Devastated….. Shattered soul. Part 5

Part 5 

From the moment Ishita spoke with Sanam her mood was off. Though Geet tried to cheer her she didn’t budge a little.

“Oho ishu, ab Kya hua. Leave it na. Now tell me what about our lunch. Arnav ate my lunch and I spilled your lunch. Aren’t you feeling hungry. ” Geet tried speaking to Ishita.

“Why for you. You are a robot na you won’t feel hungry. If at all you are feeling come with me uss uncle Arnav ko sabak sikhana hain “.started Ishita again.

“Oho jhansi ki Rani, stop your lectures. Come let’s have something to eat. Other wise you will faint here itself. Its getting late, if I won’t go to my house on correct time baabu ji gets angry.” Said Geet while pulling her hand.

“Ha OK. Hey look there golgappa. Come let’s eat it. “Said Ishita.

Both Geet and Ishita ran to the stall but Geet saw her father  mohinder standing there with rage filled eyes. She got scared and bid bye to Ishitha and started going to her home.


“You don’t worry Sanam. I will  teach that Geet a lesson. After  Tomorrow I will make sure that she would never show her face.” Said arnav  giving a dirty smile showing his yellow teeth.


Next day

Geet is walking towards her school and as usually she expected the bimbo gangs waiting for her.

Only if she knew that today gonna change her life forever.

Arnav blocked her way standing in front of her. He is not that strong that Geet couldn’t push him. He would be flew away for 10 miles if someone blows air little strongly. But she is scared of everyone and everything.

“Hey, school beauty. Kya hua aaj itni late kyun aayi. You know I am waiting for you to take revenge for yesterday.” Said arnav.

Though Geet is getting scared by his words she didn’t lift her eye lashes. She kept staring at the floor.

“Now don’t act innocent. You have insulted my friend yesterday right now  I’ll show you what INSULT means. You have to kiss the person who comes first from this gate. Remember HE not she. If you won’t I will kiss you hard. Choice is yours.” Arnav completed showing his yellow teeth.

Tears started streaming from Geet’s eyes. How she wished someone to support her but instead the whole block is looking at the scene. If Ishita would be here she surely will stand by her side. But alas! Ishita is from separate block. So only at the lunch break they can meet.

As Geet didn’t move a step from the time arnav gave her warning he started moving towards her.


“So you want only me to kiss you. OK I am ready. And you don’t worry I’ll give you 5 rupees for the kiss. Because you don’t deserve more than that.”

Geet knew it is the end. Even if he tries to touch her she would surely die. She felt defeated as arnav was nearing her.

There is only single feet distance between arnav and her then Geet closed her eyes tight and prayed for her God.


“Please save me, baba ji”

As if God heard her, a strong muscular arms held her instead of Arnav’s bony arms. She opened her eyes to see what is happening.

Though Geet could not see the persons face she felt safe hiding behind his huge and strong form. She felt like God has sent this saviour to protect her against all evils.


“Hmmm… chacha ji, what are you doing. You are playing with kids here. Too bad. You have to play with your age group, see there on the opposite of the school there is a old age home. Go and play there. Everyone are of your age group only.” Geet heard a husky voice saying it.

By this time every student from different blocks gathered here. Ishita came running to Geet and she lunged herself on Ishita. Ishita started consoling her while Geet cried more.

“Oyye who the hell are you. And how dare you talk to me like that. “Said Arnav.

” What? being A senior most student you must know everyone right chacha. Let me tell you I am  Maan Singh Khurana. ” he said while holding Arnav’s bony arms in his palm.

“Chacha ji, now say sorry to this girl. Or else you will end up in the hospital. ” Maan said hitting Arnav  on his stomach.

“Tu saale, just leave me ones I’ll tell you with whom you are messing with. ” said Arnav while getting punches from Maan.

“Achha. OK I’ll leave you chacha ji.” Said Maan and left him.

As soon as Maan left him he turned to hit Maan but got hit his head on maans shoulder. Arnav  started screaming in pain.

Maan pulled him by his shirt which is ready to tear. “What are doing Ha? Kissing a girl. Shame on you. Its the reason you are studying still in the same class though you are 39 year old.”

Everyone gasped listening to this new information. But Maan did not stop hitting him. Though Maan isn’t using his full energy to hit Arnav  is getting hurt.

“Arrey principal is coming” someone screamed.

Everyone ran to their respective classes leaving a limping Arnav  in the hold of Maan and crying Geet in the arms of Ishita.

“What is this Maan? Why are you in this block. You must be in your class right” said the principal.

“I was going to my class only sir. But didn’t know why I crossed this block. But it’s good that I am here. This skeleton is misbehaving with this girl. He is trying to kiss her. So  I have to enter into the scene” Maan explained the principal.

The principal saw around and saw Geet. Now he came to know what happened. Even he knew how Geet is being treated but couldn’t do anything. So he looked at Arnav  and said ” you are suspended from the school for one month. Get out”

After warning Arnav the principal left from the scene. While Maan was looking at the principal’s retreating figure he felt something soft touch his fingers. It was a hand kerchief.

Squinting his eyes he met his eyes with Geet who is still sobbing. She signalled him towards his hurt.


“Thank you ji. Take this kerchief you got hurt.”

“Whats your name? ” he asked.

“My name is Geet……Geet handa ” she replied.

While Ishita pulled her and took her to washroom so that she could clean her face.

And here Maan mesmerized by Geet is repeating her name as if it is his favorite song.

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