Devastated…… Shattered soul. Part 2


Geet was about to enter her house but a giggle from her neighbourhood stopped herself in her tracks,t there she watched a mother running behind her daughter,they were playing giggling soon the father too joined them to share thier part of joy.

it was regular sight for everyone but not for geet,she smiled to herself imagining herself in the girls place. but that smile soon vanished by a tug on her arm.

She was rudely brought back to earth by her father who shouted at her to get back to work,she glanced longingly at the cute family which was a dream for her.

Geet was only child of mohinder HANDA and rano HANDA for outer world but in the four walls of the house she was nothing but a burden on them,no one can ever dream what the child goes through,they joined her school just to place themselves on safer side from society taunts,the society which set the rules even before a child takes birth in her mother’s womb turned out as a blessing for little geet where she can b treated as a human unlike as a s***,in her own house.

Geet was still looking back at the garden while walking and banged onto mohinder who was about to go out,the moment she banged mohinder eyes turned red and he slapped roughly which turned her pink chubby cheeks to red and her rosy lips corner with her blood,the sight of little Geet who was teriffied and was with tears may bring a slight wet in anyone eyes but not in mohinder.He felt a strange peace covering seeing his own child in blood,g geet was about to move back seeing him anger,but was too late her father yet again pushed her front making her stumble on carpet and she fell on the side table breaking a vase along getting a bump on her forehead.

Rano who was busy in kitchen jumped with the sound and came running to see what exactly happened,seeing geet lying beside a broken vase she raced her steps and collected broken pieces of her vase,but she never spared a glance to geetwho was crying silently.

Mohinder picked the flowers on floor and kept them in another vase while rano cleaned the broken pieces but both never gave a thought to the girl who was broking every day both physically and mentally.

Geet yet again left to her kitchen,knowing fully well she had to take care of some chores and can’t tend to her wounds until night.

after finishing the work assigned to her she retired to her room with haldi to take of her and her wounds all alone in her small room.



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