Devastated…. Shattered soul. Part 3


A seventeen year old GEET is walking to her school as usual. It’s not that her family didn’t have money for her transport, but they didn’t feel important taking care of her.

But GEET is a best daughter anyone could get. She never asked anything but accepted everything with a smile.


After a 45 minutes of long walk she reached her school. As usual a bimbo gang was waiting to insult her.

A group of 5 boys stood near the classroom corridor. One of them was very thin, and old compared to the others in the group. He came forward and stood in front of GEET 
“Hey ugly, what’s up. You are looking so energetic today. What say boys” he asked to a tired GEET.


“Arrey Arnav. You are correct. “Said another boy supporting Varun.

The boys in their group started laughing at her. But GEET didn’t even raised her eyes instead she moved from there to her classroom.

But her problem isn’t solved. Another bimbo gang is waiting for her in the classroom.

A group of 4 girls who are wearing richest clothes are sitting In their classroom. As soon as GEET entered the class there were a lot of murmuring.

“Hey look here, our school beauty came. “Taunted one girl.

“Welcome to 12th standard miss beauty.”taunted  another girl.

“Oho another more year to see this beauty” taunted another girl.

But GEET ignored all these taunts and comments as usual. She knew it, all these words are pricking her heart but she learned in these years to ignore.

She went to the last row and sat on the last bench. No one likes to sit with her so the seat beside her is always empty.

As the bell rang every student settled themselves in their seats and a professor came inside.

“Good morning students, welcome to your new academic year. My name is Mr Singh. I am your new class teacher. And my subject is physics. So all the best for your bright future “introduced the new teacher.

As soon as the class completed it was a lunch break. Everyone opened their lunch boxes and had their lunch while chatting and making fun of GEET.

“Arrey dekho, our school beauty is eating aaloo poori….dekho beauty if you eat it, then you will become more ugly than you are. So I will eat it.” Arnav said to GEET and took her lunch box and ate it.


While GEET was helplessly sitting in her place and opened her book to divert her mind. She was so hungry that her stomach is giving grumbling sounds.

It is a usual sight for her. She opens her handmade lunch to eat and Arnav eats her food commenting her looks.

She feels like giving a tight slap for his behavior, but she knew she is alone and none will support her.

Sighing sadly, she tried concentrating on the book ignoring the hunger. Just one person support all she needs…….

UPDATE CREDIT:  Laughingpearls. 

credit goes to original uploaders. thank you for your comment. 😀 we love to hear from you. stay tuned for more updates. 😀


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