Devastated…… Shattered soul. Part 4

geet was drinking water to control her hunger,when a delicious smell made her close her eyes devouring its yummy fragrance for a moment. on opening she witnessed a pair of rage filled eyes,she gulped knowing she  exactly knew what happened. she was about to open her mouth. when that girl  placed the box on bench on garden where geet was relaxing rather waiting for her. but that girl didnt spared a glance at her placing her box that girl turned and about to leave. geet quickly made a move and stood before that girl  holding her ears. anyone can melt with her cute gestures and that girl too almost melted but she hold on thin thread to show her,she is  still mad at her. Geet pouted seeing that girl still glaring at her.

Geet: ok,i am sorry now plzz come on smile now. i can’t stay talking without you.plzz naa

Ishita : why don’t u give back thier words yaar,how many tyms you will let them insult you.this is going from years still you r calm that too to them.they dont deserve it geet. Hearing Ishita  lashing out geet made a puppy face and turned to Ishita  pleading with eyes.

Ishita : no,not again this look won’t work ok,u always have your way with me  geet but now this is the limit of thier nonsence. Geet sighed and finally looked at her Jhansi khi rani,yes that’s what geet called her best buddy the reason is SHE was always ready to fight with the one who messes with geet. mind you fight is literally slapping r punching,so geet decided that name her that. geet giggled thinking how this name always riled her buddy.

ISHITHA: That good for nothing Varun again snatched your lunch and you happily gave it,why can’t u stand for yourself geet,why you always give up without fighting.

Geet: he didn’t bring his lunch and asked….Ishu glared knowing geet was covering

Ishu: geet learn to say NO,for the things others dropped on your head,if not now mayb in future you will find yourself in a place where you can neither return nor move for letting others rule you. Saying ishu made her way out of garden ,geet looked at the box which is untouched knowing well ishu was still empty without lunch ,she took the box and made a run for ishu only stopped by bumping into the famous bimbo of clg Sanam ,making her and her very short dress bath with her lunch.

Sanam was shoked to find the mess and her eyes turned fury seeing geet,she was about to blast on geet when ishu took geet behind her.

Ishu: arey its ok Sanam ,its just dress,u can afford another I guess.

Sanam: its not about affording ishu,she did it knowingly,to take revenge from me.

Ishu: HIW I WISH SHE DID IT KNOWINGLY!? but alas! No it was a mistake,well its ishitha for you not ishu. just my close frnds cal me that,we r not even frnds let alone close.

Sanam: ohh come on ishitha,my father and your father r working together and we knew each other from we r kids.

Ishu: haaaa correction,your father is working under my father as an employee,so we share owner employee relation,so for now you cal me ishitha when I took over business you can cal me ishitha mam,ok now will u excuse us.

Saying ishu took geet hand and left from there  while the other students who just gathered are laughing. Sanam gritted her teeth looking at them and promised herself to revenge geet tomorrow.  she well know to hurt ishu geet is the target.


Arnav: yday you insulted my frnd right,now you have to bear punishment school beauty,now who ever comes from this gate u have to kiss him , remember him not her ok ,if not I will kiss you hard,now choice is yours.


Maan Singh khurana entry.

Update credit to Sanjana…

credit goes to original uploaders. thank you for your comment. 😀 we love to hear from you. stay tuned for more updates. 😀


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