FF: Because you are my mirror. Part 4

“Priya, tomorrow we are having a party on the occasion of 25th anniversary of  RM GROUP of Companies. And we all are going. I don’t want any excuses MAINLY FROM ASAD” said Ram while sipping his morning tea.

“You don’t worry, hum sab sambhalenge. And why will my shona make excuses, he is a grown up so he has learnt responsibility. Its our party and he will surely come ” said Priya sitting beside Ram and feeling confident on Asad. 

“The thing is Priya, you don’t know completely about Asad! Mark my words HE WILL MAKE EXCUSES.” said ram equally confident.

“Achha ji, hum abhi aapko dikhayeng. My son will never reject my words.” Priya said and was about to call Asad but Ram stopped her and called Armaan instead.

“Armaan, come here. I want to speak something with you “said Ram increasing his voice so that Armaan could here him.

“Now observe the difference between these two “he whispered to Priya.

As soon as Armaan heard his fathers voice, he immediately closed his record book on which he was writing about some new science technology and kept it it in his book shelf.

Within a minute, he stood in front of his parents and wished them obediently.

“Good morning amma papa. What happened? Is everything OK?” Said Armaan.

“Good morning, my son. Kya baat hain, subah 10 baje hogai lekin aap naashta ke liye nahi aya. Tabhyat toh teek hain na” said Priya and was about to touch his forehead.

“YES, amma I am fine. Please don’t worry. Voh Kya hain I am working on an important chemical analysis so I woke up at 4’o’clock in the morning. And I didn’t know how the time passed” said Armaan consoling his mother.

“Priya, we are deviating from the topic. Armaan, we are having a party for our 25th anniversary of RM GROUPS tomorrow. So we are attending it. Got it! “Said ram to Armaan who was listening keenly.

“Yes, papa. And I am too proud of you papa. We have achieved all this just because of you. “Saying that Armaan bent to touch Ram feet for blessings to which he blessed gladly.

“OK now go and complete your work. Only after completing come and have your breakfast. OK” said Ram and Armaan went to his room nodding his head.

Turning to Priya he said “Did you see Armaan. Now it’s time for drama. Let’s see about your sona also.”

Listening to Ram words Priya twisted her mouth and started murmuring which is inaudible to Ram.

“Maharaja shehansha, shri shri Asad maharaja please come here. I need to say a VERY IMPORTANT thing to you “said Ram in a very very high pitch voice which can be heard to their security guards present 30 feet away from their building.

But our hero yaani Asad ji is sleeping peacefully on his bed while his room looked like a war field. All his clothes are stuffed in the cupboard and doors of it are opened. TV was still switched on from the previous  night, pillows and blankets were scattered around the room.

As Ram was screaming continuously Asad’s sleep got disturbed but he covered his ears with the pillow next to him. But Alas! Ram’s voice was too loud that the pillow could do nothing. 

Finally feeling frustrated, Asad woke up from his sleep rubbing his sleepy eyes and stretching his body. He wore his vest which was hanging to edge of his bed.

Finally after half an hour of calling rather shouting Asad name he appeared in front of him.

As soon as Asad came to the living room Ram thought he would at least talk  to him. But no Asad came and lied comfortably on the sofa and closed his eyes. This act of him made Ram really angry.

“What the hell is this Asad. I am speaking to you “said ram.

“Then who stopped you to speak papa. Hum toh aapse naaraz nahi hai, kal ke baat ko lekar. This is common between us.” Blabbered Asad to which ram understood it with difficulty.

“Asad, I. Need. To. Speak. To. You. Right. Now. So. Sit. Straight. And. Listen. “Said ram stressing each word.

“OK papa, say it “said Asad trying to sit straight feeling sleepy.

“First of all, what is the look of your condition. Don’t you know how to be presentable. Learn something from your dad and brother. We both look presentable at any time. But you look like a messy idiot” said Ram pointing Asad.

“Oho dad are you serious. If any girl sees me like this, they will immediately say ‘SEXY’ ‘HOTTY’ but you are saying I look messy idiot. Look at me and say, with this messy hair, chocolate brown eyes, and some of my hair falling onto my forehead, a vest which is hanging loose on my perfect fit body, Am I really looking ugly” said Armaan looking himself at the mirror present on living room door.

“OK leave it. Tumse baat karna hi bekaar hai. “Ram said and sat down on the sofa.

“Shant ho jayiye. Why are you getting angry on this small matter. I’ll talk to Asad” said Priya looking at Ram.

“Shona, there is a party tomorrow v……….”but she was interrupted by Asad.

“Sunday nights. Are you seriously giving me the permission to go and enjoy with my friends? ”

“Shona” Priya said little loudly.

“Its a party for our companies 25th anniversary celebration. And you have to come. Got it “continued Priya.

As soon as Asad heard this he caught his forehead and stomach with a painful face.

“Amma, it’s paining alot…….. I really want to see papa’s celebration………. aahhh……..but I think God doesn’t want to let me go……….. you don’t worry amma…… I’ll stay at home and I’ll see live telecast on the tv………. aaaahh……. ooohhhh” said Asad and stood up to go to his room while catching his head.

All the while Ram felt all this drama while Priya was crying nonstop.

“Dekha tumhara Shona ke drama” saying that he left to his room.

After Ram leaving the living he ran to his mom and hugged her saying hundreds of sorry’s.

“Sorry amma, please please don’t cry. I was only acting as if I am in pain. Please amma I didn’t know that my mischief hurted you. Please don’t cry. Sorry “said Asad holding his ears.

Priya laughed seeing him and wiped her fake tears and said  “Oh tumhe Kya laga, acting sirf tum kar sakte ho. Even I can act well. ”

“haaw……toh aap acting kar rahi ho. Not bad. Thank you so much amma for supporting. And ha I don’t want to go to the boring party. Waha toh, na hi kuch maza, na kuch masti, every time shaking their heads and hands. Please amma manage papa please please” said Asad with puppy dog face which surely melts any rock and Priya is softer than ice so it’s easy.

“Ha OK, I’ll manage. You can enjoy your day in home. And Ha next time don’t ask my help.  Har baar, I’m helping but not next time OK” said Priya. And both the mom son hugged each other.


“OK, so tomorrow is a party for RM GROUPS. This is the best chance and I would not like to miss it” said Riddhima to herself.

“Hello boss, I am Riddhima………

Tomorrow is a party for RM GROUPS…………

Yes, I want to go………..

So arrange my ticket for it……….

Yea i can manage alone, Bye” she kept the phone and started planning everything on the sketch board.


“Are you serious, party and zoya does not match. Okay” said zoya to her friend preeto in the phone.

“You must go yaar, and you can meet your senior there. Its one of the rarest chances, aise party mein jaane ki” said preeto  dreamily.

“Oh preeto, party means germs. Bahot types of persons will come. And everyone will surely give a handshake or hug. And that’s the last thing I want. I HATE SUCH PARTIES” screamed zoya.

“Oh okay. You enjoy in your home I am going there. And if you change your mind, please come I am buying a ticket for you also” saying that preeto  ended the call.

“Uffo, who will go to such parties. Yuck, everyone will be talking,  talking and talking which means germs keeps on passing. I feel vomiting just by thinking about it. “Zoya said to herself.


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