Betrayal……by whom. Part 7


Maan’s lookalike @Dev was no less looking like a Greek God with his blue shirt and jeans. Since one hour he has been standing in front of the mirror checking his looks. He has tried all his clothes and finally he picked this blue shirt and jeans.

“Hey bhagwan, no one will look at that pagal ladki but yaha toh my friend is trying to impress her. Kya zamana agaya hai” lucky said while looking up.

“Kitni baar kaha Maine she is your bhabhi, give respect to her other wise I have to play holi now itself”warned maan’s lookalike @dev.

“Oh OK… cool yaar…waise what will you say to amma baba. Will you say the truth now itself about her” asked lucky.

“No, I will say after knowing her feeling about me. And if you dare to open your mouth then you will become holi powder” he said while opening the door without any noise.

“Chii doesn’t even know much better place to spend time. All the road is covered with both humans and animals shit. Woh toh pagal ladki but what about him how can he say yes. In my entire life I have never seen such a dirty place. “Blabbered lucky all the while walking on the road.

Meanwhile maan’s lookalike @dev is not bothered about all these shit he is only searching for his dream girl. He came out of his thoughts when lucky nudged him a bit.

“Arrey yaar, I am feeling something fishy. She said you to meet here but yaha toh sirf safaiwala hain. Are you sure this the place “asked lucky while looking around. 

“Let us move little forward and ask about her lucky. I am sure we must be late coming here”saying that both of them moved forward and asked a man about HER. 

“Excuse me, did you see any girl waiting here. I mean she has beautiful eyes” maan’s lookalike @dev asked looking around. 

“Arrey Tum bhi na dev, that girl has a name not beautiful eyes wali. Look at him how he is confused. Let me try and don’t come in the middle “whispered lucky in his ears and turned to the man and asked

“Suniye, did you see that pagal ladki…I mean the girl who keeps on roaming on roads without any work… she does samaj seva eating everyone’s head with her pagalpan…did you see her” described being aware of the volcano beside him.

“Why do you want to know about her”asked that man looking at them.

“Woh actually she called me to meet here in this place for some work “said maan’s lookalike @dev.

The man looked at them and shouted loudly “Arrey chintu…geet didi sent two members…give those to these people also”

He heard only one thing that is her name “GEET” he kept on chanting her name as if it was a beautiful song he ever heard. He was brought down to the earth by hearing some sobbing. He looked to his side and realized it was lucky who was sobbing. Sighing. He asked what happened.

“Tum dono mere peeche kyun pade ho…Chi I have never thought I will be doing this… Chi Chi Chi” lucky kept on cursing.

He was about to ask what happened but felt something in his hand and saw same thing in luckys hand. It was a basket and shovel. What the he’ll ‘ he thought to himself and turned to scream at the person who did this but was socked seeing a big banner in front of him. It was written as “CLEANING PUBLIC TOILETS”. Now he understood why lucky was sobbing because he was in the same position… shit.

After knowing geet will join them within sometime from others, they started cleaning the public toilets and all the shit. All the while both of them were cursing their fate.

As if it was not enough media started clicking their photos while they were cleaning. Thats it lucky started wailing seeing all this. Maan’s lookalike @Dev was no less even he wants scream loud but was controlling himself and waiting for GEET. 

By the end of the day they managed to clean everything and was waiting for GEET, then those people said 

” geet didi won’t come today, she will come tomorrow and give money, now you both of you go and come at ABC street”

After everyone left both of them started wailing and consoling each other. Both of them never thought a day in their life would be like this. Lucky got confirmed that he will never get any rishta. By now this news must have spread in whole world. Composing themselves they moved to their home not knowing it will be their turning point in their lives. 


Next day, some unknown place.

A man in his late thirties with well built body was waiting for someone to pick the phone. As soon as the person picked the phone he said while looking into the newspaper



“You have crossed all your limits. I will never forget you “Dev Kiloskar” he screamed. 

Their breaths mingled with each other. One shivered due to the cold weather and other with the intense look.

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