Betrayal……… whom.part 4.



With dreamy eyes Adarsh  whispered “COME SOON. ITS LIKE HELL WITHOUT YOU EVEN A MINUTE “.  Saying that he drifted into his past. The day he met her was really a special and best day in his life. Sitting in one place is not his thing, he loves having a world tour. As he is a cutie pie of his house no one gave any restrictions for his tours. All thanks to his brother who keeps on supporting his wish. Even that day he was roaming on the roads of Canada planning to leave this place and going to Algeria. But he didn’t thought that day, where he will loose all his interest on travelling.

He saw a girl who was in front of his car walking with out giving him a clear view of road. He was continually pressing the horn but she seems to be in her own world. Getting frustrated Adarsh came out from his car and was about to scream at her but  stopped in the middle seeing a innocent pair of eyes looking at him. OMG she is so beautiful in her kanjvaram saree with loose hair having some white colour flowers in her hair. He was again pulled into her eyes which we’re trying to say something to him. OMG is she talking to him. Trying to understand what she is saying he saw her soft pink lips moving. He tried to concentrate on what she is saying. Finally giving up he asked her

     ” sorry……. I am not     understanding.”

She sighed and waved her beautiful hands adored with bangles asking him to move from her way. Obeying her words he gave her some space to move and after few seconds he realized, that girl asked ADARSH KHURANA to move from her way. What did she think of herself, OK she is beautiful and unique iska matlab yeh nahi ki she can ignore him. I have to give her some manners.

Saying to himself he turned to give her some manners but was again left speechless seeing her innocent act. Oh God she is folding her hands to sky and even speaking to the sky.  

I The Great ADARSH KHURANA WAITED for her to complete her work. Finally she turned towards me and came near me, No she didn’t come near me but passed from me and went away. I was shocked again today. But that day gave me some unanswered questions.

Firstly who is she? Why did my heart skip it’s beat seeing her? Why am I longing to see her again, when it’s only five minutes I last saw her? What did she do looking at the sky? And finally How can she ignore ME as if I didn’t exist to her? Uff ADARSH KHURANA was thinking about a girl. Really, it felt different he thought and drove from that place. After booking a Villa for himself he cancelled his flight tickets. He wants to know more and more about her, HIS HEART WANT TO KNOW.

                      Next day ADARSH drove his car to the same place where he saw HER hoping that she would come there. As if God listened to his prayers she was there. She looked so beautiful in her blue color churidar and loose hair with again those white flowers. What are those flowers, he mentally noted to find about it. Oh she is speaking to herself alone?  No no she is not speaking but, wait she is chanting something and walking with a measured steps. Finally she stopped and again started chanting looking at the sky. OMG today she even did sit ups looking at the sky.  I am totally confused with her behavior. What is in the sky? What is her problem? She at last completing all her drama and walked away, and like a fool I was looking at her without doing anything. OMG today also I didn’t speak anything with her, shit. Well I have to have to speak with her at any cost tomorrow. With a strong determination he went back to his Villa. TOMORROW …………IT’S A VERY BIG DAY FOR HIM……………


Mumbai, India.

“Beta wake up, it’s already morning. Come have your breakfast ” dev’s mother said from the kitchen.

“Hmmm…….. OK” said dev lazily.

He woke up from his sleep with a smile on his face remembering about the girls eyes he saw in his dream. But one thing he didn’t understand since one month he is seeing this girl’s eyes, but who is she? Sighing he moved to the washroom taking towel and new pair of clothes along with him.

“Beta can you bring money from the ATM, voh actually your father went to office early today so I couldn’t ask him. And I have to bring vegetables from market. So can you bring it?” Said dev’s mother while putting curry in both lucky and dev’s plate.

“Amma why are you asking, you can order me right. And ha I am going to bring the vegetables also. So now no arguments” said dev while looking at her.

“No no beta there will be a lot of crowd and you have to wait for long time. It will be suffocating for you I will manage it” she said.

“That’s why I am saying that I will go. And ha evening you have to go to the wedding na so you take rest ,everyone must say oh what a beautiful lady. OK bye”saying that dev started taking the ATM card and vegetables basket.

“Not me beta, you must look handsome so that we can get a best rishta for you. “Saying that she pulled his checks.

“Not again” lucky and dev said while running away.

“We have withdrawed the amount from ATM ,now only market is left”said lucky.

“Hey lucky look there someone is having a fight, come let’s see” dev said while going to that place.

“Arey leave it na, it’s common in market place, come ” lucky said to him but he cared less.

“Oye what’s happening here”dev asked them.

“Saab, this fellow is trying to take purse from my pocket” said the person with glasses on his eyes.

“Sorry boss, I will never do it, please leave me” said the other person.

“For you people doing wrong and asking forgiveness became a habit. Now I have to play holi with you “saying that dev gave a hard slap to the pickpocket, which made him fall on the floor near some ones legs. He was about to give another slap but a sweet voice stopped him.

“Hello ji, what happened? Are you OK”asked a girl in her mid twenties.

“Ladki be away from this. He is a thief. We must not leave him like that” said the now gathering crowd.

“Arrey you are finished today dev. Before she notices us, come we will leave this place “said a scared lucky.

But dev is shocked seeing her as he is seeing that dream girl in real.
“Why must we leave, ha?”asked dev being confused. 

“Did you forget her she’s the one who gave me a huge lecture about humanity as I threw the  chocolate wrapper on the road” said lucky.

Eureka…! I found her. Oh she is the girl who was doing social service that day. As she was wearing scarf on her face I couldn’t see her properly. Thank God she didn’t see me.


Dev was walking along with his friend lucky on the road while dev was eating a candy. There we’re some group of girls with brooms who we’re sweeping the roads. Dev went to buy a water Botel and lucky carelessly threw the chocolate wrapper. That’s it there was a huge battalion covered with scarfs are standing.

“Oye what did you just do now ha?” Asked a girl who is standing in the front.

“What did I do? Just ate the chocolate and threw the wrapper”

” you know something because of you only our country did not develop ”  

“what? Because of me? But how? ”    

  “you know only to eat,eat,eat, but did you ever thought of mother earth, ha. She must be feeling pain as you have thrown the wrapper”  

“what? Dekho didi I know you since two years. This colony is bearing your drama iska matlab yeah nahi ki I will be quite. OK”  

“really! What will you do ha. Tell me” saying that those girls started moving towards him.

Dev saw all this from far and thought to divert them so he said “hey look there, someone threw cow dung “saying that he pointed on his opposite direction.

Those girls ran to that side and both dev and lucky ran away. While running dev saw a girl who was saying “I hate lies”.

End of flashback.

OK so madam likes social services. Hmm so I have to introduce myself as a good boy. Saying that both of them escaped from there.


credit goes to original uploaders. thank you for your comment. 😀 we love to hear from you. stay tuned for more updates. 😀


6 thoughts on “Betrayal……… whom.part 4.

  1. Superb update!!!Adharsh drifted in the past where he met his love…the day he saw her is his special and beautiful day in his life….he lost in her beauty….Who is that Dev’s dreamy girl??its Geet??Loved it so much…waiting for the next update…Thanks for the PM dear 🙂

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