Betrayal……by whom. Part 10

“This house is so big na yaar” said lucky peeping into a Huge bungalow. 

“Hmmm. First we must enter into the building so that we can meet yash scindia. Hmm luckily there are no security guards here.” Said Maan’s lookalike dev. 

Both of them started moving inside opening the gates of the bungalow as no one are present to stop them. They started searching for Yash scindia as soon as they entered the building. 

“Arrey look there. May be he is Yash scindia .Kya body hain yaar iska.” Said lucky pointing to a strong well built person who is doing warm up for exercise.

“Shut up lucky. Even I have a hot body. Don’t you dare appreciate him in front of me. Hope that he is not Yash scindia. ” said Maan’s lookalike dev feeling insecure.

“Arrey dev, say whatever you want but it’s true yaar. His body is so strong and hot. If men are ready to drool than think about women. I am sure Geet got a good rishta. See he is educated, rich, classy, and has good body. Hmm but you are matching him only in body.” Explained lucky. 

“Get ready to play holi.” Maan’s lookalike dev said with angry eyes and started chasing lucky forgetting that he is in Yash scindia house. 

“Hey! Who are you? “Asked Yash scindia who noticed dev and lucky.

As soon as they heard Yash voice they stopped in their tracks and headed towards Yash. 

“Hello. My name is Dev and he is my friend Lucky. Are you Yash scindia? “Asked Maan’s lookalike dev. 

“Nice to meet you. Yes I am. What can I do for you “asked Yash scindia wiping his body with a towel.

“Why didn’t you come to Handa house for rishta yesterday? ” Maan’s lookalike dev asked all the while lucky was a silent spectator.

“I don’t want to marry anyone now. Why can’t anyone understand me. I came here for two days just to take my parents back to Paris but my parents have arranged a proposal for me. And who the hell are you? ” screamed Yash feeling frustrated. 

This act of Yash made both of them scared but dev composed himself and said “I love Geet and I want to marry her. As you don’t want to marry my problem solved”

“Who said I don’t want to marry her. I said I don’t want to marry NOW. I will marry her after six months. And how dare you tell me that you love her? OK what do you do?”

“I do nothing. I am still searching for jobs.”

“What? You are jobless! Do you know who am I? A Chief executive officer. I will treat her like a princess. She doesn’t even need to step her feet on the floor. Ill bring the world on her feet. Did you get it?”

Maan’s lookalike dev understood that Yash is no where to understand his position nor he will help him. So he decided to start his drama. 

Maan’s lookalike dev started beating his chest and started wailing…”Arrey…why must I live without my Geet. What about our promises we did. Arrey we promised ourself to stay together for next seven births, but it looks like we are being separated by this cruel fate. Awww…my poor Geet how will she live.”

Wiping his fake tears he continued “OK Mr Yash you marry my jaan, my Geet but do you know what will happen after the marriage. No, you don’t know. As soon as you marry she will die hanging herself from fan and I will die consuming poison. Just because of you Mr Yash… just because of you.”

Lucky was watching everything with shocked expression. What a acting dev he thought and when he saw Yash his mouth opened wide with shock. 

YASH scindia was crying! He got attached with Maan’s lookalike dev fake story. He bent to dev’s height and hugged him saying 

“No young man. Don’t cry. You both are made for each other. I will not marry her. Tell me what I must do for you. ”

“Really will you do anything? I don’t want anything just your name is enough “said dev looking hopefully. 

“My name? But why?” Yash asked confused. 

“Her family is thinking I am Yash scindia. So please don’t come in front of them. That’s all.”

“OK it’s so simple.. I’ll surely help you. “Said Yash.

“Thank you so much. Thank you so much. “Maan’s lookalike dev hugging him. 

He bid a bye to Yash and thanked him so much and walked away pulling a frozen lucky along with him. 

“Oh my god! I can’t believe it. Yash scindia problem is easily solved. Yaaay…hooo. now there are no hurdles.” Both lucky and dev started screaming while riding on their bike.

They stopped the bike as soon as Maan’s lookalike dev phone started ringing. 

“Hello” Maan’s lookalike dev answered the call.

“Hello beta. I am Ashok handa. Geet ke papa ji. Are you free now. ”

“Haan papa ji. I am waiting for your call only. Yes, I am free.” He spoke not knowing that the ashok handa is the same man with whom they have fought.

“Beta will you meet me tomorrow. Voh Kya hain ki, yesterday we didn’t talk due to some reasons”

“Haan OK papa ji.. bye.” Dev end the call.

“Who is that”asked lucky.

“Sasur ji. Don’t get confused, he is geet’s father. He wants to meet tomorrow. ” clarified Maan’s lookalike dev. 

“But how did he get your number? “Asked confused lucky.

“When we were in geet’s house I dropped my number in front of her while Geet is looking at me.” Said maan’s lookalike dev while riding the bike.

“You are so smart yaar” complimented lucky.


Ashok handa – Geet Handa- Dev- lucky Face to face.

Ashok handa checks yash house.

credit goes to original uploaders. thank you for your comment. 😀 we love to hear from you. stay tuned for more updates. 😀


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