FF: Because you are my mirror. Part 2


A young girl in her early twenties sat on a chair. She wore a pink top and a blue skirt. Holding a microphone in her hand, she faced the local MLA sitting across from her. He had arrived as part of his publicity events for the upcoming elections where he would stand as a minister.

The technician counted down while everyone readied themselves to go live on air.

“Good morning everyone, I’m Riddhima and this is your favourite show Express News. Today we have Mr Singh as our special guest.” She announced.

“Namaste Sir and welcome to our show. How are you this morning?” She addressed him.

“Namaste all. Thank you for inviting me on to this great platform and as long as I have people’s blessings I will be fine.” Mr Singh smiled.

“Well first questions first Mr Singh, though your father is a millionaire and you had plenty of choices, why did you choose this career?” She asked.

“Yes I had many choices but I also have a heart. It was my heart which told me to follow this path where I can serve the people. I firmly believe maanav seva hi bhagwaan seva and that is what I aim to do and have done,” He explained.

“So your family didn’t oppose your decision to become a politician?” She asked.

“No, because like me, my family love to serve the peopletoo. As a family we have set up many trusts and foundations for the poor. We donate yearly what we earn,” He said.

“Very noble of you Sir. However before entering the political scene you were just a middle class family. You’ve managed to earn millions in a short time of three years. Is there any weight to the rumours that you’ve been involved in bribes and illegal activities?” She enquired.

“Rubbish! That is complete and utter rubbish! Though my debut as a politician is only recent, I’ve been involved in social work since I was ten. If anything, it is my father’s hard work that has paid off in the short time you speak of.”He argued.

“Alright then sir but let me ask you this,right now you are afamous MLA who wishes to be a minister. If you become a minister will you start undertaking social services?” She asked craftily.

“Of course I’ll start. Give me your vote, make me win and I’ll surely start undertaking social services,” He said.

“But how can that be? You’ve spoken about already doing social work so how can you start undertaking social work unless you have not done any till date. Can that be in any way correct?” She pointed out.

“Ummm… voh…actually… it’s not like that… umm…” Mr Singh fumbled for words.

“Mr Singh, we rarely invite guests without doing some research on them and yours is plain shocking!”

She turned to face directly into the camera and speak to the viewers she knew  public were watching on the other side. She held up several pages of incriminating evidence unearthed through research.

“Look at this viewers, these are the true details of the so called trusts and foundations established by Mr Singh. In fact they’re not even trusts or foundations right Mr Singh? Viewers, they’re night clubs. What’s more is that we’ve uncovered bank accounts belonging to Mr Singh but under a fake name. The illegal revenues Mr Singh received end up in these fake accounts! Illegal money in illegal accounts!”

“Kya bakwas! Its alllies! Some one is trying to trap me. Hey you, girl, just shut up right now and tell me how much money did you take to say all this rubbish in order to defame me! I’ll make you pay. You don’t know who you are messing with here!” He shouted.

Mr Singh continually shouted at Riddhima but she didn’t care. After revealing the true face of Mr Singh, she closed to show with a final monologue to the audience.

Everyone in the news channel appreciated her braveness to unmask such deceit. Between congratulations her boss called her into his office.

“May I come in sir? What’s the matter?”asked Riddhima before entering.

“Riddhima you have done very well as usual. Now I am giving you a new task and you have to gather complete information. It has to be water tight,” said her boss whilst showing her some papers.

“Thank you Sir. I’ll put in all my effort but whose information must I gather?” She asked.

“India’s number one company RM Groups,” He announced.

“RM Groups, but why Sir?” She asked.

“It’s our duty Riddhima. They are the top most company in India. So just take an interview and watch our trps increase. We must do something new. I hope you got my point.” He explained.

“Of course Sir,” She nodded.

“Whatever happens I will interview RM group of companies,” she whispered to herself the last words with much determination.

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