FF: Because you are my mirror. Part 3


A girl, in her mid twenties, tiptoed across the floor despite knowing it had been cleaned only ten minutes ago. To her it still felt unclean.

Sighing to herself, she took paper and spread it over the sofa. Here she made a place for herself. She even placed paper on the floor underneath her resting feet.

Though everyone else gawked at her,she didn’t care. Instead, she took out an antibacterial spray and sprayed an area that seemed like a ten foot radius around her.

Ten minutes later, she got up and placed fresh new paper to sit on. Before she could repeat it once more she was called in by the receptionist.

“Miss Zoya, it’s your turn. Please go to this room,” the receptionist informed her.

Zoya had come for the role of a junior doctor at Sanjeevani. She’d passed the preliminary and written exams and therefore had just the interview left. At the door of the interview room she stopped.

She took out her antibacterial spray and sprayed the door handle. A few seconds later she entered.

Six heads of department, three senior doctors, 2 attenders and the Dean were present. They requested her to take a seat.Once again she spread the sheets on the chair and the floor respectively. Apart from her, everyone was shocked.

A few minutes passed before they began with their questions which she easily answered. They then threw tough questions at her but fearlessly she too answered these with ease.

The interviewers came to understand Zoya was knowledgeable if somewhat obsessed with cleanliness. They worried over who she would be appointed to as a junior. After a long discussion, [B]Dr Armaan[/B] was suggested. He would be perfect. Both were highly knowledgeable doctors.

“Congratulations Miss Zoya, you have the post. You’ll be assisting Dr Armaan, who you will meet on Monday.” The Dean said while holding out his hand for a shake.

“Thank you very much sir. You can be sure I’ll give no less than my one hundred per cent. Just one moment please,” Zoya replied taking out an antibacterial lotion. She applied this to her hands, then put on some gloves before shaking hands with the Dean.

Everyone was left aghast at her unexpected action.As she left, she again sprayed the door handle and tiptoed across the floor.

“Sanjeevani Hospital. I hope here my career will be bright,” She said smiling happily as she sat in her car and drove away.


“Amma, it’s paining alot…. I really want to see papa…. aahhh…but I think God doesn’t want to let me go…..aahhh…” he cried painfully while tears are flowing in Priya’s eyes.

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