It must be a secret between us. And I drink wine with gulab jamun and ice cream. Crazy right I know. But I won’t touch wine if I didn’t pray God and ask his permission. And why were you  shocked? Don’t you drink?” She asked him.

“Haaan…..no. I don’t drink. “Armaan answered instantly.

“What? OK then  you are the first person I met who never drinks. Hmm till now I thought everyone drinks and especially men but I think I’m wrong. Any ways where is coconut chutney? I need to add it in the potato curry. Its my first experience to eat potato with coconut chutney. I hope it tastes good. “She said in a go.

Armaan started searching for coconut chutney. In his entire life he never thought about food. He used to eat what his mother cooks. He doesn’t even know what is coconut chutney and how it looks.

After few minutes of his search he got tired and stopped searching for it. Riddhima served two plates of dinner one for herself and one for the waiter aka Armaan. She thought him to be a waiter. She is waiting for her coconut chutney but frowned when Armaan came with empty hands.

“What happened.?” She asked him.

“Sorry. I am unable to identify the “SPECIES COCONUT CHUTNEY”. He said making her jaw drop.

“Species? Are you alien who just landed on the earth. Naariyal ka chutney ko koi identify karega kya. Yaa phir Yeh koi research lab hain. Arrey then how did you become a waiter if you don’t know what coconut chutney means.” She said being shocked.

“Sorry. I am not a waiter and I don’t know about it. I am a doctor. “He said being embarrassed.

“Oh you are a doctor and I thought you are a waiter. So what you are a human right and you are speaking as if you are in a research centre.” She moved forwards towards the serving area and served herself some coconut chutney and came back and stood in front of him.

“See this is the “SPECIES CALLED COCONUT CHUTNEY”. And Ha from next time don’t use this language outside your hospital or something people will think your bolt got loose.” She said and gave him his plate to eat.

“Bolt? Which bolt?” He asked being confused.

“Hey rabba. I came for eating my dinner but this grahantara vasi (alien) is eating my brain. Dekho Armaan beta, you are a good kid na so you please complete the dinner fast and I will give you Horlicks. OK “She spoke to him and started eating her food as Armaan started eating his.

“Wait eat it. This is coconut chutney and don’t forget it from next time OK. “She took two spoons of the chutney and kept in his plate to eat.

Armaan took a little coconut chutney and kept in his mouth and closed his eyes relishing it’s taste. “Arrey, I have ate it. My mom serves it with poori. I know it.” Armaan blurted innocently making her laugh.

“OK. Now how is the taste. Is it nice. I know it will be nice next time don’t come alone to the party bring your mummy papa along with you. Otherwise someone will kidnap you. OK.”she advised him and cleaned her hands after their dinner was completed.

“Uff! Now I got my energy back. OK Armaan go to your home now it’s too late. I have to find my way to get an appointment for RM Groups Owner interview. It will take time. So bye.” She said to him.

“Wait! Why do you want interview. Are you working in media something. “Armaan asked her.

“Yes, Armaan. I am working in Xyz news channel as a reporter. Now my task is to get an interview from Mr Ram. But why are you asking all these.” Riddhima said.

“I think I can help you.” He said.

“You? But how?” She asked.

“He is my papa, Ram. And RM Groups is our company so I can arrange your meet. No need of any appointment just say that I have invited you. So when will you be coming. ” he asked.

Now this was a big shock to Riddhima. She never imagined the person standing in front of her would be the son of The great business tycoon in India.

Composing herself she said ” you are the son of RM Groups owner. I can’t believe it. Aapse baat karne se hume laga aap kahi school student ho. Anyways, jokes apart I would like to come on Tuesday. ”

“That would be nice. “He said not wanting to end this conversation but his bad luck she bid a bye to him and left the place.

He was still living in the moment but a tap on his shoulder brought him to the present. Its his mom who called him.

“Kya hua beta. Why are you standing in middle of the crowd come let’s have dinner. “Priya said him.

He then realized it was long ago that Riddhima left the place and everyone already started eating their dinner. He was too lost in her that he forgot to notice all this. “I have finished my dinner just now amma. You please have your dinner. ”

“OK. Come here and sit with me at least till the dinner. And now tell me who is that girl.” Priya asked him while sitting on the dining chair making him shock.

“Don’t be so shocked. I’m your mother and I know everything related to you. Your eyes speaks volumes and I can read them easily. So my son is in love Ha.” She teased him.

“No amma. Nothing like that. We are not even friends. She just came for the interview that’s all. “He said to himself more than to his mother.

Riddhima.. She is the only one person who spoke to me like I am a child. Everyone gets scared of me even I am called a bookworm in my hospital due to my reserved nature but she is something special.. he thought to himself and blushed.


And that’s the limit. Zoya couldn’t control herself and vomited in the wash basin taking large steps. This really made Asad little uncomfortable as a stranger that too girl is vomiting seeing his face.


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