Betrayal… whom. Part 9

After having a fight with that person they started driving with their untidy clothes to their home. So that they can clean themselves and get a new pair of clothes.

But it wasnt needed. It started raining heavily. The rain water cleaned their messy and untidy clothes neatly. Now they are looking perfect except for the rain water on their body. 

They thought to drive forward but due to heavy rains they are unable to see the road clearly. 

“Arrey yaar, we will get down for now and wait for the rains to stop. Come.” Said maan’s look alike @dev.

“Okay yaar. Hey look there is a house. We can stay there till the rains stop. “Said lucky.

Parking their bike in the parking area of the house they knocked the door.

After few minutes, some one opened the door. maan’s look alik@Dev was about to speak but stopped seeing her. She is GEET. 

GEET and maan’s look alike @DEV were having a eye lock. No one are speaking but their eyes are. 

Lucky saw these two and interrupted them. Their trance was broken by Lucky’s voice. 

“Kya hua”

GEET was blushing for being caught staring at maan’s look alike @dev. And maan’s look alike @DEV was admiring her blush. This can be the best day of my life thought maan’s look alike @dev.

“Ji, please come in. We are waiting for you only.” Said Geet in a low voice. 

Waiting? That too for him. But why? Thought maan’s look alike @Dev.

“Do you think she is complete mad? Why will she wait for us? Will she ask us to clean the bathroom?” Whispered lucky to maan’s look alike @Dev while coming inside the house. 

The house is cozy yet so beautifully maintained. The living room has a TV, comfortable sofa with it’s matching chairs. On the either sides there are four to five doors. 

Both of them are confused as why she is addressing them as if she was waiting for their arrival. So they thought to ask her about it but stopped as the living room phone rang breaking the deadly silence. 

Geet picked the phone and started speaking while giving shy glance towards maan’s look alike @Dev. 

“Ji papaji, they arrived. 
But why. Is everything fine?
OK. Yes they are drenched in rain. 
OK. Bye.” Geet ended the call with a smile on her face. She turned towards maan’s look alike and spoke. 

“Voh…actually papa ji, went to airport only to receive you. But on the way, he got an important work. So he couldn’t pick you. Papa ji is feeling so sorry about that. He couldn’t come today.” 

Suddenly Geet interrupted while catching her head dramatically “I am so sorry I forgot. Please change your clothes or else you will catch cold. Please go to the right side 1st room. Its papaji’s bedroom. You can wear my papa ji clothes until your clothes get dried.”

Both lucky and maan’s look alike @Dev are gaping at her. They can’t understand a thing happening here. 

“Yash ji” Geet called maan’s look alike. 

What? Yash ji! Now who is he. Thought maan’s lookalike @dev.

“Please dry your clothes on the window frame. There you can easily Dry your clothes. “Geet said smiling. 

Without wasting any second they rushed into the room. 

“I said na, she is paagal. A mad girl. But you didn’t believe me. She is calling you yash.” Lucky said as soon as he entered the room.

“Shut up, yaar. Something is wrong.” Maan’s lookalike @dev said thinking deeply. 

“OK, then you think until than I’ll search something to wear.” Said lucky and opened the cupboard. He took two shirts and said “arrey take this. Ill take this shirt. By the way they are so big yaar”

“I don’t want to wear any shirt. Let be.” Maan’s lookalike dev said removing his shirt and left it for drying. Meanwhile lucky went inside the bathroom to change his clothes.

Maan’s lookalike dev was in deep thoughts about Geet behavior. His thoughts are broken by the soft knock on the door. Without giving a second thought he asked to come in.

Geet stood at the entrance with a tray of two cups of hot coffee. “Ji I brought coffee for you both. Plea…” she stopped in her tracks as soon as she saw Maan’s lookalike dev shirtless. 

Geet’s mouth went dry seeing the sight in front of her. His masculine strong body is making her go week in her knees. Well who wouldn’t feel week seeing such a handsome man half naked.

Her hands started to shiver as Maan’s lookalike dev started walking towards her. Geet couldn’t move a step as she was rooted on the spot.

He stood in front of her leaving only a feet distance and took the tray and kept it on the table besides them.

His fingers brushed her skin while taking the coffee tray which made her heart beat increase. Due to his intense look she lost her balance but he caught her in a second before she can hurt herself falling down. 

He stared at her beautiful eyes and her petal soft lips. 

He bent towards her until his nose was touching hers. Both of them shivered, one with the intense look they are getting and other due to the cold weather. 

They were only few inches apart suddenly lucky came out from the bathroom door interrupting them.

Geet felt shy while Maan’s lookalike dev is cursing lucky under his breath. “Umm…yash ji, please have the coffee” said Geet looking down. 

“Umm…hum papa ji ko batayeng. Hume yeh rishta manzoor hain. “She continued making lucky and dev confused. 

“Rishta? Yash ji?” Maan’s lookalike dev said but Geet is in her own world to notice anything. 

“You are a person any girl could dream of. You are taking care of the mother land like your own mother, and that’s enough yash ji to say yes for the proposal.” Geet said shying away. 

Meanwhile Maan’s lookalike dev saw a envelope labeled yash scindia. This made him curious and he picked it without Geet ‘s notice. 

Another phone call from her papa ji gave chance to them to open the envelope while Geet is busy talking to her papa ji.

“NAME . Yash scindia, 
Age 28
JOB Completed MBA, Now CEO of RM groups. 
Rashi. Xyz 
ADDRESS. ABCD” Maan’s lookalike dev read it out loud. 

“Now I got it lucky why she is calling me Yash ji. Arrey. Geet got Rishta from this person and he didn’t come today. She was waiting for him but we came at that time. So she is thinking that we are here for the Rishta “clarified Maan’s lookalike dev to a confused lucky. 

“Okay yaar now we must leave. What if that original comes here.” Said lucky. 

Both of them got ready and prepared to leave the place even though Geet insisted them to wait until her papa ji comes.

“Arrey, now we will go to homes as it’s too late. We will go to yash scindia house tomorrow and meet him. Okay” said Maan’s lookalike dev while riding the bike. 

“Yash scindia. Geet sirf mera… sirf mera ” he said to himself.


credit goes to original uploaders. thank you for your comment. 😀 we love to hear from you. stay tuned for more updates. 😀


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