Betrayal… whom. Part 8


Lucky is continually banging his head on the wall while maan’s look alike @dev was covering himself more into the blanket. 


Previous day was a very unfortunate one. They have never ever thought a day in their life would be like that. Until the early hours of morning they were sobbing and finally slept.

They woke up with kalindi voice. Rubbing their sleepy eyes they came out from the room.

“Kya hua amma. Are you OK”asked maan’s look alike @dev.

“I am fine. But what happened to you both. Everyone in our colony are talking about you both only”

After hearing these words from kalindi, lucky came running from his bed and asked her what happened.

Kalindi gave them the newspaper which made their sleep fly away. In the newspaper it was written as


“There are nearly 20 members who came to clean the public toilets yesterday. In these days we find people enjoying their weekends in partying. But these people sacrificed their everything for social services.They EVEN WANTS TO REMAIN AS BACHELOR WITHOUT MARRYING FOR CLEANING TOILETS. Look at the photo below we couldn’t say they are social workers or sanitary people “

(Its a photo of lucky and maan’s look alike @dev with dustbin and shovel)

After reading this news both lucky and maan’s look alike @dev were shocked. They couldn’t utter a single word. 

“Now will you explain what is this “said kalindi.

This broke their trance. And lucky already started to cry. Immediately maan’s look alike dev closed the door while kalindi was knocking the door to open. 

“Amma, please…only five minutes. I will tell you everything ” maan’s look alike @dev said composing himself. 

As soon as he shut the door he covered himself in the blanket not facing lucky. And lucky was continually.cursing his fate.


“Now are you happy. I have been telling you NOT TO LOVE THAT PAAGAL LADKI. But you… sirf because of your PAAGAL LADKI we are in this position. Now no one will marry me. This handsome personality will go waste” lucky said crying. 

Here maan’s look alike dev thought for some time and immediately woke up. He walked towards lucky and kept his hand on Lucky’s shoulder.

“Sorry yaar. Even I didn’t know it will become like this. And leave it na. You are my best friend. And I don’t like my friend crying for silly things. You don’t worry I will bring a very good rishta for you. ” maan’s look alike @dev said wiping Lucky’s tears. 

“And ha she is not PAAGAL LADKI, her name is GEET. She is innocent don’t blame her. This newspaper has written all these things. Okay. Now come on ,give me lucky wala smile. Because your handsome personality won’t waste” maan’s look alike @dev continued.

Lucky was smiling as well as crying. Immediately he was engulfed in a tight hug. 

“You are the best friend anyone can get. Love you so much yaar” said lucky.

“Okay now stop this rona dhona. Come we have to play holi with the reporter” said maan’s look alike @dev. 

Finally, after a long, long time maan’s look alike @dev and lucky came out from the room neatly dressed.

Immediately Amma and baba started asking questions. But lucky and maan’s look alike @dev managed the situation saying everything will be answered soon and they have to go now.

With much difficulty lucky and maan’s look alike @dev came out from their home. maan’s look alike @Dev was driving the bike and lucky was sitting behind him. Both were on same mission to play holi with the reporter. 

maan’s look alike @Dev already broke many traffic rules. He was driving in a high speed and wrong route. He wantedly didn’t break the rules but he was blinded by rage. 

Suddenly there was a black Jeep coming towards him. Though the driver of the black Jeep is giving horn but maan’s look alike @dev and lucky didn’t hear it. And within a fraction of a second there was a huge boom sound.

boom tadak 

Lucky and maan’s look alike @dev fell on the mud and sticky road. No one got hurt due to the thick mud. Only thing is that except their faces everything is covered with mud. 

A strong well built man of six feet came out from the Jeep. He checked his Jeep and saw the damages.

“Hey do you want to die? What did you think of the roads ha. Coming on the wrong route, driving in high speed. Whats all this. Now what are you staring at? Who will repair my Jeep now. Oh hello, tell me. Tell me. Tell me I say. Tell…”but he stopped due to a hard punch landing on his stomach.

maan’s look alike @Dev was already in a very angry mood now these questions have raised his temper. Now he lost his cool and started punching him with no reason. 

“Hey do you know who he is ha. He is DEV KILOSKAR. HE IS A DON. Understand “lucky lied trying to frighten the man. 

Lucky pulled maan’s look alike @dev from the fight and took him away. While that man was looking keenly at MAAN’s lookalike @dev and said

“no one has never dared to raise their voice on ASHOK HANDA but you have hit me. I won’t forget you DEV KILOSKAR. ”

credit goes to original uploaders. thank you for your comment. 😀 we love to hear from you. stay tuned for more updates. 😀


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