Betrayal… whom. Part 11

Maan’s lookalike @dev got dressed smartly to impress his So called father in law. He informed his parents about Geet and they agreed without making any fuss.

“Am I dreaming lucky. Is dev really getting ready to impress his love.” Said kalindi.

“Yes amma. Its true.” Lucky said pinching her arm.

“Bappa ki laakh laakh shukar hain. I thought you will remain bachelor entire life. Now as soon as you marry i must search a good girl for your younger brother also. Anyways I’m so happy for you beta. Geet is so beautiful.” Said kalindi cupping Maan’s cheeks.

“Thank you amma. OK I’ll leave now. Bye. Lucky come with me.” Maan’s lookalike @dev pulled lucky along with him giving no chance to speak.

Maan’s lookalike @dev stood in front of geet’s house and knocked on the door. Geet opened the door and again both of them are lost in each others eyes.

“Who is that beta?” Came a manly voice from the house.

“Ji papaji, yash ji came.” Geet said in her sweet shy voice admiring him.

“Namaste uncle”
“Namaste beta”

Time froze.

Both Ashok handa and Maan’s lookalike dev wished each other and froze seeing. Their fight scene came in their minds. One was filled with rage while other was scared.

“What the hell are you doing in my house? Get lost from here before I kill you. “Ashok handa said pointing gun to Maan’s lookalike dev.

“Arrey uncle ji, what happened. I am yash scindia. You called me yesterday right that’s why I came here.” Maan’s lookalike dev said while getting scared. Lucky hid behind the coffee table as soon as he saw the gun and started weeping.

“Shut up you cheat. Geet this man is a fake identity. He keeps on changing his identity to cheat others. You know he is the one I fought that day. His name is dev kiloskar. Awara(banjaara types ). Do you know what he did that day, he raised his hand on me and tried to threaten me with his fake I’d “A LOCAL DON” but he didn’t know that I am the “LOCAL DON HERE”. Now whom do you want to cheat ha tell me.” Ashok handa screamed.

Maan’s lookalike dev tried to interrupt but he didn’t get any chance. He understood that he must continue his drama without any choice.

“Enough uncle. I am quite respecting you but you are just calling me names. Am I a cheater. I am a CEO for gods sake. And I have waited for you in the airport. But you haven’t come so I straight away came to your home and met Geet. If you want ask her. And uncle you said that you were fighting that’s why you couldn’t come here right. Then listen I am here in your home at that time. Then tell me how can I fight with you. Its some misunderstanding uncle.”

“Oh really then who was that person. Is he your twin brother? “Asked Ashok handa out of rage and Maan’s lookalike dev took this as his chance and spoke

“May be uncle I don’t know. He maybe my lookalike. And I don’t cheat uncle I am doing samaj seva. If you want ask Geet. Bol na Geet.”

“Ha papa ji, yash ji is very good person. May be you have seen some look like. Please papa he is not a cheat and I knew him. He is so soft hearted person who doesn’t even know how to lie. “Geet said trusting Maan’s lookalike dev blindly.

These words from Geet made him feel guilty as she is fighting with her father for him and that too trusting him blindly.

“Geet may be you became blind in his love but not me. I am cent per cent sure that he is a cheater and I hate him. Now get out.” Ashok handa screamed.

“Uncle ji, please think peacefully and let me know your decision. Bye Geet.” Maan’s lookalike dev pulled lucky who was frozen in his place.

“Arrey where are you going. Are house is on left lane.” Lucky said coming out of shock.

“I know yaar. Casually look behind, sasur ji is following us. Now we have to stay in Scindia house for sometime. As we have already said our plan in yash house they will cooperate with us. So just chill.” Maan’s lookalike dev said and parked his bike in the parking lot of Scindia house.

Ashok handa followed him and parked his Jeep far away so that no one could notice him and peeped into the house through window. The sight he saw made him shock. Maan’s lookalike dev was eating while yash scindia mother was serving food for him. They we’re behaving like a perfect family.

Immediately Ashok handa ran to his Jeep and drove to dev kiloskar house. He got the address from his men. The scene in kiloskar house also shocked him.

Maan’s lookalike dev was sitting with bandage on his arms and is in different clothes while his father was scolding about the local danda.

It looked like there are indeed really two persons one is Yash scindia who is soft hearted and other is dev kiloskar who is behaving like a gangster.

Actually it was a plan by Maan’s lookalike dev. As he saw Ashok handa moving from the window he immediately rode his bike and changed his clothes while lucky helped him in bandaging. They lied to his father that they fought with someone and got hurt. And as usual avdoot started scolding him which was seen by Ashok.

And Ashok felt something really fishy. He will search for the truth.

“Saab, some one came to meet you.” Said Ashok handa servant.

“Ask him to come in.” Ashok handa said.

“Some men nearly four to five in black suits and sat on the sofa. They took out a photo and showed him. 
“We want him at any cost.” One of the men spoke.

Ashok handa looked at the photo and blurted “Dev kilosakar or Yash scindia.”

“What rubbish he is the business tycoon MAAN SINGH KHURANA. We came to know that he is staying in Mumbai. And as you are a Don here so we need your help to find him. Here take 5 crores remaining amount will be given as soon as you handover him to us.” He said giving a suitcase full of money.

Ashok handa thought for sometime and said “I know him. Ill call him to some place and you can take them with you all.”

“OK. Deal. Call him.” They said.

Ashok handa moved to a corner to call him but his servant stopped him. “Saab why did you lie. They are asking about MAAN SINGH KHURANA but you are bringing dev here why?”

“He is a cheat. He is trying to fool me and cheat Geet. Now I’ll call him to some place and these dangerous men will take him away from our lives. Ek teer do nishaan. I hate him so much. Let them do whatever they want with him but I want my Geet to be safe from this cheat.” Saying that he proceeded to call Maan’s lookalike dev. 


“Geet whatever papa ji is saying about me is truth. I am not Yash scindia. I am not any CEO. And I’m not any “SOCIAL WORKER”. Everything is planned Geet.” He said looking straight in her eyes.

“Aap…Aap…I…what?..” Geet fumbled for words not believing her ears. 

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