Betrayal… whom. Part 6


She gave a shy glance to him and said ” SWADEENTA… MY NAME IS SWADEENTA IYER.”SAYING that she ran away and closed her room door. Adarsh was on 9th cloud hearing her reply. Oh what a sweet name and SHE IS MINE…


Adarsh smiled remembing their first kiss, though it was a small Peck but he still remember that feel.

All his thoughts came to an end feeling change of his heartbeats. He could feel her presence in this place. Following his heart beat he saw HER walking towards him.

He kept on staring her until she waved her fingers in front of him.

“Uh…ummm…you are looking more beautiful day by day”said Adarsh with dazed face.

Listening his words she smiled shyly while looking here and there with her innocent eyes.

“Swadeenta, please dear…at least now don’t get scared of anyone. We love each other right, we have crossed all the hurdles for our love. “Adarsh said while holding her hand.

“Umm…voh…it’s not like that… Umm…I get shy when you see me” Swadeenta said while looking at their interlocked finger.

“Tum kabhi nahi sudarogi ! Anyways do you know how I feel just by talking to you “paused Adarsh while she nodded a NO.

“I feel like, I have achieved something precious. You make feel like I am armed and unarmed at the same time. “Said Adarsh while looking into her eyes sincerely. 
Swadeenta kept on staring at him listening his words. Without knowing what she is saying she blurted “Am I that worthy ”

Adarsh instantly shook his head and said ” you are like a punarjanam for me. I feel this life is just for you ”

Their eye lock was disturbed by the waiter asking them to order something. Both of them ordered coffee and some snacks and while eating they were speaking about their memories.

After completing their dinner they both sat in Adarsh car, while he was driving and she was staring at him unblinkingly. Adarsh actually wants to hug her so badly and she looking at him unblinkingly was making him difficult in driving.
The car came to a halt in front of Swadeenta house. She came out of her thoughts and was about to open the door but Adarsh stopped her from doing so.

“Now what” she asked feeling confused.

“Hmmm…please stay for some time… I missed you a lot in these days… you know every moment without you is like a hell for me…”he said being little emotional.

Swadeenta was startled seeing him like that. She have seen him always boyish nature but today she is feeling like she is the most precious thing like he said. Her eyes started to tear seeing him like this.

Meanwhile Adarsh saw her eyes tearing and thought to divert her mind and asked her to say those magical words to him.

“Which magical words?” She asked still confused.

“Wohi…my Nick name ”

“Kyaaa…Tum bas woh pooch rah ho…I thought you are asking something else.” She said while blushing.

“Oh really, what did you think “he smirked at her while looking intently at her lips.

“Ummm…voh… main bas…”she fumbled.

Before she can speak anything he pulled her in his lap in one pull. Both of them started breathing heavily feeling their close proximity. He leaned a little forward while angling her face close to him all the while looking intently in her eyes.

He brushed his lips on her soft petals once and gave a small Peck on her cheek. He was holding her in the same position without doing anything.

After some time Swadeenta opened her eyes not feeling his lips on her. He was smirking at her all the while and asked

“what? Did you expect something. Remember our deal, you made me promise to not cross our limits till our marriage right…now what happened”

After listening his words she burned with anger. She pushed him hard and ran from there. Before knocking the door of her house she turned to him and said

“Tum sach main paitym (mad in Tamil) …it’s not your Nick name…it must be your name ” saying that she ran away.

After listening to her he laughed out loud and drove to his Villa.


He heard only one thing that is her name “GEET” he kept on chanting her name as if it was a beautiful song he ever heard. He was brought down to the earth by hearing some sobbing. 

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