Betrayal… whom. Part 12

“Hello Geet. Will you please meet me. I wasn’t to speak something important with you.” Maan’s lookalike dev said to Geet on the phone. 

“Ji, yash ji. I’m in xyz street sweeping the roads for swach bharat. You can meet me here.” Geet said to him.

“NO” he screamed immediately. 

“I mean, can we meet here in the nearby park. So that we will have no disturbance.” He spoke composing himself. 

“OK ji. I’ll meet you within half an hour. Bye ji.” She end the call.

“Oyye, why are you meeting her. Romancing haan?” Lucky teased him. 

“Shut up. I’m going to say the truth to her. She is trusting me blindly and I don’t want our love to have any lies to disturb. It must be as pure as her.” Maan’s lookalike dev said to lucky.

“Uss paagal ladki ke saath tere dimaag bhi saath samundar paar gaye kya? Do you know what will happen after telling her the truth? She will leave you immediately as she is “SATYAGRAH”types. Even if she will not leave you, her father will shoot you along with me. Dare you do think about doing it.” Lucky warned him.

“I am ready to face anything. I love Geet no matter what happens.” He said with a finality in his tone. 

“Try to understand yaar. Ashok handa is so dangerous, he may even kill you.” Lucky pleaded him.

Seeing him not changing his decision he said” OK. You can go. But I’ll not come with you this time.”

Bidding lucky bye he rode his bike to meet Geet in the park. As Geet said she came in an hour looking beautiful like always. 

She wore a simple green chudidaar with loose hair and was smiling at him making his heart skip some beats. 

“Hi” he wished her in his husky voice while his eyes are not leaving her form.

“Namaste ji. Kya baat hain. Aap papa ji ke baat ko dil pe mat rakhna. Hum unhe manane ki koshish kar rahi hain aur voh jaldi hi maan jayeng.” Geet said in a go.

“Geet…I want to speak something very important with you. But please listen to the complete truth. I will respect any decision you take even if you want to leave me you can. I assure you I won’t disturb you if you don’t want to see my face.” He said seriously.

“Yash ji, you are scaring me. What are you saying.” She said getting tensed. 

“Geet whatever papa ji is saying about me is truth. I am not Yash scindia. I am not any CEO. And I’m not any “SOCIAL WORKER”. Everything is planned Geet.” He said looking straight in her eyes. 

“Aap…Aap…I…what?..” Geet fumbled for words not believing her ears. 

He sighed and started narrating the truth from the beginning. All the while Geet got to know about him more and more. She didn’t know many things which happened around her. 

When he narrated his complete story he looked at Geet who’s eyes were filled with tears. She was looking so hurt while he is trying hard not to cry in front of her. 

“Geet, I am still saying. The decision is yours.” He said fearing to loose her. 

“I LOVE YOU. Yes I’m in love with you. Not because you are CEO not because you are a social worker. I love all of you. My heart beats increase when you are around me reminding me that I am a girl. Trust me I still love you no matter what you are.” She spoke sincerely while cupping his cheeks lovingly.

Few tears escaped from his eyes seeing her love for him shining in her beautiful eyes. He kissed her palm gently and hugged her close.

“I love you Geet. Main tumhare bina jee nahi sakte. Please don’t leave me.”

“I will never leave you because I love you… hmmm…what must I call you?” She asked coming out of the hug.

“Call me anything you want.” He said while thinking she will call him “hotty” “sexy” “cutie” and ahem ahem something else. But she is Geet and something must be new right. So she named him.

“Aloo poori. I love you Aloo poori.” 

“What? Aloo poori. Geet it’s too much. I thought you will call me ‘hotty” “seeexxx” she covered his mouth before he could utter anything else. She blushed and hugged him while he gave his sexy smirk.

A phone call disturbed their romantic moment. It was Ashok handa call to Maan’s lookalike dev. 

“Hello, papa ji.” He said looking at Geet while she signalled him not to say Ashok handa that she is with him.

“Ummm…will you meet me now. I want to speak something important with you. Come to ABC place. OK.” Ashok handa said controlling his anger.

“OK papa ji. I’ll come within few minutes. Bye.” He said and sat on his bike while Geet was hugging him from behind sitting on his bike.

After few minutes some men in black suits rounded them pointing big guns to them. Both of them were shocked seeing 10 to 12 men aiming at them. One of them said 
“Get down immediately. Now. “

Both of them got down. From no where lucky pounced in front of Maan’s lookalike dev like a shield to protect him.

“Oye, from where did you come from.” Maan’s lookalike dev asked lucky.

“I got scared when you went alone. Thats why I followed you so that I could help you if at all Ashok handa hurts you.” Lucky said while he felt so proud to have him as his friend. 

“Stop your nuisance. And come with us.” They pointed towards a old building. Obeying them all the three went inside while Ashok handa came running to stop Geet from going inside but the men didn’t allow him to go inside.

As they went inside a man was sitting on the chair asking Geet and lucky to sit along with Maan’s lookalike dev. 

“Hello dev kiloskar. I am Anurag Malik.” He introduced himself.


Half mystery reveals.

credit goes to original uploaders. thank you for your comment. 😀 we love to hear from you. stay tuned for more updates. 😀


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